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More On The Process Of Revelation To Mu4ammad (sa)


It should be clear that the Miraculous Qur'an is not the teachings of Muhammad (SA); rather, It is a collection of words of Allah the Exalted as they were revealed. The following are some important features about most revelations to Muhammad (SA):

a.  Muhammad (SA), always knew when revelations were about to come down, and normally he lay down covered in his cloak, if possible.

b. The special revelations were always attended by extraordinary phenom  ena such as shaking or trances.

c. Sometimes he seemed to lose consciousness.

d. Sometimes he was found soaked in sweat, even in cold weather.

e. Sometimes the message came instantaneously when he was being questioned by people, confronted with a major problem (or decision), or when a message, deemed necessary by Almighty Allah, was to be delivered in a specific location, at a specific moment, for a specific group of persons (or even an individual).

f. Sometimes the voice did not come through clearly. But most often the revelation was quite clear, and he heard the words explicitly. It has been reported that people could hear some vibrating sound similar to the sound of honeybees when revelations were being transmitted.

g. On some occasions Allah the Exalted spoke to him through Angel Gabriel (PBUH) who stayed with the prophet and absorbed much of the shock. But on other occasions, Allah the Omnipotent revealed to Muhammad (SA), directly. The latter form reflected a heavier impact on The Prophet, and resulted in extraordinary phenomena, as mentioned above.

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