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The Glorious Quran, Self Illuminating: Important Questions Answered By The Munificent Quran

The object of this chapter is to discover how the Miraculous Qur'an itself answers some of the questions raised by those who are curious about this Magnificent Book. This exercise is obviously limited to an introductory level, as the title of this book suggests:

1. Who revealed the Book?

"And this is a Book which We have revealed as a blessing. So follow it and be righteous, that you may receive mercy." VI:155

Quite clearly the Holy Qur'an asserts to be the revelation from God. In another phrase:

"1 ‑ The revelation of this Book is from Allah, the exalted in Power, full of Wisdom. 2 ‑ Verily, it is We Who have revealed the Book to thee, in Truth. So serve Allah offering Him sincere devotion." XXXIX:1 & 2 and XLVI:2

This is a very important matter. There are many so‑called divine books among people who cannot substantiate the divinity of their Scriptures. The majority of such people believe this only because they were told so. But God reminds us repeatedly in the Glorious Qur'an that these ayat are bestowed upon us only by Him. As we shall see later, this Divine assertion is earnestly backed up by many features of the Glorious Qur'an such as its consistency, perfection, style, the authoritative inclusion of the Absolute and Eternal Knowledge about everything, its unique language, etc.

The name Allah has been used by God's prophets since The Prophet Adam (PBUH). This name comes from the combination of two Arabic expressions,Al (The) and Ilah (God), meaning "The God". For example, the Hebrew wordEloha (meaning the Creator) is the same as Allah. However, the Jews use the plural form, Elohim, which denotes more than one God. The Aramaic word,Alaha, for God, used by The Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH), sounds even closer to Allah. Therefore, even though this name may sound strange to non‑Muslims, it was a familiar name to the previous prophets of God and their followers. Let us now examine if there is any difference between the two words, Allah and God.

The Supreme Being, the Creator, is free from being associated with part ners or gender. He is unique and pure. Unfortunately, the word "God" has lost its uniqueness and purity. Unless we say "the God" it does not denote a unique being any more. And so long as we use words such as gods and goddesses, and follow duality, trinity, and multi‑god worship, we have lost the purity of His name by associating gender and partners with Him. The word Allah (Al‑Ilah), The God, is devoid of any association while it denotes the needed uniqueness. Moreover, it honours the integrity of the Unity of the Almighty God's religion from the very beginning, as other messengers of Allah the Exalted used the same word throughout. Now that we can appreciate this great difference between these two words, I would feel obliged to use the name Allah, not out of prejudice, but in order to reflect appropriately what is meant to be expressed.

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