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The Repetitive Style


The Precious Qur'an is a Book of Guidance. It has two fundamental objec tives. Its first function is to provide knowledge, for educational purposes, about subjects that we did not know, and which we can now understand by reading The Book. The second function of the Final Testament, how­ever, goes beyond educational aspects, and has to do with the training of individuals and societies to build up certain personal, social, cultural, com munal and correctional characteristics.

For educational purposes, where a person reads certain material to understand its meaning, repetition is unnecessary if the matter is clearly stated. But for a build‑up of personalities and societies, the reading material should go beyond the scope of plain understanding; it must become a native part of the reader for day‑to‑day practice. Not only does this type of reading material need continuous repetition, but it should also be attractive enough to generate the desire for repeated readings. This is the very feature Allah the Exalted placed in the Glorious Qur'an and this is why the Great Book is uniquely Divine.

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