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Does The Great Qur'an Identify Previous Divine Books And Prophets

Some 124,000 nabiys (Prophets) and 313 rasuls have been chosen by Allah the Exalted to develop, fulfil, and finally perfect His din. Obviously, not all of them have been named in the Great Qur'an. But the following 25 names have been mentioned in this Holy Book; (PBUT all). These names are sorted according to the number of entries in the Glorious Quran:

And the names of Divine Scriptures in the Glorious Qur'an are:

The Injil meaning "The Tidings" in Greek, the New Testament, The Tawrah meaning "The Law or The Sacred" in Hebrew, the Old Testament, The Zabur(or al‑Mazamir) meaning "The Writ" in Arabic, the Psalms of David, TheSuhuf of Abraham, meaning "The Sheets" in Arabic. (PBUT all).

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