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Duas In Sahifa-e-Kamila

  1. In Praise Of God
  2. Blessing Upon Muhammad And His Household
  3. Blessing Upon The Bearers Of The Throne
  4. Blessing Upon The Attesters To The Messengers
  5. For Himself And The People Under His Guardianship
  6. The Morning And Evening
  7. Worrisome Tasks
  8. Seeking Refuge
  9. Yearning
  10. Seeking Asylum With God
  11. For Good Outcomes
  12. Confession
  13. Seeking Needs From God
  14. Acts Of Wrongdoing
  15. When Sick
  16. Asking Release
  17. Against Satan
  18. Perils
  19. Asking For Water During A Drought
  20. Noble Moral Traits
  21. Sorrow
  22. Hardship
  23. For Well-Being
  24. For His Parents (upon The Two Of Them Be Peace)
  25. For His Children
  26. For His Neighbours And Friends
  27. For The People Of The Frontiers
  28. Fleeing To God
  29. When His Provision Was Stinted
  30. For Help In Repaying Debts
  31. Repentance
  32. The Night Prayer
  33. Asking For The Best
  34. When Afflicted
  35. Satisfaction With The Decree
  36. Upon Hearing Thunder
  37. Giving Thanks
  38. Asking Pardon
  39. Seeking Pardon And Mercy
  40. When Death Was Mentioned
  41. Asking For Covering And Protection
  42. Completing A Reading Of The Qur'an
  43. When He Looked At The New Crescent Moon
  44. For The Coming Of The Month Of Ramadan
  45. Bidding Farewell To The Month Of Ramadan
  46. The Day Of Fast-Breaking And On Friday
  47. The Day Of 'Arafa
  48. The Day Of Sacrifice And On Friday
  49. Repelling Enemies
  50. Fear
  51. Pleading And Abasement
  52. Imploring God
  53. Abasing Himself
  54. The Removal Of Worries
  55. One Of His Glorifications Of Allah
  56. A Supplication And Magnification By Him (peace Be Upon Them)
  57. Mentioning The Household Of Muhammad (peace Be Upon Them)
  58. Calling Down Blessings Upon Adam
  59. Distress
  60. Fear And Dread
  61. Abasing
  62. For Sunday
  63. For Monday
  64. For Tuesday
  65. For Wednesday
  66. For Thursday
  67. For Friday
  68. For Saturday
  69. The Whispered Prayer Of The Repenters
  70. The Whispered Prayer Of The Complainers
  71. The Whispered Prayer Of The Fearful
  72. The Whispered Prayer Of The Hopeful
  73. The Whispered Prayer Of The Beseechers
  74. The Whispered Prayer Of The Thankful
  75. The Whispered Prayer Of The Obedient Toward God
  76. The Whispered Prayer Of The Devotees
  77. The Whispered Prayer Of The Lovers
  78. The Whispered Prayer Of Those Asking For Mediation
  79. The Whispered Prayer Of The Utterly Poor
  80. The Whispered Prayer Of The Knowers
  81. The Whispered Prayer Of The Rememberers
  82. The Whispered Prayer Of Those Who Hold Fast
  83. The Whispered Prayer Of The Abstainers
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