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The Telegraphic Style Of Almighty Allah's Sentences

In the Great Qur'an, Allah the Exalted speaks in a telegraphic style without losing the meaning of His message. This is Divine perfection expressing all matters using the most effective expressions, the most efficient language, and the most precise vocabulary within a unique structure, full of valuable parables. To those who have been deceived to accept words of a human being as words of Allah (no matter how beautiful they may be), I would sincerely recommend to reading at least ten pages of the Noble Qur'an just to see for themselves how Allah the Exalted speaks. For the beginners it might be a good idea to start with small Surahs toward the end of the Glorious Qur'an. They are short, rhythmic and poetic, and are easy to begin with and enjoy.


It is amazing that Muhammad's (SA) own word, hadith, is distinctly dif ferent from the wahy of Allah the Exalted in many aspects, even though they both come out of the same mouth, by the same tongue of the same person. Let us review some examples. In the Great Qur'an we read this telegraphic statement:

"Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the rasul of Allah, and the seal of the nabiys..." XXXIII:40

Compare this with a hadith from the Messenger of Allah the Omnipotent for style, vocabulary, and expression:

"The parable of myself and the parable of the Prophets is as the para ble of a place of which the construction has been made good but wherein the place of a brick has been left out. The on‑lookers went round it wondering at its good construction except for the place of the brick. It is I who closed up the place of the brick (according to Allah's command). The construction has therefore been sealed by me, and the Messengers have come to an end with me. I am the brick and the seal of the prophets. " [27]

One of the best examples for the telegraphic style of the Qur'anic ayat is the famous surah, al‑Ikhlas. (The Absolute Purity). The entire surah, with tremendous significance and impact, is as follows:

"Say: He Allah, is One. Allah is the Absolute Self‑Sufficient. He begets not, nor is He begotten, and there is not a single one to equate with Him." CXII

In the Arabic language, it takes even less wording to express this profound, purposeful and significant message, which is the cardinal aspect of the turning point from a multi‑god worship to the great concept of tawhad (please refer to the Glossary).

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