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Does God The Exalted Abrogate His Final Testament


"None of Our revelations do We abrogate [13] or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar. Knowest thou not that Allah hath power over all things?" II:106

"...But Allah abrogates [14] anything that satan throws in, and Allah confirms His Signs. For Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom. That He may set whatever thrown in by satan as a tribulation for those in whose hearts are a disease and who are hardened of heart. Verily the wrong‑doers are in a schism far (from the Truth)." XXII:52‑53

These passages are of great consideration for the followers of those who have abrogated Almighty Allah's final revelation selectively and/or replaced them with their own inspirations in the name of Allah the Exalted. They quote the following ayah of the Noble Qur'an, using an incorrect translation for the key word:

"Allah doth abrogatels or confirm what He decides. With Him is the Mother of the Book." XIIL:39

Based on this ayah some people have allowed themselves to cut the Glorious Qur'an into pieces and under the banner of abrogation select what they like and disregard the rest. Let us look at the correct translation first:

"Allah doth obliterate [16] or confirm what He decides. With Him is the Mother of the Book." XIII:39

One should consider that obliteration (mahw) means blotting out, efface ment, wiping away, forgetting, suppression, resolution, disappearing because of erasure, loss, absorption or solution. Whereas to abrogate (naskh) means to annul, to cancel, to invalidate and to void.

 As the ayah clearly mentions, the Mother of the Book is with Almighty Allah. This is the Full Knowledge, the essence of all revelations, indepen dent of time and space. Why should Allah, the Knowing, reveal the Final Message and then abrogate it? And how? Muhammad (SA) is the Last nabiy, and we should remember from the earlier discussions that without being a nabiy onecould not have full access to the Divine "knowl edge" necessary for any Divine mission, including abrogation of Divine revelations. 

One important consideration in this context is that religious tenets (‘aqidah)are never abrogated. They have been fixed from the beginning and have been repeated by all prophets of Almighty Allah. A few examples of such creed and doctrines are oneness of Allah, concept of Islam, the idea of the return of all humankind back to Him for the Judgement, and so forth. Such religious tenets are independent of time and location. The reli gious laws (shari’ah), however, have been abrogated by Almighty Allah from nation to nation living at different times and in different geographical locations.

The second important consideration is that only Almighty Allah and the Divine prophets can abrogate certain rules of shari’ah, not anyone else. He possesses the Mother of the Book, the essence of all revelations.

The third important subject is the distinction between obliteration (mahw) and abrogation (naskh). Some local and timed rules and laws are subject to obliteration according to the Plan and Will of Almighty Allah, by not getting effectively recorded, being forgotten with time, or other causes and events. Where are the pure and original words of Allah, exactly

as uttered by many of His rasals or nabs ys? What happened to the Suhuf(Scriptures) given to The Prophet Abraham (PBUH), the Psalms to The Prophet David (PBUH), The Tawrah to The Prophet Moses (PBUH), and the Injil to The Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH)? Based on clear evidence all or parts of these words may have been lost, translated, forgotten, or obliterated (mahw) either due to satanic alterations or to innocent mistranslation (from the true words. And this is not by accident; it is the will of Allah the Exalted Who dictates that certain things be obliterated or be preserved. When it comes to the Holy Qur'an, however:

"... for it is indeed a Message of Remembrance. So, let whosoever will, keep it in Remembrance; in Books held in honour; exalted, pure and holy; (written) by hands of scribes, noble and righteous." LXIX: 11‑16

Islam did not come to abrogate the previous Divine Scriptures. On the con­trary, it came to establish and strengthen the unity of all previous Divine religions and their respective messengers. The main question is whether all components of the previous Scriptures are indeed purely and truly the word of Allah, or some parts have been contaminated by the words of humankind.

There are, however, people who have read the Glorious Qur'an and yet claim prophethood. They usurp Divine authority, and abrogate the Noble Qur'an selectively in order to remove any sign that is incompatible with their own claim!

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