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The Historical Events


There are many historical events mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an, which were totally unknown to humankind at that time. There are two important reasons for this feature:

First, it proves its miraculous nature by giving the detailed account of circumstances that Muhammad (SA) could not possibly have known about in any imaginable way. Second, it is a very intricate educational technique. People take offence when they are directly told of their misconduct, and the results of their actions. Most often, they may not believe that the expected tribulation will afflict them. But being given examples of earlier civilisations as a proof of what happened to them, they do not react obsti nately as the sharp edge of condemnation is not aimed at them. They are much more willing to accept the point if someone else is being blamed and criticised. Moreover, they are obliged to believe the consequences as they are already a matter of history. Given historical examples, it does not take much imagination to prove the end result of an evil act. This is why the Glorious Qur'an is full of interesting educational, historical stories and parables. Book printing and reading is much more common now than it used to be centuries ago. In order to promote the idea of learning through historical events, not only does the Glorious Qur'an give numerous histori cal examples about the doers of good and of evil, it also encourages us to go around and discover for ourselves signs of disastrous floods, earth quakes, etc. that afflicted some disbelieving ancestors. These historical examples are too many to include in this introductory review, but for the recommended "exploratory expedition" these ayat can be referred to: III:137, VI:11, XVI:36, XXVII:69, XXIX:20, XXX:42.

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