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Duas In Sahifa-e-Kamila


In Praise of God

Dua 01: In Praise of God

When he (upon him be peace) began to supplicate, he would begin with praise and laudation of God (Mighty and Majestic is He). He would say:


Praise belongs to God, the First, without a first before Him, the Last, without a last behind Him.

Beholders' eyes fall short of seeing Him, describers' imaginations are not able to depict Him.

He originated the creatures through His power with an origination, He devised them in accordance with His will with a devising.

Then He made them walk on the path of His desire, He sent them out on the way of His love.
They cannot keep back from that to which He has sent them forward, nor can they go forward to that from which He has kept them back.

He assigned from His provision to each of their spirits a nourishment known and apportioned.
No decreaser decreases those whom He increases, no increaser increases those of them whom He decreases.

Then for each spirit He strikes a fixed term in life, for each He sets up a termined end; he walks toward it through the days of his span, he overtakes it through the years of his time. Then, when he takes his final step and embraces the reckoning of his span, God seizes him to the abundant reward or the feared punishment to which He has called him, That He may repay those who do evil for what they have done and repay those who do good with goodness,

As justice from Him (holy are His names, and manifest His boons). He shall not be questioned as to what He does, but they shall be questioned.

Praise belongs to God, for, had He withheld from His servants the knowledge to praise Him for the uninterrupted kindnesses with which He has tried them
Allusion As for man, whenever his Lord tries him, and honours him, and favours him.... ] and the manifest favours which He has lavished upon them, they would have moved about in His kindnesses without praising Him, and spread themselves out in His provision without thanking Him.

Had such been the case, they would have left the bounds of humanity for that of beastliness and become as He has described in the firm text of His Book: They are but as the cattle—nay, but they are further astray from the way!.

Praise belongs to God, for the true knowledge of Himself He has given to us, the thanksgiving He has inspired us to offer Him, the doors to knowing His Lordship He has opened for us, the sincerity towards Him in professing His Unity to which He has led us, and the deviation and doubt in His Command from which He has turned us aside;

A praise through which we may be given long life among those of His creatures who praise Him, and overtake those who have gone ahead toward His good pleasure and pardon;

A praise through which He will illuminate for us the shadows of the interworld, [
The interworld (barzakh) is the abode in which a person dwells between death and the Day of Resurrection.] ease for us the path of the Resurrection, and raise up our stations at the standing places of the Witnesses [The Witnesses, mentioned in, are the angels, prophets, Imams, and faithful whom God appoints to give witness concerning the deeds of men at the Resurrection.] on the day when every soul will be repaid for what it has earned - they shall not be wronged; the day a master shall avail nothing a client, and they shall not be helped; 

A praise which will rise up from us to the highest of the 'Illiyun [
'Illiyun', mentioned in, and deriving from a root meaning 'high' or 'exalted', is said to be the highest level of paradise, or a book in paradise wherein the deeds of the righteous are recorded.] in a book inscribed, witnessed by those brought nigh,

A praise whereby our eyes may be at rest when sight is dazzled,
our faces whitened when skins are blackened, 

A praise through which we may be released from God's painful Fire and enter God's generous neighbourhood,

A praise by which we may jostle the angels brought nigh and join the prophets, the envoys, in a House of Permanence that does not remove, the Place of His Generosity that does not change.

Praise belongs to God, who chose for us the good qualities of creation, granted us the agreeable things of provision,

And appointed for us excellence through domination over all creation; every one of His creatures submits to us through His power and comes to obey us through His might. [
Several Qur'anic verses mention the fact that God has subjected everything in the heavens and the earth to mankind,

Praise belongs to God, who locked for us the gate of need except toward Him. So how can we praise Him? When can we thank Him? Indeed, when?

Praise belongs to God, who placed within us the organs of expansion, assigned for us the agents of contraction, gave us to enjoy the spirits of life, fixed within us the limbs of works, nourished us with the agreeable things of provision, freed us from need through His bounty, and gave us possessions through His kindness.

Then He commanded us that He might test our obedience and prohibited us that He might try our thanksgiving. So we turned against the path of His commandments and mounted the backs of His warnings. Yet He hurried us not to His punishment, nor hastened us on to His vengeance. No, He went slowly with us through His mercy, in generosity, and awaited our return through His clemency, in mildness.

Praise belongs to God, who showed us the way to repentance, which we would not have won save through His bounty. Had we nothing to count as His bounty but this, His trial of us would have been good, His beneficence toward us great, His bounty upon us immense.

For such was not His wont in repentance with those who went before us. [
Our Lord, charge us not with a load such as Thou didst lay upon those before us ] He has lifted up from us what we have not the strength to bear,  charged us only to our capacity, [Allusion to such passages as God charges no soul save to its capacity.] imposed upon us nothing but ease, and left none of us with an argument or excuse.

So the perisher among us is he who perishes in spite of Him and the felicitous among us he who beseeches Him.

And praise belongs to God with all the praises of His angels closest to Him, His creatures most noble in His eyes, and His praisers most pleasing to Him;

A praise whose bound has no utmost end, whose number has no reckoning, whose limit cannot be reached, whose period cannot be cut off;

A praise that may surpass other praises as our Lord surpasses all His creatures.

Then to Him belongs praise, in place of His every favour upon us and upon all His servants, past and still remaining, to the number of all things His knowledge encompasses, and in place of each of His favours, their number doubling and redoubling always and forever, to the Day of Resurrection;

A praise which will become a link to His obedience and pardon, a tie to His good pleasure, a means to His forgiveness, a path to His Garden, a protector against His vengeance, a security against His wrath, an aid to obeying Him, a barrier against disobeying Him, a help in fulfilling His right and His duties;

A praise that will make us felicitous among His felicitous friends, and bring us into the ranks of those martyred by the swords of His enemies. He is a Friend, Praiseworthy!

Blessing upon Muhammad and his Household

Dua 02: Blessing upon Muhammad and his Household

After this praise of God he (upon him be peace) would supplicate by calling down blessings upon God's Messenger (God bless him and his Household)


Praise belongs to God who was kind to us through Muhammad (God bless him and his Household) to the exclusion of past communities and bygone generations, displaying thereby His power, which nothing can render incapable,   though it be great, and nothing can escape, though it be subtle.

He sealed through us all He created, appointed us witnesses over those who deny, and increased us by His kindness over those who are few.

O God, bless Muhammad, entrusted by Thee with Thy revelation, distinguished by Thee among Thy creatures, devoted to Thee among Thy servants, the imam of mercy, the leader of good, the key to blessing,

Who wearied his soul for Thy affairs,

Exposed his body to detested things for Thy sake,

Showed open enmity toward his next of kin by summoning to Thee,

Fought against his family for Thy good pleasure,

Cut the ties of the womb in giving life to Thy religion,

Sent far those close because of their denial,

Brought near those far because of their response to Thee,

Showed friendship to the most distant for Thy sake,

Displayed enmity toward the nearest for Thy sake,

Made his soul persevere in delivering Thy message,

Tired it in summoning to Thy creed,

Busied it in counselling those worthy of Thy summons,

Migrated to the land of exile and the place of remoteness from the home of his saddlebags, the walkway of his feet, the ground of his birth, and the intimate abode of his soul, desiring to exalt Thy religion and seeking help against those who disbelieved in Thee,

Until what he attempted against Thy enemies went well with him

And what he arranged for Thy friends was accomplished.

He rose up against them seeking victory through Thine aid, becoming strong in spite of his weakness with Thy help.

He fought against them in the centre of their cities

And attacked them in the midst of their dwellings,

Until Thy command prevailed, and Thy word rose up, though the idolaters were averse. [
Allusion It is He who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may uplift it above every religion though the idolaters be averse.]

O God, so raise him, because of his labours for Thy sake, to the highest degree of Thy Garden, [
As Sayyid '''Alikhan points out, there is an allusion here to the hadith of 'mediation' (wasila) according to one version of which the Prophet said: 'Mediation is a degree with God in the Garden, and there is no degree higher than it, so pray to God to give me the mediation' (Ahmad . The fact that this is what the Imam has in mind is confirmed by his reference to 'intercession' in verse  (on the relationship between these two, cf. note ).]

That none may equal him in station, none may match him in level, and no angel brought nigh or prophet sent out may parallel him in Thy sight.

And inform him concerning his Household the pure and his community the faithful of an excellent intercession, greater than what Thou hast promised him! [
On the Prophet's intercession, cf. Padwick, Muslim Devotions and Encyclopaedia of Islam (old edition), 'Shafa'a'. The commentator points out here that the Prophet's intercession alluded to in the Qur'an as his 'praiseworthy station' will be of several types, including the raising of those who are already in paradise to higher degrees. Hence there is no contradiction between the sinlessness of the Imams on the one hand and the Prophet's interceding for them on the other.]

O Keeper of promises! O Faithful to Thy word! O He who changes evil deeds into manifold good deeds! [
On Resurrection Day... God will change the evil deeds [of those who repent, have faith, and do righteous works] into good deeds.] Thou art of bounty abounding

Blessing upon the Bearers of the Throne

Dua 03: Blessing upon the Bearers of the Throne

A Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon the Bearers of the Throne and Every Angel Brought Nigh


O God, as for the Bearers of Thy Throne, [The bearers of the Throne are said to be four angels, one on each corner of the Throne, who will be aided by four more on the Day of Resurrection. Hence the Qur'an says: Upon that day eight shall bear above them the Throne of thy Lord On the various kinds of angels, see S. Murata, 'The Angels,' in S.H. Nasr (ed.), Islamic Spirituality: Foundations New York] who never flag in glorifying Thee, never become weary of calling Thee holy, never tire of worshipping Thee, never prefer curtailment over diligence in Thy command, and are never heedless of passionate love for Thee;

Seraphiel, the Owner of the Trumpet, fixed in his gaze, awaiting Thy permission and the descent of the Command, that he may arouse through the Blast the hostages thrown down in the graves;

Michael, possessor of standing with Thee and a raised up place in Thy obedience;

Gabriel, entrusted with Thy revelation, obeyed by the inhabitants of Thy heavens, distinguished in Thy Presence, brought nigh to Thee;

The spirit who is over the angels of the veils; [The veils meant here are those referred to in the hadith often quoted in Sunni sources: 'God has seventy' - or 'seventy thousand' - 'veils of light and darkness; were they to be removed, the glories of His face would incinerate everything perceived by the creatures' eyes.' Shi'ite sources add several parallel hadith from the Prophet and the Imams (see Bihar al-Anwar v, Bab al-hujub wa l-astar wa l-suradiqat). Cf. Supplication where mention is made of God's 'splendour masked by the veils'.]

And the spirit who is of Thy command bless them and the angels below them: the residents in Thy heavens, those entrusted with Thy messages,

Those who become not wearied by perseverance, or exhausted and flagged by toil, whom passions distract not from glorifying Thee, and whose magnification of Thee is never cut off by the inattention of heedless moments;

Their eyes lowered, they do not attempt to look at Thee; their chins bowed, they have long desired what is with Thee; unrestrained in mentioning Thy boons, they remain humble before Thy mightiness and the majesty of Thy magnificence;

Those who say when they look upon Gehenna roaring over the people who disobeyed Thee: 'Glory be to Thee, we have not worshipped Thee with the worship Thou deservest!'

Bless them, and Thy angels who are the Reposeful, those of proximity to Thee, those who carry the unseen to Thy messengers, those entrusted with Thy revelation,

The tribes of angels whom Thou hast singled out for Thyself, freed from need for food and drink by their calling Thee holy, and made to dwell inside Thy heavens' layers,

Those who will stand upon the heavens' borders
when the Command descends to complete Thy promise,

The keepers of the rain, the drivers of the clouds,

Him at whose driving's sound is heard the rolling of thunder, and when the reverberating clouds swim before his driving, bolts of lightning flash;

The escorts of snow and hail, the descenders with the drops of rain when they fall, The watchers over the treasuries of the winds, those charged with the mountains lest they disappear,

Those whom Thou hast taught the weights of the waters and the measures contained by torrents and masses of rain;

The angels who are Thy messengers to the people of the earth with the disliked affliction that comes down and the beloved ease;

The devoted, noble scribes,
the watchers, noble writers, [The scribes and writers who record peoples' deeds in this world,] The angel of death and his helpers, Munkar and Nakir, [The two angels, mentioned in many hadith who question the dead on the first night in the grave.] Rumaan, the tester in the graves, [An angel who, according to some hadith is the first to enter the grave with the dead person, telling him to write out his deeds on his shroud with his saliva as ink and his finger as pen.] the circlers of the Inhabited House, [A house in the celestial spheres mentioned in and located directly above the Ka'ba.] Malik [The angel in charge of the Fire.] and the guardians, Ridwan [The angel in charge of paradise.] and the gatekeepers of the gardens,

Those who disobey not God in What He commands them and do What they are commanded;

Those who say, Peace be upon you, for that you were patient - and fair is the Ultimate Abode

The Zabaniya, who, when it is said to them, take him, and fetter him, then roast him in hell,
hasten to accomplish it, nor do they give him any respite;

Him whom we have failed to mention, not knowing his place with Thee, nor with which command Thou hast charged him;

And the residents in the air, the earth, and the water, and those of them charged over the creatures;

Bless them on the day when every soul will come, with it a driver and a witness, [
the driver and witness are also angels.]

And bless them with a blessing that will add honour to their honour and purity to their purity.

O God, and when Thou blessest Thy angels and Thy messengers and Thou extendest our blessings to them, bless us through the good words about them which Thou hast opened up for us! Thou art Munificent, Generous.

Blessing upon the Attesters to the Messengers

Dua 04: Blessing upon the Attesters to the Messengers

His Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon the Followers of, and Attesters to, the Messengers


O God, as for the followers of the messengers and those of the people of the earth who attested to them unseen (while the obstinate resisted them through crying lies) - they yearned for the emissaries through the realities of faith,

In every era and time in which Thou didst send a messenger and set up for the people a director from the period of Adam down to Muhammad (God bless him and his Household) from among the imams of guidance and the leaders of the godfearing (peace be upon them) - remember them with forgiveness and good pleasure!

O God, and as for the Companions of Muhammad specifically, those who did well in companionship, who stood the good test in helping him, responded to him when he made them hear his messages' argument,

Separated from mates and children in manifesting his word, fought against fathers and sons in strengthening his prophecy, and through him gained victory;

Those who were wrapped in affection for him, hoping for a commerce that comes not to naught in love for him;

Those who were left by their clans when they clung to his handhold and denied by their kinsfolk when they rested in the shadow of his kinship;

Forget not, O God, what they abandoned for Thee and in Thee, and make them pleased with Thy good pleasure for the sake of the creatures they drove to Thee while they were with Thy Messenger, summoners to Thee for Thee.

Show gratitude to them for leaving the abodes of their people for Thy sake and going out from a plentiful livelihood to a narrow one, and [show gratitude to] those of them who became objects of wrongdoing and whom Thou multiplied in exalting Thy religion.

O God, and give to those who have done well in following the Companions, who say, Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who went before us in faith, Thy best reward;

Those who went straight to the Companions' road, sought out 4their course, and proceeded in their manner.

No doubt concerning their sure insight diverted them and no uncertainty shook them from following in their tracks and being led by the guidance of their light.

As their assistants and supporters, they professed their religion, gained guidance through their guidance, came to agreement with them, and never accused them in what they passed on to them.

O God, and bless the Followers, from this day of ours to the Day of Doom, their wives, their offspring, and those among them who obey Thee,

With a blessing through which Thou wilt preserve them from disobeying Thee, make room for them in the plots of Thy Garden, defend them from the trickery of Satan, help them in the piety in which they seek help from Thee, protect them from sudden events that come by night and day - except the events which come with good

And incite them to tie firmly the knot of good hope in Thee, what is with Thee, and refrain from ill thoughts [toward Thee] because of what the hands of Thy servants' hold.

Thus Thou mayest restore them to beseeching Thee and fearing Thee, induce them to renounce the plenty of the immediate, make them love to work for the sake of the deferred and prepare for what comes after death,

Make easy for them every distress that comes to them on the day when souls take leave from bodies,

Release them from that which brings about the perils of temptation and being thrown down in the Fire and staying forever within it,

And take them to security, the resting place of the godfearing.

For himself and the People under his Guardianship

Dua 05: For himself and the People under his Guardianship


O He the wonders of whose mightiness will never end! Bless Muhammad and his Household and prevent us from deviation concerning Thy mightiness!

O He the term of whose kingdom will never cease! Bless Muhammad and his Household and release our necks from Thy vengeance!

O He the treasuries of whose mercy will never be exhausted! Bless Muhammad and his Household and appoint for us a portion of Thy mercy!

O He whom eyes fall short of seeing! Bless Muhammad and his Household and bring us close to Thy nearness!

O He before whose greatness all great things are small! Bless Muhammad and his Household and give us honour with Thee!

O He to whom all hidden tidings are manifest! Bless Muhammad and his Household and expose us not before Thee!

O God, remove our need for the gifts of the givers through Thy gift, spare us the loneliness of those who break off through Thy joining, that we may beseech no one along with Thy free giving, that we may feel lonely at no one's absence along with Thy bounty!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, scheme for us, not against us, devise to our benefit, not to our loss, [
The Qur'an often mentions God's scheming and devising, usually in answer to the trickery and deception of the evildoers. For example: They are scheming, and I am scheming. So respite the unbelievers; delay with them for a time ; They devised, and God devised, and God is the best of devisers ] give the turn to prevail to us, not to others!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, protect us from Thyself, safeguard us through Thyself, guide us to Thyself, and take us not far from Thyself! [
God's protecting the servant from Himself is for Him to guard him against His wrath. 'Guidance to God' is guidance to His mercy, while being taken 'far from Him' is to be subjected to wrath. Cf. the introduction and passages such as he whom Thou protectest stays safe, he whom Thou guidest knows, and he whom Thou bringest near Thyself takes the spoils.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and spare us the cutting edge of time's turning changes, the evil of Satan's snares, and the bitterness of the sovereign's aggression!

O God, the spared are spared only through the bounty of Thy strength, so bless Muhammad and his Household and spare us! The givers give only through the bounty of Thy wealth, so bless Muhammad and his Household and give to us! The guided are guided only by the light of Thy face, so bless Muhammad and his Household and guide us!

O God, he whom Thou befriendest will not be injured by the abandonment of the abandoners, he to whom Thou givest will not be diminished by the withholding of the withholders, he whom Thou guidest will not be misled by the misguidance of the misguiders.

So bless Muhammad and his Household, defend us from Thy servants through Thy might, free us from need for other than Thee through Thy support, and make us travel the path of the Truth through Thy right guidance!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and put the soundness of our hearts into the remembrance of Thy mightiness, the idleness of our bodies into giving thanks for Thy favour, and the flow of our tongues into the description of Thy kindness!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and make us one of Thy summoners who summon to Thee, Thy guiders who direct to Thee, and Thy special friends whom Thou hast singled out!

The Morning and Evening

Dua 06: The Morning and Evening


Praise belongs to God, who created night and day through His strength,

Set them apart through His power,

And appointed for each a determined limit and a drawn-out period.

He makes each of the two enter into its companion, and makes its companion enter into it, as an ordainment from Him for His servants in that through which He feeds them and with which He makes them grow.

He created for them the night, that they might rest in it from tiring movements and wearisome exertions and He made it a garment for them that they might be clothed in its ease and its sleep, that it might be for them refreshment and strength, that they might reach therein pleasure and passion.

He created for them the daytime, giving sight, that they might seek within it of His bounty,
find the means to His provision, and roam freely in His earth, searching for that through which to attain the immediate in their life in this world and to achieve the deferred in their life to come.

Through all of this He sets right their situation, tries their records, [Allusion to We shall assuredly try you until We know those of you who struggle and are steadfast, and try your records.] and watches their state in the times for obeying Him, the waystations of His obligations, and the places of His ordinances, that He may repay those who do evil with what they have done and repay those who do good with goodness.

O God, to Thee belongs praise for the sky Thou hast split into dawn for us, [Allusion: He splits the sky into dawn.] giving us to enjoy thereby the brightness of daytime, showing us sought-after nourishments, and protecting us from the striking of blights.

In the morning we and all things, every one, rise for Thee, the heaven and the earth and what Thou hast scattered in each, the still and the moving, the resident and the journeying, what towers up in the air and what hides under the ground.

We rise in the morning in Thy grasp: Thy kingdom and authority contain us and Thy will embraces us. We move about by Thy command and turn this way and that through Thy governing.

We own nothing of the affair except what Thou hast decreed and nothing of the good except what Thou hast given.

This is a fresh, new day, over us a ready witness. If we do good, it will take leave from us with praise, and if we do evil, it will part from us in blame.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, provide us with the day's good companionship and preserve us against parting from it badly by doing a misdeed or committing a sin, whether small or great!

Make our good deeds within it plentiful empty us therein of evil deeds, and fill what lies between its two sides for us with praise and thanksgiving, wages and stores, bounty and beneficence!

O God, ease our burden on the Noble Writers, fill our pages for us with our good deeds, and degrade us not before them with our evil works!

O God, appoint for us in each of the day's hours a share from Thy servants, a portion of giving thanks to Thee, and a truthful witness among Thy angels!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and safeguard us from before us and behind us, from our right hands and our left hands and from all our directions, [Allusion to Satan's words in the Qur'an I shall come on them from before them and from behind them, from their rights hands and their left hands; Thou wilt not find most of them thankful.] a safeguarding that will preserve from disobeying Thee, guide to obeying Thee, and be employed for Thy love!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and make this the most fortunate day we have known, the most excellent companion we have accompanied, and the best time in which we have lingered!

Place us among the most satisfied of all Thy creatures whom night and day have passed by, the most thankful of them for the favours Thou hast done, the firmest of them in the laws Thou hast set down in the Shari'a, and the most unyielding of them toward the prohibited acts against which Thou hast cautioned!

O God, I call Thee to witness - and Thou art sufficient witness - and I call Thy heaven and Thy earth to witness and Thy angels and Thy other creatures who inhabit them in this my day, this my hour, this my night, and this my resting place, that I bear witness that Thou art God, other than whom there is no god, Upholding justice, Equitable in judgement, Clement to the servants,
Master of the kingdom, Compassionate to the creatures,

And that Muhammad is Thy servant and Thy messenger, Thy chosen from among Thy creatures. Thou didst charge him with Thy message and he delivered it; Thou didst command him to counsel his community and he counselled it.

O God, so bless Muhammad and his Household more than Thou hast blessed any of Thy creatures! Give him for our sake the best Thou hast given any of Thy servants, and repay him on our behalf better and more generously than Thou hast repaid any of Thy prophets on behalf of his community!

Thou art All-kind with immensity, the Forgiver of the great, and Thou art more merciful than every possessor of mercy! So bless Muhammad and his Household, the good, the pure, the chosen, the most distinguished!

Worrisome Tasks

Dua 07: Worrisome Tasks

His Supplication when Faced with a Worrisome Task or when Misfortune Descended and at the Time of Distress


O He through whom the knots of detested things are untied! O He through whom the cutting edge of hardships is blunted! O He from whom is begged the outlet to the freshness of relief!

Intractable affairs yield to Thy power, means are made ready by Thy gentleness, the decree goes into effect through Thy power, and all things proceed according to Thy desire.

By Thy desire they follow Thy command without Thy word and by Thy will they obey Thy bans without Thy prohibition.

Thou art the supplicated in worries and the place of flight in misfortunes; none of them is repelled unless Thou repellest, none is removed unless Thou removest.

Upon me has come down, My Lord, something whose weight burdens me and upon me has fallen something whose carrying oppresses me.

Through Thy power Thou hast brought it down upon me and through Thy authority Thou hast turned it toward me.

None can send away what Thou hast brought, none can deflect what Thou hast turned, none can open what Thou hast closed, none can close what Thou hast opened, none can make easy what Thou hast made difficult, none can help him whom Thou hast abandoned.

So bless Muhammad and his Household, open for me, my Lord, the door of relief through Thy graciousness, break from me the authority of worry by Thy strength, confer the beauty of Thy gaze upon my complaint, let me taste the sweetness of benefaction in what I ask, give me from Thyself mercy and wholesome relief, and appoint for me from Thyself a quick way out!

Distract me not through worry from observing Thy obligations and acting in accordance with Thy prescriptions.

My capacity has been straitened, my Lord, by what has come down on me, and I am filled with worry by carrying what has happened to me, while Thou hast power to remove what has afflicted me and to repel that into which I have fallen. So do that for me though I merit it not from Thee, O Possessor of the Mighty Throne!

Seeking Refuge

Dua 08: Seeking Refuge

His Supplication in Seeking Refuge from Hateful Things, Bad Moral Qualities, and Blameworthy Acts


O God, I seek refuge in Thee from the agitation of craving, the violence of wrath, the domination of envy, the frailty of patience, the lack of contentment, surliness of character, urgency of passion, the disposition to vehemence,

Following caprice, [The term 'caprice' denotes any desire that is opposed to the truth or turns man away from the divine guidance. Who is further astray than he who follows his own caprice without guidance from God?  Obey not him whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance, so that he follows his own caprice. God addresses David with the command: Judge among men by the truth, and follow ] opposing guidance, the sleep of heedlessness, undertaking the toilsome, preferring falsehood over truth, persisting in sin, making little of disobedience, making much of obedience,

Vying with the wealthy, disparaging the poor, guarding badly over those in our hands, failing to thank those who have done good to us,

Aiding a wrongdoer, abandoning someone troubled, wanting what is not rightfully ours, and speaking about knowledge without knowing.

We seek refuge in Thee from harbouring dishonesty toward anyone, being pleased with our works, and stretching out our expectations.

We seek refuge in Thee from ill-mindedness, looking down on the small, Satan's gaining mastery over us, time's afflicting us, and the sovereign's oppressing us.

We seek refuge in Thee from acting with prodigality and not having sufficiency.

We seek refuge in Thee from the gloating of enemies, indigent need for equals, living in hardship, and dying without readiness.

We seek refuge in Thee from the most dreadful remorse, the greatest affliction, the most wretched wretchedness, the evil end to the journey, the deprivation of reward, and the advent of punishment.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and through Thy mercy, give to me refuge from all of that, and to all the faithful, both men and women! O Most Merciful of the merciful!


Dua 09: Yearning

His Supplication in Yearning to Ask Forgiveness from God


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make us go to the repentance that Thou lovest and make us leave the persistence that Thou hatest!

O God, when we halt before two decreases, in religion or in this world, let the decrease fall upon that which passes quickly and relent in that which lasts the longer!

When we set out after two concerns, one of which makes Thee pleased with us and the other of which displeases Thee, incline us toward that which makes Thee pleased and weaken our strength in that which displeases Thee!

Leave not our souls alone to choose in that, for they choose falsehood except inasmuch as Thou givest success, and they command to evil except inasmuch as Thou hast mercy! [
Reference to Surely the soul of man commands to evil, except inasmuch as my Lord has mercy.]

O God, thou created us from frailty, [
Allusion to God is He who created you of frailty.] built us up from feebleness, and began us from a mean water; we have no force except through Thy strength and no strength except through Thy help.

So confirm us by giving us success, point us the right way by Thy pointing, blind the eyes of our hearts toward everything opposed to Thy love, and set not in any of our limbs passage to disobeying Thee!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and assign the whisperings of our hearts, the movements of our members, the glances of our eyes, and the idioms of our tongues, to that which makes incumbent Thy reward, lest a good deed slip by us, through which we might deserve Thy repayment, or an evil deed remain with us, by which we might merit Thy punishment!

Seeking Asylum with God

Dua 10: Seeking Asylum with God


O God, if Thou willest, Thou wilt pardon us through Thy bounty and if Thou willest, Thou wilt chastise us through Thy justice.

So make our ways smooth to Thy pardon through Thy kindness and grant us sanctuary from Thy chastisement through Thy forbearance, for none of us has the endurance for Thy justice and none of us can reach deliverance without Thy pardon!

O Richest of the rich! Here we are, Thy servants, before Thee. I am the neediest of the needy toward Thee, so redress our neediness through Thy plenty and cut us not off from our hopes through Thy withholding, lest Thou makest wretched him who seeks felicity through Thee and deprivest him who seeks help from Thy bounty!

Then to whom would we return after Thee? Where would we go from Thy gate? Glory be to Thee! We are the distressed, the response to whom Thou hast made incumbent, the people from whom Thou hast promised to remove the evil.
He who responds to the distressed when he supplicates Him, and removes the evil.]

That thing most resembling Thy will and that affair most worthy for Thee in Thy mightiness is showing mercy to him who asks Thee for mercy and helping him who seeks help from Thee. So show mercy upon our pleading with Thee and free us from need when we throw ourselves before Thee!

O God, Satan will gloat over us if we follow him in disobeying Thee, so bless Muhammad and his Household and let him not gloat over us after we have renounced him for Thee and beseeched Thee against him!

For Good Outcomes

Dua 11: For Good Outcomes


O He remembering whom brings honour to those who remember! O He thanking whom brings triumph to those who give thanks! O He obeying whom brings deliverance to those who obey! Bless Muhammad and his Household, and divert our hearts through remembering Thee from every act of remembrance, our tongues through thanking Thee from every act of thanksgiving, our limbs through obeying Thee from every act of obedience!

If Thou hast ordained for us idleness from these occupations, make it an idleness of safety, within which no ill consequence visits us or weariness overtakes us! Then the writers of evil deeds may depart from us with a page empty of the mention of our evil deeds, and the writers of good deeds may turn away from us happy with the good deeds of ours which they have written.

And when the days of our life have passed by, the terms of our lifetimes have elapsed, and Thy call, which must come and be answered, summons us forth, then bless Muhammad and his Household and make the outcome of what the writers of our works count against us an accepted repentance, which afterwards gave us no rest in a sin that we committed or an act of disobedience that we performed!

Remove not from us any covering with which Thou hast covered over the heads of the witnesses on the day when the records of Thy servants are tried!

Verily Thou art compassionate to him who supplicates Thee,the responder to him who calls upon Thee!


Dua 12: Confession

His Supplication in Confession and in Seeking Repentance toward God


O God, three traits have prevented me from asking Thee and one trait has urged me on:

I am prevented by a command Thou hast commanded in which I have been slow, a prohibition Thou hast prohibited toward which I have hurried, and a favour through which Thou hast favoured for which I have not given sufficient thanks.

I am urged to ask Thee by Thy gratuitous bounty upon him who turns his face toward Thee and comes to Thee with a good opinion, since all Thy beneficence is gratuitous bounty and every one of Thy favours a new beginning!

So here I am, my God, standing at the gate of Thy might, the standing of the lowly, the surrendered, asking Thee in my shame, the asking of the destitute, the pitiful,

Admitting to Thee that at the time of Thy beneficence I surrendered not save through abstaining from disobedience toward Thee and in none of my states was I ever without Thy Kindness.

Will it profit me, my God, to admit to Thee the evil of what I have earned? Will it save me from Thee to confess the ugliness of what I have done? Or wilt Thou impose upon me in this my station Thy displeasure? Will Thy hate hold fast to me in the time of my supplication?

Glory be to Thee! I do not despair of Thee, for Thou hast opened the door of repentance toward Thyself. Rather, I say, the words of a lowly servant, having wronged himself and made light of his Lord's inviolability,

And whose sins are dreadful, great, whose days have parted, fled, until, when he sees the term of his works expired and the limit of his lifetime reached and knows with certainty that he has no escape from Thee, no place to flee from Thee, he turns his face toward Thee in repeated turning, makes his repentance toward Thee sincere, stands before Thee with a pure and purified heart, then supplicates Thee with a feeble, quiet voice.

He is bowed before Thee, bent, his head lowered, thrown down, his legs shaking in fear, his tears flooding his cheeks. He supplicates Thee: O Most Merciful of the merciful! O Most Merciful of those toward whom seekers of mercy keep on turning! O Tenderest of those around whom run seekers of forgiveness! O He whose pardon is greater than His vengeance! O He whose good pleasure is more abundant than His anger! [
Allusion to the principle enunciated in the well known hadith: 'God's mercy precedes His wrath', a constant theme of the Sahifa, as pointed out in the introduction. ]

O He who seeks His creatures' praise with excellent forbearance!O He who has accustomed His servants to the acceptance of their repeated turning! [
Allusion to such Qur'anic verses as Whosoever does evil, or wrongs himself, and then prays God's forgiveness, he shall find God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate O He who seeks to heal their corruption through repentance! O He who is pleased with the easy of their acts! O He who recompenses with the much their little! O He who has made himself accountable to them to respond to supplication! [Reference to such Qur'anic verses as Supplicate Me and I will respond to you, and When My servants ask from Me, I am near: I respond to the supplication of the supplicator when he supplicates Me.]O He who pledged Himself by His gratuitous bounty to give them excellent repayment!

I am not the most disobedient of those who have disobeyed Thee and whom Thou hast forgiven, nor am I the most blameworthy to offer excuses which Thou hast accepted, nor am I the most wrongdoing of those who haverepented to Thee, and to whom Thou hast returned

I repent to Thee in this my station, the repentance of one remorseful over what preceded from him hastily, apprehensive of what has gathered around him, pure in shame for that into which he has fallen,

Knowing that pardoning great sins is nothing great for Thee. [
Cf. the hadith mentioned in the introduction: 'When one of you supplicates, he should not say: "O God, forgive me if Thou wilt", but he should be firm in his asking and make his desire great, for what God gives is nothing great for Him' (Muslim, Dhikr 8).]overlooking enormous misdeeds is not difficult for Thee, putting up with indecent crimes does not trouble Thee, and the most beloved of Thy servants to Thee is he who refrains from arrogance before Thee, pulls aside from persistence, and holds fast to praying forgiveness!

I am clear before Thee of arrogance, I seek refuge in Thee from persistence, I pray forgiveness from Thee for shortcomings, I seek help from Thee in incapacity!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, dispense with what is incumbent upon me toward Thee, release me from what I merit from Thee, and grant me sanctuary from what the evildoers fear! For Thou art full of pardon, the hoped-for source of forgiveness, well known for Thy forbearance. My need has no object but Thee, my sin no forgiver other than Thee - could that be possible?

I have no fear for myself except from Thee; Thou art worthy of reverential fear, and worthy to forgive!
Bless Muhammad and his Household, grant my need, answer my request favourably, forgive my sin, and give me security from fear for myself! Thou art powerful over everything,and that is easy for Thee. Amen, Lord of the worlds!

Seeking Needs from God

Dua 13: Seeking Needs from God


O God, O ultimate object of needs!

O He through whom requests are attained!

O He whose favours are not bought by prices!

O He who does not muddy His gifts by the imposition of obligations!

O He along with whom nothing is needed and without whom nothing can be done!

O He toward whom desire is ever directed and never turned away!

O He whose treasuries cannot be exhausted by demands!

O He whose wisdom cannot be altered by any means!

O He from whom the needs of the needy are never cut off!

O He who is not distressed by the supplications of the supplicators!

Thou hast lauded Thyself for having no need for Thy creatures, and it suits Thee to have no need for them,

And Thou hast attributed to them poverty, and it suits them to be poor toward Thee. [
Reference to such Qur'anic verses as: O people, you are the poor toward God, and He is without need, praiseworthy

So he who strives to remedy his lack through what is with Thee and wishes to turn poverty away from himself through Thee has sought his need in the most likely place and come to his request from the right quarter.

But he who turns in his need toward one of Thy creatures or assigns the cause of its being granted to other than Thee, has exposed himself to deprivation and deserves to miss Thy beneficence.

O God, I have a need of Thee: My exertion has fallen short of it and my stratagems have been cut back before reaching it. My soul induced me to present it to him who presents his needs to Thee and can do nothing without Thee in his requests, but this is one of the slips of the offenders, one of the stumbles of the sinners!

Then through Thy reminding me, I was aroused from my heedlessness, through Thy giving success, I stood up from my slip, and through Thy pointing the way, I returned and withdrew from my stumble.

I said: Glory to my Lord! How can the needy ask from the needy? How can the destitute beseech the destitute?

So I went straight to Thee, my God, in beseeching, and I sent Thee my hope with trust in Thee.

I came to know that the many I request from Thee are few before Thy wealth, the weighty I ask from Thee is vile before Thy plenty; Thy generosity is not constrained by anyone's asking, Thy hand is higher in bestowing gifts than every hand!

O God, so bless Muhammad and his Household, take me through Thy generosity to Thy gratuitous bounty and take me not through Thy justice to what I deserve! I am not the first beseecher to beseech Thee and Thou bestowed upon him while he deserved withholding, nor am I the first to ask from Thee and Thou wast bounteous toward him while he merited deprivation.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, respond to my supplication, come near my call, have mercy on my pleading, listen to my voice,

Cut not short my hope for Thee, sever not my thread to Thee, turn not my face in this my need, and other needs, away from Thee,

Attend for my sake to the fulfilment of my request, the granting of my need, and the attainment of what I have asked before I leave this place through Thy making easy for me the difficult and Thy excellent ordainment for me in all affairs!

Bless Muhammad and his Household with a permanent, ever-growing blessing, whose perpetuity has no cutting off and whose term knows no limit, and make that a help to me and a cause for the granting of my request! Thou art Boundless, Generous!

And of my needs, My Lord, are such and such.


Thy bounty has comforted me and Thy beneficence has shown the way, So I ask Thee by Thee and by Muhammad and his Household (Thy blessings be upon them) that Thou sendest me not back in disappointment!

Acts of Wrongdoing

Dua 14: Acts of Wrongdoing

His Supplication when Hostility was Shown to Him or when he Saw what he did not Like in Wrongdoers
[A case can be made for translating the word dhalim (wrongdoer) in the context of the present supplication as 'oppressor' or 'tyrant', especially if we read the text as expressing the Imam's relationships with the Umayyad authorities. However, the word dhulm along with its derivatives is an important and frequently used term in the Qur'an, and only the Qur'anic context can provide us with a reliable insight into the way the word must have been understood by Zayn al-'Abidin and his contemporaries. In the Qur'an, it is obvious that terms like 'oppression' and 'tyranny', with their narrow political connotations, cannot begin to do justice to the wide range of meanings included in the primary Qur'anic significance, since oppression is merely one of many forms of human 'wrongdoing', an English term which is sufficiently vague and concrete to render the Qur'anic idea rather closely. According to the Qur'an, the basic meaning of dhulm is to deny the reality of God and the truth of His revelation and then to transgress the bounds, limits, laws, and statutes He has set down. This Qur'anic concept can clearly be perceived in such typical verses as the following: Who does greater wrong than he who bars God's places of worship, so that His Name be not rehearsed in them, and strives to destroy them?; Who does greater wrong than he who conceals a testimony received from God? Whosoever transgresses the bounds of God - those are the wrongdoers; And the unbelievers - they are the wrongdoers Whoso judges not according to what God has sent down - they are the wrongdoers ; Who does greater wrong than he who forges against God a lie, or cries lies to His signs? Who does greater wrong than he who, being reminded of the signs of his Lord, turns away from them?; None denies Our signs but the wrongdoers; Do not associate others with God; to associate others with God is a mighty wrong; And whoso repents not, those - they are the wrongdoers ; Whoso trespasses the bounds of God has done wrong to himself. In most of the cases in which the Imam employs the term in the Sahifa, the Qur'anic context is clear, and this is sufficient reason to maintain consistency of translation in the present supplication, where 'oppression' might also be a valid translation. (For uses of the term in obvious Qur'anic contexts which suggest 'oppression' as a valid rendering include The term dhulm is often used as the opposite of 'adl or 'justice'; the Sahifa also provides a few instances where 'injustice' would translate the term well, such (where it is used as a synonym for jawr, translated there as 'injustice'), 

When Sick

Dua 15: When Sick

His Supplication when Sick or Visited by Distress or an Affliction


O God, to Thee belongs praise for the good health of my body which lets me move about, and to Thee belongs praise, for the ailments which Thou causest to arise in my flesh!

For I know not, my God, which of the two states deserves more my thanking Thee and which of the two times is more worthy for my praise of Thee:

The time of health, within which Thou makest me delight in the agreeable things of Thy provision, through which Thou givest me the joy to seek the means to Thy good pleasure and bounty, and by which Thou strengthenest me for the acts of obedience which Thou hast given me success to accomplish;

Or the time of illness through which Thou puttest me to the test and bestowest upon me favours: lightening of the offenses that weigh down my back, purification of the evil deeds into which I have plunged, incitement to reach for repentance, reminder of the erasure of misdeeds through ancient favour;

And, through all that, what the two writers write for me: blameless acts, which no heart had thought, no tongue had uttered, and no limb had undertaken, rather, as Thy bestowal of bounty upon me and the beneficence of Thy benefaction toward me. [
A believer who cannot perform the obligatory acts of worship because of illness is credited with them in any case. The commentator cites a number of hadith to this effect, e.g.: ' When the believer becomes sick, God says to the angel charged with him: "Write for him what you used to write when he was healthy".' ]

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make me love what Thou hast approved for me, make easy for me what Thou hast sent down upon me, purify me of the defilement of what I have sent ahead, erase the evil of what I have done beforehand, let me find the sweetness of well-being, let me taste the coolness of safety, and appoint for me a way out from my illness to Thy pardon, transformation of my infirmity into Thy forbearance, escape from my distress to Thy refreshment, and safety from this hardship in Thy relief!

Thou art gratuitously bountiful in beneficence, ever gracious in kindness, the Generous, the Giver, Possessor of majesty and munificence!

Asking Release

Dua 16: Asking Release

His Supplication when he Asked Release from his Sins or Pleaded in Seeking Pardon for his Defects


O God, O He through whose Mercy sinners seek aid!

O He to the remembrance of whose beneficence the distressed flee!

O He in fear of whom the offenders weep!

O Comfort of every lonely stranger! O Relief of all who are downcast and distressed! O Aid of everyone abandoned and alone! O Support of every needy outcast!

Thou art He who embracest everything in mercy and knowledge!

Thou art He who hast appointed for each creature a share of Thy favours!

Thou art He whose pardon is higher than His punishment!

Thou art He whose mercy runs before His wrath!

Thou art He whose bestowal is greater than His withholding!

Thou art He by whose mercy all creatures are embraced!

Thou art He who desires no repayment by him upon whom He bestows!

Thou art He who does not overdo the punishment of him who disobeys Thee!

And I, my God, am Thy servant whom Thou commanded to supplicate and who said: I am at Thy service and disposal! Here am I, my Lord, thrown down before Thee.

I am he whose back offenses have weighed down! I am he whose lifetime sins have consumed! I am he who was disobedient in his ignorance, while Thou didst not deserve that from him!

Wilt Thou, my God, be merciful toward him who supplicates Thee, that I should bring my supplication before Thee? Wilt Thou forgive him who weeps to Thee that I should hurry to weep? Wilt Thou show forbearance toward him who puts his face in the dust before Thee in lowliness? Wilt Thou free from need him who complains to Thee of his indigent need with confidence?

My God, disappoint not him who finds no bestower other than Thee, and abandon not him who cannot be freed from his need for Thee through less than Thee!

My God, so bless Muhammad and his Household, turn not away from me when I have turned my face toward Thee, deprive me not when 1 have besought Thee, and slap not my brow with rejection when I have stood before Thee!

Thou art He who has described Himself by mercy, so bless Muhammad and his Household and have mercy upon me! Thou art He who has named Himself by pardon, so pardon me!

Thou hast seen, my God, the flow of my tears in fear of Thee, the throbbing of my heart in dread of Thee, and the infirmity of my limbs in awe of Thee.

All this from my shame before Thee because of my evil works! So my voice has become silent, no longer crying to Thee, and my tongue has gone dumb, no longer whispering in prayer.

My God, so to Thee belongs praise! How many of my haws Thou hast covered over without exposing me! How many of my sins Thou hast cloaked without making me notorious! How many faults I have committed, yet Thou didst not tear away from me their covering, collar me with their detested disgrace, or make their dishonour plain to those of my neighbours who search for my defects and to those who envy Thy favour toward me!

But that did not prevent me from passing on to the evil that Thou knowest from me!

So who is more ignorant than I, my God, of his own right conduct? Who is more heedless than I of his own good fortune? Who is further than I from seeking to set himself right? For I spend the provision Thou deliverest to me in the disobedience Thou hast prohibited to me! Who sinks more deeply into falsehood and is more intensely audacious in evil than I? For I hesitate between Thy call and the call of Satan and then follow his call without being blind in my knowledge of him or forgetful in my memory of him,

While I am certain that Thy call takes to the Garden and his call takes to the Fire!

Glory be to Thee! How marvellous the witness I bear against my own soul and the enumeration of my own hidden affairs!

And more marvellous than that is Thy lack of haste with me, Thy slowness in attending to me! That is not because I possess honour with Thee, but because Thou waitest patiently for me and art bountiful toward me that I may refrain from disobedience displeasing to Thee and abstain from evil deeds that disgrace me, and because Thou lovest to pardon me more than to punish!

But I, my God, am more numerous in sins, uglier in footsteps, more repulsive in acts, more reckless in rushing into falsehood, weaker in awakening to Thy obedience, and less attentive and heedful toward Thy threats, than that I could number for Thee my faults or have the power to recount my sins.

I only scold my own soul, craving Thy gentleness, through which the affairs of sinners are set right, and hoping for Thy mercy, through which the necks of the offenders are freed.

O God, this is my neck, enslaved by sins, bless Muhammad and his Household and release it through Thy pardon! This is my back, weighed down by offenses, bless Muhammad and his Household and lighten it through Thy kindness!

My God, were I to weep to Thee until my eyelids drop off, wail until my voice wears out, stand before Thee until my feet swell up, bow to Thee until my backbone is thrown out of joint, prostrate to Thee until my eyeballs fall out, eat the dirt of the earth for my whole life, drink the water of ashes till the end of my days, mention Thee through all of that until my tongue fails, and not lift my glance to the sky's horizons in shame before Thee, yet would I not merit through all of that the erasing of a single one of my evil deeds!

Though Thou forgivest me when I merit Thy forgiveness and pardonest me when I deserve Thy pardon, yet I have no title to that through what I deserve, nor am I worthy of it through merit, since my repayment from Thee from the first that I disobeyed Thee is the Fire! So if Thou punishest me, Thou dost me no wrong.

My God, since Thou hast shielded me with Thy covering and not exposed me, waited patiently for me through Thy generosity, and not hurried me to punishment, and shown me clemency through Thy bounty, and not changed Thy favour upon me or muddied Thy kindly acts toward me, have mercy on my drawn out pleading, my intense misery, and my evil situation!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, protect me from acts of disobedience, employ me in obedience, provide me with excellent turning back [to Thee], purify me through repentance, strengthen me through preservation from sin, set me right through well being, let me taste the sweetness of forgiveness, make me the freedman of Thy pardon and the slave released by Thy mercy, and write for me a security from Thy displeasure! Give me the good news of that in the immediate, not the deferred - a good news I recognize - and make known to me therein a sign which I may clearly see!

That will not constrain Thee in Thy plenty, distress Thee in Thy power, ascend beyond Thy lack of haste, or tire Thee in Thy great gifts, which are pointed to by Thy signs. Verily Thou dost what Thou wilt, Thou decreest what Thou desirest. Thou art powerful over everything. 

Against Satan

Dua 17: Against Satan

His Supplication when he Mentioned Satan and Sought Refuge from him and from his Enmity and Trickery


O God, we seek refuge in Thee from the instigations of the accursed Satan, his trickery, and his traps, from trust in his false hopes, his promises, his delusions, and his snares,

And lest he should make himself crave to lead us away from Thy obedience and to degrade us through our disobeying Thee, and lest what he has shown us as beautiful be beautiful for us and what he has shown us as detestable weigh down upon us.

O God, drive him away from us through Thy worship, throw him down through our perseverance in Thy love, and place between him and us a covering that he cannot tear away and a solid barrier that he cannot cut through!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, distract Satan from us with some of Thy enemies, preserve us from him through Thy good guarding, spare us his treachery, turn his back toward us, and cut off from us his trace!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, give us to enjoy guidance the like of his misguidance, increase us in piety against his seduction, and make us walk in reverential fear contrary to his path of ruin!

O God, assign him no place of entrance into our hearts and do not allow him to make his home in that which is with us!

O God, cause us to recognize the falsehood with which he tempts us, and once Thou hast caused us to recognize it, protect us from it! Make us see what will allow us to outwit him, inspire us with all that we can make ready for him, awaken us from the heedless slumber of relying upon him, and help us well, through Thy giving success, against him!

O God, saturate our hearts with the rejection of his works and be gentle to us by destroying his stratagems!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, turn his authority away from us, cut off his hope from us, and keep him from craving for us!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, and place our fathers, our mothers, our children, our wives, our siblings, our relatives, and the faithful among our neighbours, male and female, in a sanctuary impregnable to him, a guarding fortress, a defending cave! Clothe them in shields protective against him and give them arms that will cut him down!

O God, include in that everyone who witnesses to Thee as Lord, devotes himself sincerely to Thy Unity, shows enmity toward him through the reality of servanthood, and seeks help from Thee against him through knowledge of the divine sciences!

O God, undo what he ties, unstitch what he sews up, dislocate what he devises, frustrate him when he makes up his mind, and destroy what he establishes!

O God, rout his troops, nullify his trickery, make his cave collapse, and rub his nose in the ground!

O God, place us in the ranks of his enemies and remove us from the number of his friends, that we obey him not when he entices us and answer him not when he calls to us! We command everyone who obeys our command to be his enemy and we admonish everyone who follows our prohibition not to follow him!

O God, bless Muhammad, the Seal of the prophets and lord of the emissaries, and the folk of his house, the good, the pure! Give refuge to us, our families, our brothers, and all the faithful, male and female, from that from which we seek refuge, and grant us sanctuary from that through fear of which we seek sanctuary in Thee!

Hear our supplication to Thee, bestow upon us that of which we have been heedless, and safeguard for us what we have forgotten! Through all this bring us into the ranks of the righteous and the degrees of the faithful! Amen, Lord of the worlds!


Dua 18: Perils

His Supplication when Perils were Repelled or Requests quickly granted


O God, to Thee belongs praise for Thy excellent accomplishment and for Thy trial which Thou hast turned away from me! But make not my share of Thy mercy the well-being which Thou hast quickly granted to me, lest I become wretched through what I have loved and someone else gain felicity through what I have disliked! [The terms 'wretchedness' (shiqa') and 'felicity' (sa'ada) refer to heaven and hell, not to the misery or happiness of this world.]

If this well-being in which 1 pass the day or night should precede a trial that does not cease and a burden that does not pass away, then set before me what Thou hadst set behind and set behind me what Thou hadst set before!

For that which ends in annihilation is not great and that which ends in subsistence is not little. And bless Muhammad and his Household!

Asking for Water during a Drought

Dua 19: Asking for Water during a Drought


O God, water us with rain, unfold upon us Thy mercy through Thy copious rain from the driven clouds, so that Thy goodly earth may grow on all horizons!

Show kindness to Thy servants through the ripening of the fruit, revive Thy land through the blossoming of the flowers, and let Thy angels - the noble scribes - be witness to a beneficial watering from Thee, lasting in its abundance, plenty in its flow, heavy, quick, soon,

Through which Thou revivest what has vanished, bringest forth what is coming, and providest plentiful foods, through heaped up, wholesome, productive clouds, in reverberating layers, the rain's downpour not without cease, the lightning's flashes not without fruit!

O God, give us water through rain, helping, productive, fertilizing, widespread, plentiful, abundant, bringing back the risen, restoring the broken!

O God, give us water with a watering through which Thou wilt make the stone hills pour, fill the cisterns, flood the rivers, make the trees grow, bring down prices in all the lands, invigorate the beasts and the creatures, perfect for us the agreeable things of provision, make grow for us the fields, let flow for us the teats, and add for us strength to our strength!

O God, make not the cloud's shadow over us a burning wind, allow not its coldness to be cutting, let not its pouring down upon us be a stoning, and make not its waters for us bitter!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and provide us with the blessings of the heavens and the earth! Thou art powerful over everything! 

Noble Moral Traits

Dua 20: Noble Moral Traits

His Supplication on Noble Moral Traits and Acts Pleasing to God


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, cause my faith to reach the most perfect faith, make my certainty the most excellent certainty, and take my intention to the best of intentions and my works to the best of works!

O God, complete my intention through Thy gentleness, rectify my certainty through what is with Thee, and set right what is corrupt in me through Thy power!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, spare me the concerns which distract me, employ me in that about which Thou wilt ask me tomorrow, and let me pass my days in that for which Thou hast created me! Free me from need, expand Thy provision toward me, and tempt me not with ingratitude! Exalt me and afflict me not with pride! Make me worship Thee and corrupt not my worship with self-admiration! Let good flow out from my hands upon the people and efface it not by my making them feel obliged! [Reference to the principle enunciated in O believers, void not your freewill offerings with obligation and harm, as one who expends of his substance to show off to men and believes not in God and the Last Day.] Give me the highest moral traits and preserve me from vainglory!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, raise me not a single degree before the people without lowering me its like in myself and bring about no outward exaltation for me without an inward abasement in myself to the same measure!

O God, bless Muhammad and Muhammad's Household, give me to enjoy a sound guidance which I seek not to replace, a path of truth from which I swerve not, and an intention of right conduct in which I have no doubts! Let me live as long as my life is a free gift in obeying Thee, but if my life should become a pasture for Satan, seize me to Thyself before Thy hatred overtakes me or Thy wrath against be becomes firm!

O God, deposit in me no quality for which I will be faulted, unless Thou settest it right, no flaw for which I will be blamed, unless Thou makest it beautiful, no deficient noble trait, unless Thou completest it!

O God, bless Muhammad and Muhammad's Household and replace for me the animosity of the people of hatred with love, the envy of the people of insolence with affection, the suspicion of the people of righteousness with trust, the enmity of those close with friendship, the disrespect of womb relatives with devotion, the abandonment of relatives
with help, the attachment of flatterers with love set right, the rejection of fellows with generous friendliness, and the bitterness of the fear of wrongdoers with the sweetness of security!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, appoint for me a hand against him who wrongs me, a tongue against him who disputes with me, and a victory over him who stubbornly resists me! Give me guile against him who schemes against me, power over him who oppresses me, refutation of him who reviles me, and safety from him who threatens me! Grant me success to obey him who points me straight and follow him who guides me right!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and point me straight to resist him who is dishonest toward me with good counsel, repay him who separates from me with gentle devotion, reward him who deprives me with free giving, recompense him who cuts me off with joining, oppose him who slanders me with excellent mention, give thanks for good, and shut my eyes to evil!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, adorn me with the adornment of the righteous, and clothe me in the ornaments of the godfearing, through spreading justice, restraining rage, quenching the flame of hate, bringing together the people of separation, correcting discord, spreading about good behaviour, covering faults, mildness of temper, lowering the wing beauty of conduct, gravity of bearing, agreeableness in comportment, precedence in reaching excellence, preferring bounteousness, refraining from condemnation, bestowing bounty on the undeserving, speaking the truth, though it be painful, making little of the good in my words and deeds, though it be much, and making much of the evil in my words and deeds, though it be little! Perfect this for me through lasting obedience, holding fast to the community, and rejecting the people of innovation and those who act in accordance with original opinions!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, appoint for me Thy widest provision in my old age and Thy strongest strength when I am exhausted, try me not with laziness in worship of Thee, blindness toward Thy path, undertaking what opposes love for Thee, joining with him who has separated himself from Thee, and separating from him who has joined himself to Thee!

O God, make me leap to Thee in times of distress, ask from Thee in needs, and plead to Thee in misery! Tempt me not to seek help from other than Thee when I am distressed, to humble myself in asking from someone else when I am poor, or to plead with someone less than Thee when I fear, for then I would deserve Thy abandonment, Thy withholding, and Thy turning away, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, make the wishing, the doubt, and the envy which Satan throws into my heart a remembrance of Thy mightiness, a reflection upon Thy power, and a devising against Thy enemy! Make everything he causes to pass over my tongue, - the indecent or ugly words, the maligning of good repute, the false witness, the speaking ill of an absent man of faith or the reviling of one present, and all things similar - a speech in praise of Thee, a pursual of eulogizing Thee, an excursion in magnifying Thee, a thanksgiving for Thy favour, an acknowledgement of Thy beneficence, and an enumeration of Thy kindnesses!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, let me not be wronged while Thou canst repel from me, let me not do wrong while Thou art powerful over holding me back, let me not be misguided while Thou art able to guide me, let me not be poor while with Thee is my plenty, let me not be insolent while from Thee comes my wealth!

O God, I come to Thy forgiveness, I go straight to Thy pardon, I yearn for Thy forbearance, and I trust in Thy bounty, but there is nothing with me to make me warrant Thy forgiveness, nothing in my works to make me merit Thy pardon, and nothing on my behalf after I judge my soul but Thy bounty, so bless Muhammad and his Household and bestow Thy bounty upon me!

O God, make my speech be guidance, inspire me with reverential fear, give me success in that which is most pure, and employ me in what is most pleasing to Thee!

O God, let me tread the most exemplary path and make me live and die in Thy creed!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, give me to enjoy moderation, make me into one of the people of right behaviour, the proofs of right conduct, and the servants of righteousness, and provide me with triumph at the place of Return [That is, the return to God, alluded to with verbs from the same root in many Qur'anic verses, such as He originates creation, then He makes it return. The word ma'ad becomes a standard term in Islamic thought for 'eschatology' and discussion of affairs having to do with the next world.] and safety from the Ambush! [Allusion Behold, Gehenna has become an ambush, for the insolent a resort, therein to tarry for ages.... ]

O God, take to Thyself from my soul what will purify it and leave for my soul that of my soul that will set it right, for my soul will perish unless Thou preservest it!

O God, Thou art my stores when I sorrow, Thou art my recourse when I am deprived, from Thee I seek aid when troubled and with Thee is a substitute for everything gone by, a correction for everything corrupted, and a change from everything Thou disapprovest. So show kindness to me with well-being before affliction, wealth before asking, right conduct before misguidance; suffice me against the burden of shame toward the servants, give me security on the Day of Return, and grant me excellent right guidance!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, repel from me through Thy gentleness, feed me through Thy favour, set me right through Thy generosity, heal me through Thy benefaction, shade me in Thy shelter, wrap me in Thy good pleasure, and give me success to reach the most guided of affairs when affairs confuse me, the purest of works when works seem similar, and the most pleasing to Thee of creeds when creeds conflict!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, crown me with sufficiency, place in me excellent guardianship, [Here the word 'guardianship' (wilaya) probably does not have a technical sense, but is employed in a more general sense as in the title to Supplication ] give me to guide correctly, tempt me not with plenty, grant me excellent ease, make not my life toil and trouble, and refuse not my supplication in rejection, for I make none rival to Thee and I supplicate none with Thee as equal!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, hold me back from prodigality, fortify my provision against ruin, increase my possessions through blessing them, and set me upon the path of guidance through piety in what I spend!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, spare me the burden of earning, and provide for me without reckoning, lest I be distracted from Thy worship through seeking and carry the load of earning's ill results!

O God, bestow upon me what I seek through Thy power and grant me sanctuary from what I fear through Thy might!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, save my face through ease, and demean not my dignity through neediness, lest I seek provision from those whom Thou hast provided and asks for bestowal from the worst of Thy creatures! Then I would be tried by praising him who gave to me and afflicted with blaming him who held back from me, while Thou - not they - art patron of giving and holding back.
O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and provide me with soundness in worship, detachment in renunciation, knowledge put into action, and abstinence in measure!

O God, seal my term with Thy pardon, verify my expectation in hoping for Thy mercy, smooth my paths to reach Thy good pleasure, and make my works good in all my states!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, incite me to remember Thee in times of heedlessness, employ me in Thy obedience in days of disregard, open a smooth road for me to Thy love, and complete for me thereby the good of this world and the next!

O God, and bless Muhammad and his Household the best Thou hast blessed any of Thy creatures before him and wilt bless any of them after him, and give to us in this World good, and in the next world good, and protect me through Thy mercy from the chastisement of the Fire! 


Dua 21: Sorrow

His Supplication when Something Made him Sorrow and Offenses Made him Worry


O God,O Sufficer of the isolated and weak and Protector against terrifying affairs! Offenses have isolated me, so there is none to be my companion. I am too weak for Thy wrath and there is none to strengthen me. I have approached the terror of meeting Thee and there is none to still my fear.

Who can make me secure from Thee when Thou hast filled me with terror? Who can come to my aid when Thou hast isolated me? Who can strengthen me when Thou hast weakened me?

None can grant sanctuary to a vassal, my God, but a lord, none can give security to one dominated but a dominator, none can aid him from whom demands are made but a demander.

In Thy hand, my God, is the thread of all that, in Thee the place of escape and flight, so bless Muhammad and his Household, give sanctuary to me in my flight, and grant my request!

O God, if Thou shouldst turn Thy generous face away from me, withhold from me Thy immense bounty, forbid me Thy provision, or cut off from me Thy thread, I will find no way to anything of my hope other than Thee nor be given power over what is with Thee through another's aid, for I am Thy servant and in Thy grasp; my forelock is in Thy hand. [
There is no creature that crawls, but He takes it by the forelock.]

I have no command along with Thy command. 'Accomplished is Thy judgement of me, just Thy decree for me!' [This sentence goes back to a prophetic saying.] I have not the strength to emerge from Thy authority nor am I able to step outside Thy power. I cannot win Thy inclination, arrive at Thy good pleasure, or attain what is with Thee except through obeying Thee and through the bounty of Thy mercy.

O God, I rise in the morning and enter into evening as Thy lowly slave.I own no profit and loss for myself except through Thee. I witness to that over myself and I confess to the frailty of my strength and the paucity of my stratagems. So accomplish what Thou hast promised me and complete for me what Thou hast given me, for I am Thy slave, miserable, abased, frail, distressed, vile, despised, poor, fearful, and seeking sanctuary!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and let me not forget to remember Thee in what Thou hast done for me, be heedless of Thy beneficence in Thy trying me, or despair of Thy response to me, though it keep me waiting, whether I be in prosperity or adversity, hardship or ease, well-being or affliction, misery or comfort, wealth or distress, poverty or riches!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make me laud Thee, extol Thee, and praise Thee in all my states so that I rejoice not over what Thou givest me of this world nor sorrow over that of it which Thou withholdest from me! Impart reverential fear of Thee to my heart, employ my body in that which Thou acceptest from me, and divert my soul through obedience to Thee from all that enters upon me, so that I love nothing that displeases Thee and become displeased at nothing that pleases Thee!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, empty my heart for Thy love, occupy it with remembering Thee, animate it with fear of Thee and quaking before Thee, strengthen it with beseeching Thee, incline it to Thy obedience, set it running in the path most beloved to Thee, and subdue it through desire for what is with Thee all the days of my life!

Let my provision in this world be reverential fear of Thee, [
Allusion  Take provision, but the best provision is reverent fear.]my journey be toward Thy mercy, and my entrance be into Thy good pleasure! Appoint for me a lodging in Thy Garden, give me strength to bear everything that pleases Thee, make me flee to Thee and desire what is with Thee, clothe my heart in estrangement from the evil among Thy creatures, and give me intimacy with Thee, Thy friends, and those who obey Thee!

Assign to no wicked person or unbeliever a kindness toward me or a hand that obliges me, nor to me a need for one of them! Rather make the stillness of my heart, the comfort of my soul, my independence and my sufficiency lie in Thee and the best of Thy creatures!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make me their comrade, make me their helper, and oblige me with yearning for Thee and doing for Thee what Thou lovest and approvest! Thou art powerful over everything
and that is easy for Thee.


Dua 22: Hardship

His Supplication in Hardship, Effort, and Difficult Affairs


O God,Thou hast charged me concerning myself with that which belongs more to Thee than to me.Thy power over it and over me is greater than my power,so give me in myself what will make Thee pleased with me and take for Thyself Thy good pleasure in my self's well-being!

O God, I have no endurance for effort, no patience in affliction, no strength to bear poverty. So forbid me not my provision and entrust me not to Thy creatures, but take care of my need alone and Thyself attend to sufficing me!

Look upon me and look after me in all my affairs,for if Thou entrustest me to myself, I will be incapable before myself and fail to undertake that in which my best interest lies. If Thou entrustest me to Thy creatures, they will frown upon me, and if Thou makest me resort to my kinsfolk, they will refuse to give to me; if they give, they will give little and in bad temper, making me feel long obliged and blaming me much.

So through Thy bounty, O God, free me from need, through Thy mightiness, lift me up, through Thy boundless plenty, open my hand, and with that which is with Thee, suffice me!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, rid me of envy, encircle me against sins, make me abstain from things unlawful, give me not the boldness of disobedient acts, assign me love for that which is with Thee and satisfaction with that which comes to me from Thee, bless me in that which Thou providest me, that which Thou conferrest upon me, and that through which Thou favourest me, and make me in all my states safeguarded, watched, covered, defended, given refuge, and granted sanctuary!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and let me accomplish everything which Thou hast enjoined upon me or made obligatory for me toward Thee, in one of the ways of Thy obedience, or toward one of Thy creatures, though my body be too frail for that, my strength too feeble, my power not able to reach it, and my possessions and what my hand owns not encompass it, and whether I have remembered it or forgotten it.

It, my Lord, is among that which Thou hast counted against me while I have been heedless of it in myself.Let me perform it through Thy plentiful giving and the abundance which is with Thee - for Thou art Boundless, Generous - so that nothing of it may remain against me, lest Thou wouldst wish to settle accounts for it from my good deeds or to compound my evil deeds on the day I meet Thee, my Lord!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and provide me with desire to serve Thee for the sake of my state in the hereafter, such that I know the truthfulness of that [desire] in my heart, be dominated by renunciation while in this world, do good deeds with yearning, and remain secure from evil deeds in fright and fear! And give me a light whereby I may walk among the people, be guided in the shadows, and seek illumination in doubt and uncertainty!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and provide me with fear of the threatened gloom and yearning for the promised reward, such that I may find the pleasure of that for which I supplicate Thee and the sorrow of that from which I seek sanctuary in Thee!

O God, Thou knowest what will set my affairs right in this world and the next, so be ever gracious toward my needs!

O God, bless Muhammad and Muhammad's Household and provide me with what is Thy right when I fall short in thanking Thee for that through which Thou hast favoured me in ease and difficulty, health and sickness, such that I may come to know in myself repose in satisfaction and serenity of soul in that which Thou hast made incumbent upon me in whatever states may occur: fear and security, satisfaction and displeasure, loss and gain!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and provide me with a breast safe from envy, such that I envy none of Thy creatures and in anything of Thy bounty and such that I see none of Thy favours toward any of Thy creatures in religion or this world, well-being or reverential fear, plenty or ease, without hoping for myself better than it through and from Thee alone, who hast no associate!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and provide me in this world and the next with caution against offenses and wariness against slips in the state of satisfaction and wrath, such that I may remain indifferent toward that which enters upon me from the two states, [i.e., unaffected by my own good pleasure or wrath in a given situation] work toward Thy obedience, and prefer it and Thy good pleasure over all else in both friends and enemies. Then my enemy may stay secure from my wrongdoing and injustice and my friend may despair of my inclination and the bent of my affection.

Make me one of those who supplicate Thee with sincerity in ease with the supplication of those who supplicate Thee with sincerity in distress! Verily Thou art Praiseworthy, Glorious.

For Well-Being

Dua 23: For Well-Being

His Supplication when he Asked God for Well-Being and Thanked Him for it


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, clothe me in Thy well-being, wrap me in Thy well-being, fortify me through Thy well-being, honour me with Thy well-being, free me from need through Thy well-being, donate to me Thy well-being, bestow upon me Thy well-being, spread out for me Thy well-being, set Thy well-being right for me, and separate me not from Thy well-being in this world and the next!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and make me well with a well-being sufficient, healing, sublime, growing, a well-being that will give birth to well-being in my body, a well-being in this world and the next!

Oblige me through health, security, and safety in my religion and body, insight in my heart, penetration in my affairs, dread of Thee, fear of Thee, strength for the obedience which Thou hast commanded for me, and avoidance of the disobedience which Thou hast prohibited for me!

O God, oblige me through the hajj, the umra, [That is, the lesser pilgrimage to Mecca, made outside of the season of the hajj.] and visiting the graves of Thy Messenger (Thy blessings, mercy, and benedictions upon him and upon his Household) and the Household of Thy Messenger (upon them be peace) for as long as Thou causest me to live, in this year of mine and in every year, and make that accepted, thanked, and mentioned before Thee and stored away with Thee!

Make my tongue utter Thy praise, Thy thanksgiving, Thy remembrance, and Thy excellent laudation, and expand my heart toward the right goals of Thy religion!

Give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed Satan, the evil of venomous vermin, threatening pests, swarming crowds, and evil eyes, the evil of every rebel satan,the evil of every refractory sovereign, the evil of everyone living in ease and served, the evil of everyone weak or strong, the evil of everyone born high or low, the evil of everyone small or great, the evil of everyone near or far, the evil of everyone, jinn or man, who declares war on Thy Messenger and his Household, and the evil of every crawling creature that Thou hast taken by the forelock! Surely Thou art on a straight path.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and if someone desires ill for me turn him away from me, drive away from me his deception, avert from me his evil, send his trickery back to his own throat,

And place before him a barricade, so that Thou mayest blind his eyes toward me, deafen his ears toward my mention, lock his heart toward recalling me, silence his tongue against me, restrain his head, abase his exaltation, break his arrogance, abase his neck, disjoint his pride, and make me secure from all his injury, his evil, his slander, his backbiting, his faultfinding, his envy, his enmity, his snares, his traps, his foot soldiers, and his cavalry! Surely Thou art Mighty, Powerful!

For his Parents (upon the two of them be peace)

Dua 24: For his Parents (upon the two of them be peace)


O God, bless Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy messenger, and his Household, the pure, and single them out for the best of Thy blessings, Thy mercy, Thy benedictions, and Thy peace!

And single out my parents, O God, for honour with Thee and blessings from Thee, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, teach me through inspiration knowledge of everything incumbent upon me toward them, and gather within me knowledge of all that completely! Then make me act in accordance with what Thou hast inspired me and give me the success to put into practice the knowledge Thou hast shown to me, lest I fail to act according to something Thou hast taught me or my limbs feel too heavy to perform that with which Thou hast inspired me!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, as Thou hast ennobled us through him, and bless Muhammad and his Household, as Thou hast made incumbent upon us rights toward the creatures because of him! [This passage can be read in two ways: In the more general interpretation, the 'us' in 'ennobled us' and 'made incumbent upon us' refers to all Muslims, while in the more specific interpretation, it refers to the Imams. In the first case, the 'rights' are those which all Muslims have in relationship to other Muslims, as explained, for example, in the Imam's 'Treatise on Rights'. In the second case, the rights are those of the Imams in respect to other Muslims. The commentator quotes among others the Prophet's hadith of 'seven rights' (see the introduction to the 'Treatise on Rights') to illustrate the first interpretation. If we read it the second way, then 'the rights of the Imams are obvious, since all the rights which God has made obligatory upon the creatures for the Messenger of God are also obligatory for the Imams. Sufficient proof of this is provided by the Qur'anic verse: Obey God, and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you' (Sayyid '''Alikhan).]

O God, fill me with awe of my parents, the awe one has toward a tyrannical sovereign, and let me be devoted to them, with the devotion of a compassionate mother! Make my obedience and devotion to them more gladdening to my eyes than sleep to the drowsy and more refreshing to my breast than drink to the thirsty, so that I may prefer their inclination to my inclination, set their satisfaction before my satisfaction, make much of their devotion to me though it be little, and make little of my devotion to them though it be great.

O God, lower before them my voice, make agreeable to them my words, make mild before them my temper, make tender toward them my heart, and turn me into their kind companion, their loving friend!

O God, thank them for my upbringing, reward them for honouring me, and guard them as they guarded me in my infancy!

O God, and whatever harm has touched them from me, detested thing has reached them from me, or right of theirs which has been neglected by me, allow it to alleviate their sins, raise them in their degrees, and add to their good deeds! O He who changes evil deeds into manifold good deeds!

O God, whatever word through which they have transgressed against me, act through which they have been immoderate with me, right of mine which they have left neglected, or obligation toward me in which they have fallen short, I grant it to them and bestow it upon them, and I beseech Thee to remove from them its ill consequence, for I do not accuse them concerning myself, find them slow in their devotion toward me, or dislike the way they have attended to my affairs, my Lord!

They have rights against me which are more incumbent, precedence in beneficence toward me that is greater, and kindness toward me that is mightier than that I should settle accounts with justice or repay them with equivalents. Where then, my God, would be their long occupation with bringing me up? Where the hardship of their toil in taking care of me? Where the stinting of themselves to provide me with plenty?

What an idea! I can never discharge their right against me, fulfil my obligations toward them, or accomplish the duty of serving them. So bless Muhammad and his Household and help me, O Best of those whose help we seek! Give me success, O Most Guiding of those whom we beseech! Place me not among the people of disrespect to fathers and mothers on the day when every soul will be repaid for what it has earned, they shall not be wronged.

O God, bless Muhammad, his Household, and his progeny and single out my parents for the best which Thou hast singled out for the fathers and mothers of Thy faithful servants, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, let me not forget to remember them after my ritual prayers, at every time throughout my night, and in each of the hours of my day!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, forgive me through my supplication for my parents, forgive them through their devotion toward me with unfailing forgiveness, be well pleased with them through my intercession for them with resolute good pleasure, and make them reach through Thy generosity the abodes of safety!

O God, if Thy forgiveness reaches them first, make them my intercessors, and if Thy forgiveness reaches me first, make me their intercessors, so that we may gather together through Thy gentleness in the house of Thy generosity and the place of Thy forgiveness and mercy! Verily Thou art Possessor of abounding bounty and ancient kindness, and Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful!

For his Children

Dua 25: For his Children


O God, be kind to me through the survival of my children, setting them right for me, and allowing me to enjoy them!

My God, make long their lives for me, increase their terms, bring up the smallest for me, strengthen the weakest for me, rectify for me their bodies, their religious dedication, and their moral traits, make them well in their souls, their limbs, and everything that concerns me of their affair, and pour out for me and upon my hand their provisions!

Make them pious, fearing, insightful, hearing, and obedient toward Thee, loving and well-disposed toward Thy friends, and stubbornly resistant and full of hate toward all Thy enemies! Amen!

O God, through them strengthen my arm, straighten my burdened back, multiply my number, adorn my presence, keep alive my mention, suffice me when I am away, help me in my needs, and make them loving toward me, affectionate, approaching, upright, obedient, never disobedient, disrespectful, opposed, or offenders!

Help me in their upbringing, their education, and my devotion toward them, give me among them from Thyself male children, make that a good for me, and make them a help for me in that which I ask from Thee!

Give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed Satan, for Thou hast created us, commanded us, and prohibited us, and made us desire the reward of what Thou hast commanded, and fear its punishment! Thou assigned to us an enemy who schemes against us, gave him an authority over us in a way that Thou didst not give us authority over him, allowed him to dwell in our breasts and let him run in our blood vessels; he is not heedless, though we be heedless, he does not forget, though we forget; he makes us feel secure from Thy punishment and fills us with fear toward other than Thee.

If we are about to commit an indecency, he gives us courage to do so, and if we are about to perform a righteous work, he holds us back from it. He opposes us through passions, [One is tempted to translate shahawat as 'lusts', but the Qur'anic context shows that the objects of desire in themselves are not necessarily negative; the Qur'an blames only the fact that man allows himself to be occupied by them in lieu of God. For example, Decked out fair to men is the love of passions - women, children, heaped-up heaps of gold and silver, horses of mark, cattle, and tillage. That is the enjoyment of the present life; but God - with Him is the fairest resort. Arberry translates the term here as 'lusts', Pickthall as 'joys'.] and sets up for us doubts. If he promises us, he lies, and if he raises our hopes, he fails to fulfil them. If Thou dost not turn his trickery away from us, he will misguide us, and if Thou dost not protect us from his corruption, he will cause us to slip.

O God, so defeat his authority over us through Thy authority, such that Thou holdest him back from us through the frequency of our supplication to Thee and we leave his trickery and rise up among those preserved by Thee from sin!

O God, grant me my every request, accomplish for me my needs, withhold not from me Thy response when Thou hast made Thyself accountable for it to me, veil not my supplication from Thyself, when Thou hast commanded me to make and be kind to me through everything that will set me right in this world and the next, in everything that I remember or forget, display or conceal, make public or keep secret!

In all of this, place me through my asking Thee among those who set things right, those who are answered favourably when they request from Thee and from whom is not withheld when they put their trust in Thee,

Those accustomed to seek refuge in Thee, those who profit through commerce with Thee, those granted sanctuary through Thy might, those given lawful provision in plenty from Thy boundless bounty through Thy munificence and generosity, those who reach exaltation after abasement through Thee, those granted sanctuary from wrong through Thy justice, those released from affliction through Thy mercy, those delivered from need after poverty through Thy riches, those preserved from sins, slips, and offenses through reverential fear toward Thee, those successful in goodness, right conduct, and propriety through obeying Thee, those walled off from sins through Thy power, the refrainers from every act of disobedience toward Thee, the dwellers in Thy neighbourhood!

O God, give me all of that through Thy bestowal of success and Thy mercy, grant us refuge from the chastisement of the burning, and give to all the Muslims, male and female, and all the faithful, male and female, the like of what I have asked for myself and my children, in the immediate of this world and the deferred of the next! Verily Thou art the Near, the Responder, the All-hearing, the All-knowing, the Pardoner, the Forgiving, the Clement, the Merciful!

And give to us in this world good, and in the next world good, and protect us from the chastisement of the Fire!

For his Neighbours and Friends

Dua 26: For his Neighbours and Friends

His Supplication for his Neighbours and Friends when he Mentioned them.


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and attend to me with Thy best attending in my neighbours and friends who recognize our right [That is, those who recognize the Imamate of Zayn al-'Abidin and the other Imams. and war against our enemies!

Give [my neighbours and friends] success in performing Thy prescriptions and taking on the beauties of Thy courtesy through acting gently with their weak, remedying their lacks, visiting their sick, guiding their seeker of right guidance, giving good counsel to their seeker of advice, attending to the one among them who returns from travel, hiding their secrets, covering over their shameful things, helping their wronged, sharing kindly with them in goods, turning toward them with wealth and bestowal of bounty, and giving what is due to them before they ask!

Let me, O God, repay their evildoer with good-doing, turn away from their wrongdoer with forbearance. have a good opinion of every one of them, attend to all of them with devotion, lower my eyes before them in continence, make mild my side toward them in humility, be tender toward the afflicted among them in mercy, make them happy in absence through affection, love that they continue to receive favour through good will, grant them what I grant my next of kin, and observe for them what I observe for my special friends!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, provide me the like of that from them, appoint for me the fullest share of what is with them, increase them in insight toward my right and knowledge of my excellence so that they will be fortunate through me and I fortunate through them! Amen, Lord of the worlds!

For the People of the Frontiers

Dua 27: For the People of the Frontiers


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, fortify the frontiers of the Muslims through Thy might, support their defenders through Thy strength, and lavish upon them gifts through Thy wealth!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, increase their number, hone their weapons, guard their territory, defend their midst, unite their throng, arrange their affair, send them supplies in a steady string, undertake Thyself to suffice them with provisions, support them with victory, help them with patience, and give them subtlety in guile! [Sayyid '''Alikhan explains the expression as meaning: 'Give them lutf (gracefulness, gentleness, subtlety) in their makr (guile, stratagem) so that their enemy will not become aware of their guile, for then it will be too subtle and fine to be perceived by the intellect and the understanding; so the meaning is that God should inspire them with careful watchfulness and excellence of artful stratagems.' He suggests that the text may also be interpreted to mean: Be kind and gentle to them in relation to the guile of their enemy, so that his guile will not harm them.]

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, give them the knowledge of that of which they are ignorant, teach them what they do not know, and show them what they do not see!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make them forget when they meet the enemy to remember this cheating and delusive world of theirs, erase from their hearts the thought of enchanting possessions, place the Garden before their eyes, and display to their sight that part of it which Thou hast prepared for them - the homes of everlastingness and mansions of honour, the beautiful houris, the rivers gushing forth with all sorts of drinks, the trees hanging, low with all kinds of fruits - lest any of them think of turning his back or suggest to himself to flee his opponent!

O God, defeat their enemy through that, trim their nails from them, separate them from their weapons, pull out the firm ties from their hearts, keep them far away from their stores, bewilder them in their roads, turn them astray from their direction, cut off reinforcements from them, chop them down in numbers, fill their hearts with terror, hold back their hands from stretching forth, tie back their tongues from speaking, scatter by them the ones behind them make them a lesson for those beyond them, and through their degradation cut off the hopes of those who come after them!

O God, make the wombs of their women barren, dry up the loins of their men, cut off the breeding of their mounts and their cattle, and permit not their sky to rain or their earth to grow!

O God, through that strengthen the prowess [The commentator devotes a long discussion to the word mihal, which occurs in the Qur'anic name of God, shadid al-mihal.] It may signify, among others, cunning, guile, stratagem, planning, managing, power, strength, dispute, enmity, punishment, vengeance, chastisement.] of the People of Islam, fortify their cities, increase their properties, give them ease from their fighting to worship Thee and from their warfare to be alone with Thee, so that none will be worshipped in the regions of the earth but Thee and no forehead of theirs may be rubbed in dust for less than Thee!

O God, send out the Muslims of every region on raids against the idolaters who face them! Reinforce them with angels in ranks from Thee, till the idolaters are routed by them to the end of the land, slain in Thy earth or taken captive, or till they admit that Thou art God, other than whom there is no god, Thou alone, who hast no associate!

O God, include in this Thy enemies in the regions of the lands, the Indians, the Byzantines, the Turks, the Khazars, the Abyssinians, the Nubians, the Zanjis, the Slavs, the Daylamites, and the rest of the idol-worshipping nations, those whose names and attributes are concealed, but whom Thou countest in Thy cognizance and overseest through Thy power!

O God, distract the idolaters from reaching for the borders of the Muslims through the idolaters, bar them from cutting them down through being cut down, and hold them back from massing together against them through dissension!

O God, empty their hearts of security and their bodies of strength, distract their hearts from thinking of stratagems, make their limbs too feeble for clashing with men, make them too cowardly for contending with champions, send against them a troop of Thy angels with some of Thy severity as Thou didst on the Day of Badr, [This victory of a small army of Muslims over a much larger contingent of unbelievers took place in the year. Many accounts are given of how the angels also took part in the fighting, and it is said to be in reference to Badr that God says in the Qur'an, When thy Lord was revealing to the angels: 'I am with you, so strengthen the faithful. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers'] so that through it Thou mayest cut off their roots, harvest their thorns, and disperse their number!

O God, mix their waters with pestilence and their foods with maladies, hurl down their cities, harass them with peltings, hinder them through drought, place their supplies in the most ill-omened part of Thy earth and the farthest from them, bar them from its fortresses, and strike them with constant hunger and painful illness!

O God, if a warrior from the people of Thy creed wars against them or a struggler from the followers of Thy prescriptions struggles against them so that Thy religion may be the highest, Thy party the strongest, and Thy share the fullest, cast ease to him, arrange his affair, attend to him by granting success, select for him his companions, strengthen his back, lavish upon him livelihood, give him enjoyment of joyous vitality, cool for him the heat of yearning, give him sanctuary from the gloom of loneliness, make him forget the remembrance of wife and child,

Pass along to him an excellent intention, attend to him with well-being, make safety his companion, release him from cowardice, inspire him with boldness, provide him with strength, support him with help, teach him right conduct and the norms of the Sunna, point him straight in judgement, remove from him hypocrisy, purify him from seeking fame, and make his thinking and remembrance, his departing and his staying, be in Thee and for Thee!

When he stands in ranks before Thy enemy and his enemy, make them few in his eye, diminish their importance in his heart, give him a turn to prevail over them, not them a turn to prevail over him! But if Thou sealest him with felicity and decreest for him martyrdom, then let it be after he has exterminated Thy enemies by slaying, captivity has afflicted them, the borders of the Muslims are secure, and Thy enemy has turned his back in flight!

O God, and if a Muslim should take the place of a warrior or a soldier in his home, attend to those left behind in his absence, help him with a portion of his property, assist him with equipment, hone him for the struggle, send along with him a supplication for his purpose, or guard his honour in his absence, reward him with the like of his reward measure for measure, like for like, and recompense him for his act with an immediate compensation through which he will hasten to the profit of what he has sent forth and the joy of what he has given, till the present moment takes him to the bounty Thou hast granted to him and the generosity Thou hast prepared for him!

O God, and if the affair of Islam should worry a Muslim and the alliance of the idolaters' against Islam should grieve him, so that he has the intention to go to war and is about to enter the struggle, but frailty keeps him seated, neediness keeps him waiting, a mishap delays him, or an obstruction prevents him from his wish, write his name among the worshipers, make incumbent for him the reward of the strugglers, and place him among the ranks of the martyrs and the righteous!

O God, bless Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy messenger, and the Household of Muhammad, with a blessing high above all other blessings, towering beyond all other salutations, a blessing whose end is never reached and whose number is never cut off, like the most perfect of Thy blessings that has passed to any one of Thy friends! Thou art All-kind, Praiseworthy, the Originator who takes back again, Accomplisher of what Thou desirest.

Fleeing to God

Dua 28: Fleeing to God


O God, I showed sincerity by cutting myself off from everything but Thee.

I approached Thee with my whole self.

I averted my face from everyone who needs Thy support.

I ceased to ask from any who cannot do without Thy bounty.

I saw that the needy who seeks from the needy is foolish in his opinion, and misguided in his intellect.

How many people have I seen, my God, who sought exaltation through other than Thee and were abased, who wanted wealth from someone else and became poor, who tried to rise high and fell down low!

Observing the likes of them corrects a prudent man; his taking heed gives him success; his choosing the best guides him to the path of right.

So Thou, my Master, art the object of my asking to the exclusion of all those who are asked and the patron of my need to the exclusion of all those from whom requests are made.

Thou art singled out for my call before all who are called; none is associated with Thee in my hope, none comes along with Thee in my supplication, nor does any join with Thee within it, for to Thee is my appeal.

To Thee, my God, belongs the Unity of number, the property of eternal power, the excellence of force and strength, the degree of sublimity and elevation.

Everyone other than Thee is the object of compassion in his lifetime, overcome in his affair, overwhelmed in his situation, diverse in states, constantly changing in attributes.

So Thou art high exalted above likenesses and opposites, proudly magnified beyond similitudes and rivals! Glory be to Thee! There is no God but Thou.

When his Provision was Stinted

Dua 29: When his Provision was Stinted


O God, Thou hast tried us with distrust in our provisions and the expectation of long lives, until we begged for provisions from those who are provided and craved in our expectations the life-spans of the long-lived!

So bless Muhammad and his Household, give us a true certainty that will suffice us the burden of seeking, and inspire us with a sincere trust that will release us from the hardship of exertion!

Let Thy clear promise in Thy Revelation which Thou hast followed in Thy Book with Thy oath cut off our worry about the provision for which Thou hast made Thyself responsible and sever our occupation with everything whose sufficiency Thou hast guaranteed!

For Thou hast said - and Thy word is the most truthful truth - and Thou hast sworn - and Thy oath is the most kept and fulfilled - In the heaven are your provision and everything you are promised!

And then Thou hast said, So by the Lord of heaven and earth, it is as surely true as that you have speech! 

For Help in Repaying Debts

Dua 30: For Help in Repaying Debts


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and release me from a debt which makes me lose face, confuses my mind, disrupts my thinking, and prolongs my occupation with attending to it!

I seek refuge in Thee, my Lord, from worry and thought about debt, from the distraction and sleeplessness of debt; so bless Muhammad and his Household and give me refuge from it! I seek sanctuary in Thee, my Lord, from debt's abasement in life and its ill effects after death, so bless Muhammad and his Household and give me sanctuary from it through a bountiful plenty or a continually arriving sufficiency!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household prevent me from extravagance and excess, put me on the course of generous spending and moderation, teach me excellent distribution, hold me back through Thy gentleness from squandering, allow me to attain my provisions through lawful means, direct my spending toward the gateways of devotion, and take away from me any possession which will bring forth pride in me, lead to insolence, or drag me in its heels to rebellion!

O God, make me love the companionship of the poor and help me be their companion with excellent patience!

Whenever Thou takest away from me the goods of this perishing world, store them for me in Thy abiding treasuries!

Make this world's broken pieces which Thou hast conferred upon me and its goods which Thou hast quickly granted to me a way to reach Thy neighbourhood, a link to Thy nearness, and a means to Thy Garden! Verily Thou art Possessor of bounty abounding, and Thou art the Munificent, the Generous.


Dua 31: Repentance

His Supplication in Mentioning and Asking for Repentance


O God, O He whom the depiction of the describers fails to describe!

O He beyond whom passes not the hope of the hopers!

O He with whom is not lost the wage of the good-doers!

O He who is the ultimate object of the fear of the worshipers!

O He who is the utmost limit of the dread of the godfearing!

This is the station of him whom sins have passed from hand to hand. Offenses' reins have led him on, and Satan has gained mastery over him. He fell short of what Thou hast commanded through neglect and he pursued what Thou hast prohibited in delusion,

Like one ignorant of Thy power over him or one who denies the bounty of Thy beneficence toward him, until, when the eye of guidance was opened for him and the clouds of blindness were dispelled, he reckoned that through which he had wronged himself and reflected upon that in which he had opposed his Lord. He saw his vast disobedience as vast and his great opposition as great.

So turned to Thee, hoping in Thee and ashamed before Thee, and he directed his beseeching toward Thee, having trust in Thee. He repaired to Thee in his longing with certitude and he went straight to Thee in fear with sincerity. His longing was devoid of every object of longing but Thee, and his fright departed from every object of fear but Thee.

So he stood before Thee pleading, his eyes turned toward the ground in humbleness, his head bowed before Thy might in lowliness; he revealed to Thee in meekness those secrets of his which Thou knowest better than he; he numbered for Thee in humility those sins of his which Thou countest better than he; he sought help from Thee before the dreadful into which he has fallen in Thy knowledge and the ugly which has disgraced him in Thy judgement: the sins whose pleasures have turned their backs and gone and whose evil consequences have stayed and stuck fast.

He will not deny Thy justice, my God, if Thou punishest him, nor will he consider Thy pardon great if Thou pardonest him and hast mercy upon him, for Thou art the Generous Lord for whom the forgiveness of great sins is nothing great!

O God, so here I am: I have come to Thee obeying Thy command (for Thou hast commanded supplication) and asking the fulfilment of Thy promise, (for Thou hast promised to respond) Thou hast said, Supplicate Me and I will respond to you.

O God, so bless Muhammad and his Household, meet me with Thy forgiveness just as I have met Thee with my confession, lift me up from the fatal infirmities of sins just as I have let myself down before Thee, and cover me with Thy covering just as Thou hast shown no haste to take vengeance on me!

O God, make firm my intention to obey Thee, strengthen my insight in worshipping Thee, give me the success of works which will wash away the defilement of offenses, and take me when Thou takest me in the creed of Thy prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace).

O God, I repent to Thee in this my station from my sins, great and small, my evil deeds, inward and outward, my lapses, past and recent, with the repentance of one who does not tell himself that he might disobey or secretly think that he might return to an offense.

Thou hast said, my God, in the firm text of Thy Book, that Thou acceptest repentance from Thy servants,
pardonest evil deeds, and lovest the repenters, so accept my repentance as Thou hast promised, pardon my evil deeds as thou hast guaranteed and make obligatory toward me Thy love as Thou hast stipulated!

To Thee, my Lord, belongs my stipulation that I will not return to what is disliked by Thee, my guarantee that I will not go back to what Thou blamest, and my covenant that I will stay away from acts of disobedience to Thee.

O God, Thou knowest better what I have done, so forgive me what Thou knowest and turn me through Thy power to what Thou lovest!

O God, counted against me are claims that stay in my memory and claims that I have forgotten, while all of them remain in Thy eye that does not sleep and Thy knowledge that does not forget! So compensate their owners, lighten their load upon me, lift up their weight from me, and preserve me from approaching their like!

O God, but I can not be faithful to my repentance without Thy preservation, nor can I refrain from offenses without Thy strength. So strengthen me with a sufficient strength and attend to me with a defending preservation!

O God, if any servant repents to Thee, while in Thy knowledge of the Unseen he will break his repentance and return to his sin and offense, I seek refuge in Thee lest I be like that! So make this my repentance a repentance after which I will need no repentance and a repentance which will obligate the erasing of what has gone by and safety in what remains!

O God, I ask pardon from Thee for my ignorance, and I ask Thee to disregard my evil acts! So join me to the shelter of Thy mercy through graciousness and cover me with the covering of Thy well-being through bounteousness!

O God, I repent to Thee from everything opposed to Thy will or far from Thy love - the thoughts of my heart, the glances of my eye, the tales of my tongue - with a repentance through which each bodily part will by itself stay safe from ill consequences with Thee and remain secure from Thy painful penalties feared by transgressors!

O God, so have mercy on my being alone before Thee, the pounding of my heart in dread of Thee, the trembling of my limbs in awe of Thee! My sins, my God, have stood me in the station of degradation in Thy courtyard. If I remain silent, none will speak for me; if I seek an intercessor, I am not worthy for intercession.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make Thy generosity intercede for my offenses, follow up my evil deeds with Thy pardon, repay me not with the punishment that is my proper repayment, spread over me Thy graciousness, wrap me in Thy covering, and do with me what is done by a mighty man, when a lowly slave pleads to him and he shows him mercy, or a rich man, when a poor slave submits himself and he raises him to wealth!

O God, I have no protector against Thee, so let Thy might be my protector! I have no intercessor with Thee, so let Thy bounty be my intercessor! My offenses have set me quaking, so let Thy pardon give me security!

Not all that I have said rises up from my ignorance of my evil footsteps or forgetfulness of my blameworthy acts in the past, but in order that Thy heaven and those within it and Thy earth and those upon it may hear the remorse which I have professed to Thee and the repentance through which I have sought asylum with Thee.

Then perhaps one of them, through Thy mercy, may show mercy upon my evil situation or be seized by tenderness for my evil state. There may come from him for my sake a supplication to which Thou givest ear more than to my supplication or an intercession surer with Thee than my intercession through which I may be delivered from Thy wrath and attain to Thy good pleasure!

O God, if remorse is a repentance toward Thee, Allusion to the well-known prophetic saying: 'Remorse is a repentance' then I am the most remorseful of the remorseful! If refraining from disobedience is a turning back to Thee, then I am the first of those who turn back! If praying for forgiveness alleviates sins, surely I am one of those who pray for Thy forgiveness!

O God, as Thou hast commanded repentance and guaranteed acceptance, as Thou hast urged supplication, and promised to respond, so also bless Muhammad and his Household, accept my repentance, and return me not to the returning place of disappointment in Thy mercy! Surely Thou art Ever-turning toward the sinners, All-compassionate toward the offenders who turn back!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household just as Thou hast guided us by him! Bless Muhammad and his Household just as Thou hast rescued us through him! [There is probably an allusion here to You were upon the brink of a pit of Fire, and He rescued you from it.] Bless Muhammad and his Household, with a blessing that will intercede for us on the Day of Resurrection, the day of neediness toward Thee! Thou art powerful over everything and that is easy for Thee!

The Night Prayer

Dua 32: The Night Prayer

His Supplication for himself in Confessing Sins after Finishing the Night Prayer


O God, O Possessor of kingdom perpetual in everlastingness,

Authority invincible without armies or helpers,

Might abiding through aeons past, years gone by, times and days elapsed!

Thy authority is mighty with a might that knows no bound by being first nor utmost end by being last!

Thy kingdom towers high with a towering before which all things fall down without reaching its term;

The least of it which Thou hast kept to Thyself is not reached by the furthest description of the describers!

Attributes go astray in Thee, descriptions fall apart below Thee, the subtlest of imaginations are bewildered by Thy magnificence!

So art Thou: God, the First in Thy firstness, and so art Thou everlastingly. Thou dost not pass away.

But I am the slave, feeble in works, immense in hopes. The tying links are outside my hand, except what is tied by Thy mercy; the bonds of hopes have been cut away from me, except the pardon to which I hold fast.

Little on my part is the obedience toward Thee upon which I count, and great against me the disobedience toward Thee to which I have reverted. But pardoning Thy slave will not constrain Thee, even if he be bad, so pardon me!

O God, Thy knowledge watches over hidden works, every covered thing is exposed before Thy awareness, the intricacies of things are not concealed from Thee, and unseen mysteries slip not away from Thee.

But over me Thy enemy has gained mastery: He asked a delay from Thee to lead me astray, and Thou gavest him the delay! He asked a respite from Thee until the Day of Doom to misguide me, and Thou gavest him the respite! [Reference to the Qur'anic account of Iblis, in which Iblis asks from God and is given permission to try to lead His servants astray until the Day of Resurrection.]

So he threw me down, though I had fled to Thee from small, ruinous sins and great, deadly works, until, when I had yielded to disobeying Thee and merited Thy anger through my bad efforts, he turned the bridle of his treachery away from me, met me with the word of his ingratitude, undertook to be quit of me, [Like Satan, when he said to man, 'Disbelieve!' Then, when he disbelieved, he said: 'Surely I am quit of you. Surely I fear God, the Lord of the worlds.' ] turned his back to flee from me, threw me to the desert of Thy wrath alone, and sent me as an outcast into the courtyard of Thy vengeance.

There is no intercessor to intercede for me with Thee, no protector to make me feel secure against Thee, no fortress to veil me from Thee, no shelter in which to seek asylum apart from Thee!

This is the station of him who takes refuge with Thee, the place of the confessor to Thee: Let not Thy bounty be too narrow for me, let not Thy pardon fall short of me! Let me not be the most disappointed of Thy repentant servants, nor the most despairing of those who come to Thee with expectations! Forgive me, surely Thou art the best of the forgivers!

O God, Thou commanded me, and I refrained, Thou prohibited me, and I committed. evil thoughts tempted me to offend, and I was negligent.

I cannot call upon daytime to witness my fasting, nor can I seek sanctuary in night because of my vigil; no Sunna praises me for keeping it alive, only Thy obligations, he who neglects which has perished.

I cannot seek access to Thee through the excellence of a supererogatory work, given the many duties of Thy obligations of which I have been heedless and the stations of Thy bounds which I have transgressed, thereby violating sacred things and committing great sins, though Thou hast given me safety from their disgraces as a covering.

This is the station of him who is ashamed of himself before Thee, angry with himself, and satisfied with Thee. He meets Thee with a humble soul, a neck bent down, a back heavy with offenses, hesitating between longing for Thee and fear of Thee.

Thou art the most worthy of those in whom he might hope, the most deserving for him to dread and fear. So give me, my Lord, what I hope for, make me secure against what frightens me, and act kindly toward me with the kindly act of mercy! Surely Thou art the most generous of those from whom are asked!

O God, since Thou hast covered me with Thy pardon and shielded me with Thy bounty in the abode of annihilation and the presence of equals, grant me sanctuary from the disgraces of the Abode of Subsistence at the standing places of the Witnesses (the angels brought nigh, the messengers honoured, the martyrs, the righteous) before the neighbour from whom I have hidden my evil deeds and the womb relative before whom I feel ashamed in my secret thoughts!

I trust them not, my Lord, to cover me over, but I trust Thee, my Lord, to forgive me! Thou art the most worthy of those in whom confidence is had, the most giving of those who are besought, and the most clement of those from whom mercy is asked. So have mercy upon me!

O God, Thou caused me to descend as mean water from loins of narrow bones and tight passages into a constricted womb which Thou hadst covered with veils; [ He originated the creation of man out of clay, then He fashioned his progeny of an extraction of mean water, then He shaped him and breathed His spirit into him.] Thou turned me about from state to state until Thou tookest me to the completion of the form and fixed within me the bodily parts, as Thou hast described in Thy Book: a drop, then a clot, then a tissue, then bones, then Thou garmented the bones with flesh, then Thou produced me as another creature as Thou willed. [Reference to a number of Qur'anic passages, especially We created man of an extraction of clay, then We set him, a drop, in a receptacle secure, then We created of the drop a clot, then We created of the clot a tissue, then We created of the tissue bones, then We garmented the bones with flesh; thereafter We produced him as another creature.]

Then, when I needed Thy provision,and could not do without the aid of Thy bounty, Thou appointed for me a nourishment from the bounty of the food and drink which Thou bestowed upon Thy handmaid in whose belly Thou gavest me to rest and in the lodging of whose womb Thou deposited me.

Hadst Thou entrusted me in those states, my Lord, to my own force or driven me to have recourse to my own strength, force would have been removed from me and strength taken far away.

So Thou hast fed me through Thy bounty with the food of the Good, the Gentle; Thou hast done that for me in graciousness toward me up to this my present point.
I do not lack Thy goodness, nor does Thy benefaction keep me waiting.
Yet with all that, my trust has not become firm enough that I might free myself for that which is more favoured by Thee.

Satan has taken possession of my reins through my distrust and frail certainty.
I complain of his evil neighbourhood with me and my soul's obedience toward him!
I ask Thee to preserve me against his domination, and I plead with Thee to turn his trickery away from me!

I ask Thee to make the path to my provision easy, since to Thee belongs praise for Thy beginning with immense favours and Thy inspiring gratitude for beneficence and bestowing favour! Bless Muhammad and his Household, and make the way to my provision easy for me! [I ask Thee] to make me content with Thy ordainment for me, to make me satisfied with my lot in that which Thou hast apportioned for me and to place what has gone of my body and my life-span into the path of Thy obedience! [As the commentators point out, this 'placing' is connected to the Qur'anic doctrine of the transformation of evil deeds into good deeds, e.g.: Whosoever does that shall meet the price of sin... save him who repents, has faith, and does righteous works - those, God will change their evil deeds into good deeds.] Surely Thou art the Best of providers!

O God, I seek refuge in Thee from the Fire through which Thou art harsh toward him who disobeys Thee and by which Thou hast threatened him who turns away from Thy good pleasure; from the Fire whose light is darkness, whose ease is pain, and whose far is near; from the Fire parts of which devour parts and parts of which leap upon parts;

From the Fire which leaves bones decayed and lets its people drink boiling water; from the Fire which 'does not spare him who pleads to it,' [This is part of a hadith; cf. Lane, Arabic-English Lexicon, s.v. ibqa'.] has no mercy on him who seeks sympathy from it, and has no power to relieve him who humbles himself before it and yields himself to it; it meets its inhabitants with the hottest that it possesses: painful punishment and intense noxiousness.

I seek refuge in Thee from its gaping-jawed scorpions, its scraping-toothed serpents, and its drinks, which tear apart the intestines and hearts of its inhabitants and root out their marrows. I ask guidance from Thee to that which will keep far from it and make it retreat!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, grant me sanctuary from it through the bounty of Thy mercy, release me from my stumbles through Thy good releasing, and abandon me not, O Best of the sanctuary-granters!

O God, Thou protectest from the disliked, givest the good, dost what Thou wilt, and Thou art powerful over everything.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household when the pious are mentioned and bless Muhammad and his Household as long as night and day come and go with a blessing whose replenishment is never cut off and whose number cannot be counted, a blessing that will fill up the air and crowd the earth and the heaven!

God bless him until he is well pleased and God bless him and his Household after good pleasure with a blessing that has neither bound nor utmost limit! O Most Merciful of the merciful!

Asking for the Best

Dua 33: Asking for the Best


O God, I ask from Thee the best in Thy knowledge, so bless Muhammad and his Household and decree for me the best!

Inspire us with knowledge to chose the best and make that a means to being pleased with what Thou hast decreed for us and submitting to what Thou hast decided! Banish from us the doubt of misgiving and confirm us with the certainty of the sincere!

Visit us not with incapacity to know what Thou hast chosen, lest we despise Thy measuring out, dislike the place of Thy good pleasure, and incline toward that which is further from good outcome and nearer to the opposite of well-being!

Make us love what we dislike in Thy decree and make easy for us what we find difficult in Thy decision!

Inspire us to yield to that which Thou bringest upon us by Thy will, lest we love the delay of what Thou hast hastened and the hastening of what Thou hast delayed, dislike what Thou lovest, and choose what Thou dislikest!

Seal us with that which is most praised in outcome and most generous in issue! Surely Thou givest generous gain, bestowest the immense, dost what Thou wilt, and Thou art powerful over everything. 

When Afflicted

Dua 34: When Afflicted

His Supplication when he was Afflicted or saw Someone Afflicted with the Disgrace of Sin


O God, to Thee belongs praise for Thy covering over after Thy knowledge and Thy pardon after Thy awareness! Each of us has committed faults, but Thou hast not made him notorious, done indecencies, but Thou hast not disgraced him, and covered over evil deeds, but Thou hast not pointed to him.

How many are Thy prohibited acts which we have performed, Thy commandments of which Thou hast told us which we have transgressed, the evil deeds which we have earned, the offenses which we have committed! Thou seest them to the exclusion of all observers; Thou hast the power to make them public above all the powerful! By giving us safety Thou hast veiled their eyes and stoppled their ears.

So make the shameful things Thou hast covered over and the inward reality Thou hast concealed our admonisher, a restrainer upon bad character traits and committing offenses, and a striving toward the repentance that erases [sins] and the praiseworthy path!

Bring the time of striving near and visit us not with heedlessness of Thee! Surely we are Thy beseechers, the repenters of sins.

And bless Thy chosen, O God, from Thy creation, Muhammad and his descendants, the friends selected from among Thy creatures, the pure, and make us listeners to them and obeyers, as Thou hast commanded! [
O you who have faith, obey God, and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you! ]

Satisfaction with the Decree

Dua 35: Satisfaction with the Decree

His Supplication in Satisfaction when he Looked upon the Companions of this World


Praise belongs to God in satisfaction with God's decision! I bear witness that God has apportioned the livelihoods of His servants with justice and undertaken bounty for all His creatures.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, tempt me not with what Thou hast given to Thy creatures and tempt them not with what Thou hast withheld from me. Lest I envy Thy creatures and despise Thy decision!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, delight my soul through Thy decree, expand my breast through the instances of Thy decision, give to me a trust through which I may admit that Thy decree runs only to the best, and let my gratitude to Thee for what Thou hast taken away from me be more abundant than my gratitude to Thee for what Thou hast conferred upon me!

Preserve me from imagining any meanness in someone who is destitute or imagining any superiority in someone who possesses wealth, for the noble is he whom obedience to Thee has ennobled and the exalted is he whom worship of Thee has exalted!

So bless Muhammad and his Household, give us to enjoy a wealth which does not run out, confirm us with an exaltation which will never be lost, and let us roam freely in the kingdom of everlastingness! Surely Thou art the One, the Unique, the Eternal Refuge; Thou hast not begotten, nor hast Thou been begotten, and equal to Thee is not any one! 

Upon Hearing Thunder

Dua 36: Upon Hearing Thunder

His Supplication when he Looked upon Clouds and Lightening and Heard the Sound of Thunder


O God, these are two of Thy signs and these are two of Thy helpers. They rush to obey Thee with beneficial mercy or injurious vengeance, so rain not down upon us from them the evil rain and clothe us not through them in the garment of affliction!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, send down upon us the benefit of these clouds and their blessing, turn away from us their harm and their injury, strike us not through them with blight, and loose not upon our livelihoods any bane!

O God, if Thou hast incited them as vengeance and loosed them in anger, we seek sanctuary with Thee from Thy wrath and implore Thee in asking Thy pardon! So incline with wrath toward the idolaters and set the millstone of Thy vengeance turning upon the heretics! [
Literally, those who 'deviate' from the right way.]

O God, take away the barrenness of our lands with Thy watering, dislodge the malice from our breasts with Thy providing, distract us not from Thee through other than Thee, and cut none of us off from the stuff of Thy goodness, for the rich is he to whom Thou hast given riches, and the safe he whom Thou hast protected!

No one has any defense against Thee, nor any means to bar Thy penalty. Thou decidest what Thou wilt for whom Thou wilt and Thou decreest what Thou desirest for any whom Thou desirest!

So to Thee belongs praise for protecting us from affliction and to Thee belongs thanks for conferring upon us blessings, a praise which will leave behind the praise of the praisers, a praise which will fill the earth and the heaven!

Surely Thou art the All-kind through immense kindnesses, the Giver of abounding favours, the Accepter of small praise, the Grateful for little gratitude, the Beneficent, the Benevolent, Possessor of graciousness! There is no god but Thou; unto Thee is the homecoming.

Giving Thanks

Dua 37: Giving Thanks

His Supplication when Confessing his Shortcomings in Giving Thanks


O God, no one reaches a limit in thanking Thee without acquiring that of Thy beneficence which enjoins upon him thanksgiving,

Nor does anyone reach a degree in obeying Thee, even if he strives, without falling short of what Thou deservest because of Thy bounty.

The most thankful of Thy servants has not the capacity to thank Thee, and the most worshipful of them falls short of obeying Thee.

To none of them is due Thy forgiveness through what he himself deserves or Thy good pleasure for his own merit.

When Thou forgivest someone, it is through Thy graciousness, and when Thou art pleased with someone, it is through Thy bounty.

Thou showest gratitude for the paltry for which Thou showest gratitude [
The commentator suggests that the expression shakartahu, 'for which Thou showest gratitude', which is found in most texts, means qabaltahu, 'which Thou acceptest'. He adds that another ancient text has shukir bihi, 'for which Thou art thanked', and that this is clearer and more appropriate in the context. Cf. the similar passages.] and Thou rewardest the small act in which Thou art obeyed, so that it seems as if Thy servants' thanksgiving for which Thou hast made incumbent their reward and made great their repayment is an affair from which they could have held back without Thee, and hence Thou wilt recompense them, and whose cause is not in Thy hand, and hence Thou wilt repay them.

Nay, my God, Thou hadst power over their affair before they had power to worship Thee, and Thou hadst prepared their reward before they began to obey Thee; and that because Thy wont is bestowal of bounty, Thy custom beneficence, Thy way pardon.

So all creatures confess that Thou wrongest not him whom Thou punishest and bear witness that Thou bestowest bounty upon him whom Thou pardonest. Each admits that he has fallen short of what Thou meritest.

Had Satan not misled them from Thy obedience, no disobeyer would have disobeyed Thee, and had he not shown falsehood to them in the likeness of truth no strayer would have gone astray from Thy path.

So glory be to Thee! How manifest is Thy generosity in dealing with him who obeys or disobeys Thee! Thou showest gratitude to the obedient for that which Thou undertakest for him, and Thou grantest a respite to the disobedient in that within which Thou art able to hurry him.

Thou givest to each of them that which is not his due, and Thou bestowest bounty upon each in that wherein his works fall short.

Wert Thou to counterbalance for the obedient servant that which Thou Thyself hadst undertaken, he would be on the point of losing Thy reward and seeing the end of Thy favour, but through Thy generosity Thou hast repaid him for a short, perishing term with a long, everlasting term, and for a near, vanishing limit with an extended, abiding limit.

Then Thou dost not visit him with a settling of accounts for Thy provision through which he gained strength to obey Thee, nor dost Thou force him to make reckonings for the organs he employed to find the means to Thy forgiveness. Wert Thou to do that to him, it would take away everything for which he had laboured and all wherein he had exerted himself as repayment for the smallest of Thy benefits and kindnesses, and he would remain hostage before Thee for Thy other favours. So how can he deserve something of Thy reward? Indeed, how?

This, my God, is the state of him who obeys Thee and the path of him who worships Thee. But as for him who disobeys Thy command and goes against Thy prohibition, Thou dost not hurry him to Thy vengeance, so that he may seek to replace his state in disobeying Thee with the state of turning back to obey Thee, though he deserved from the time he set out to disobey Thee every punishment which Thou hast prepared for all Thy creatures.

Through each chastisement which Thou hast kept back from him and each penalty of Thy vengeance and Thy punishment which Thou hast delayed from him, Thou hast refrained from Thy right and shown good pleasure in place of what Thou hast made obligatory.

So who is more generous, my God, than Thou? And who is more wretched than he who perishes in spite of Thee? Indeed, who? Thou art too blessed to be described by any but beneficence and too generous for any but justice to be feared from Thee! There is no dread that Thou wilt be unjust toward him who disobeys Thee, nor any fear of Thy neglecting to reward him who satisfies Thee. [
The commentator suggests that the expression shakartahu, 'for which Thou showest gratitude', which is found in most texts, means qabaltahu, 'which Thou acceptest'. He adds that another ancient text has shukir bihi, 'for which Thou art thanked', and that this is clearer and more appropriate in the context. Cf. the similar passages.] So bless Muhammad and his Household, give me my hope, and increase me in that of Thy guidance through which I may be successful in my works! Surely Thou art All-kind, Generous.

Asking Pardon

Dua 38: Asking Pardon

His Supplication in Asking Pardon for Misdeeds to God's Servants and for Falling Short in their Rights and that his Neck be Set Free from the Fire


O God, I ask pardon from Thee for the person wronged in my presence whom I did not help, the favour conferred upon me for which I returned no thanks, the evildoer who asked pardon from me and whom I did not pardon, the needy person who asked from me and whom I preferred not over myself, the right of a believer who possesses a right incumbent upon me which I did not fulfil, the fault of a believer which became evident to me and which I did not conceal, and every sin which presented itself to me and which I failed to avoid.

I ask pardon, my God, for all of these and their likes, with an asking of pardon in remorse which may act as an admonisher against similar things ahead of me.

So bless Muhammad and his Household and make my remorse for the slips into which I have fallen and my determination to refrain from the evil deeds which present themselves to me a repentance which will make Thy love for me obligatory O lover of those who repent! [Allusion to Truly God loves those who repent.]

Seeking Pardon and Mercy

Dua 39: Seeking Pardon and Mercy


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, break my passion for every unlawful thing, take away my craving for any sin, and bar me from harming any believer, male or female, and any Muslim, male or female!

O God, if any of Thy servants should harm me in what Thou hast forbidden or violate me in what Thou hast interdicted, and if he should pass into death with my complaint or I come to have a complaint against him while he is alive, forgive him what he did to me and pardon him that through which he turned his back on me! Inquire not from him about what he committed toward me and expose him not through what he earned by me! Make my open-handedness in pardoning such servants and my contribution in charity toward them the purest charity of the charitable and the highest gift of those seeking nearness to Thee!

Recompense me for my pardoning them with Thy pardon and for my supplicating for them with Thy mercy so that each one of us may gain felicity through Thy bounty and each may attain deliverance through Thy kindness!

O God, if there is a servant from among Thy servants whom an ill visits on my account, a harm touches from my direction, or a wrong overtakes through me or because of me, and should I fail to take care of his right or go before him [in death] with his complaint, bless Muhammad and his Household, satisfy him toward me through Thy wealth, and give him his full right from Thyself!

Then protect me from what Thy decision mandates and save me from what Thy justice decides, for my strength cannot bear Thy vengeance and my obedience cannot stand up to Thy displeasure! If Thou recompensest me with the right, Thou wilt destroy me, and if Thou dost not shield me in Thy mercy, Thou wilt lay me waste.

O God, I ask Thee to grant, my God, that whose giving will not decrease Thee, and I ask Thee to carry that whose carrying will not weigh Thee down:

My God, I ask Thee to give my soul, which Thou didst not create to keep Thyself from evil nor to find the way to profit. No, Thou brought it forth to demonstrate Thy power over its like and to provide an argument against its similar.

I ask Thee to carry those of my sins whose carrying weighs me down and I seek help from Thee in that whose heaviness oppresses me.

So bless Muhammad and his Household, give to me my soul in spite of its wrongdoing, [The Persian translators read this as meaning, 'pardon me (mara bibakhsh) in spite of my wrongdoing against myself', and Mohani's English translation agrees:] and appoint Thy mercy to carry my burden! How many evildoers Thy mercy has overtaken! How many wrongdoers Thy pardon has embraced!

So bless Muhammad and his Household and make me the model of him whom Thou hast aroused through Thy forbearance from the deadly infirmities of the Senders and saved through Thy giving success from the tangled plights of the sinners, so that I may rise up freed by Thy pardon from the bonds of Thy displeasure and released by Thy benefaction from the ties of Thy justice!

Surely if Thou dost that, my God, Thou wilt do it to one who does not deny deserving Thy punishment or acquit himself from merit for Thy vengeance.

Do that, my God, for one whose fear of Thee is greater than his craving from Thee, whose hopelessness of deliverance is firmer than his hope for salvation! Not that his hopelessness is despair, nor that his expectation is deluded. No, rather his good deeds are few among his evil deeds and his arguments are frail in face of everything due from his acts.

But Thou, my God, art worthy that the righteous not be deluded concerning Thee and the sinners not lose hope in Thee, for Thou art the All-mighty Lord who holds back His bounty from none and takes His full right from no one.

High exalted is Thy mention above those mentioned! Holy are Thy names beyond those described! Spread is Thy favour among all creatures! Thine is the praise for that, O Lord of the worlds!

When Death was Mentioned

Dua 40: When Death was Mentioned

When Someone's Death was Announced to him or when He Remembered Death.


O God, Bless Muhammad and his Household, spare us drawn out expectations and cut them short in us through sincerity of works, that we may not hope expectantly for completing an hour after an hour, closing a day after a day, joining a breath to a breath, or overtaking a step with a step!

Keep us safe from the delusions of expectations, make us secure from their evils, set up death before us in display. and let not our remembering of it come and go!

Appoint for us from among the righteous works a work through which we will feel the homecoming to Thee as slow and crave a quick joining with Thee, so that death may be our intimate abode with which we are intimate, our familiar place toward which we yearn, and our next of kin whose coming we love!

When Thou bringest it to us and sendest it down upon us, make us happy with it as a visitor, comfort us with its arrival, make us not wretched through entertaining it, degrade us not through its visit, and appoint it one of the gates to Thy forgiveness and the keys to Thy mercy!

Make us die guided, not astray, obedient, not averse, repentant, not disobedient or persisting, O He who guarantees the repayment of the good-doers and seeks to set right the work of the corrupt!

Asking for Covering and Protection

Dua 41: Asking for Covering and Protection


O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, spread for me the bed of Thy honour, bring me to the wateringholes of Thy mercy, set me down in the midst of Thy Garden, stamp me not with rejection by Thee, deprive me not through disappointment by Thee,

Settle not accounts with me for what I have committed, make no reckoning with me for what I have earned, display not what I have hidden, expose not what I have covered over, weigh not my works on the scales of fairness, and make not my tidings known to the eyes of the crowd!

Conceal from them everything whose unfolding would shame me and roll up before them all which would join me to disgrace with Thee!

Ennoble my degree through Thy good pleasure, perfect my honour through Thy forgiveness, rank me among the companions of the right hand, direct me to the roads of the secure, place me in the throng of the triumphant, and through me let the sessions of the righteous thrive! [Reference to several Qur'anic names for the people of paradise. The Companions of the Right Hand are mentioned in the Triumphant in the Righteous ] Amen, Lord of the worlds!

Completing a Reading of the Qur'an

Dua 42: Completing a Reading of the Qur'an


O God, Thou hast helped me complete Thy Book, which Thou sent down as a light[Allusion We have sent down to you a manifest light.] and appointed as a guardian over every book Thou hast sent down, [Allusion We have sent down to thee the Book with the truth, confirming the Book that was before it, and guarding over it.] preferring it over every narrative which Thou hast recounted, [There are allusions here to several Qur'anic verses.]

A separator, through which Thou hast separated Thy lawful from Thy unlawful, [The Qur'an calls itself a 'separator'.] a Qur'an, through which Thou hast made plain the approaches to Thy ordinances, [Allusion to the title given to itself by the Qur'an: 'the Arabic recitation' To 'make plain' (i'rab) also means to 'express in Arabic'.] a book, which Thou hast distinguished very distinctly for Thy servants, [A book whose signs have been distinguished as an Arabic Qur'an for a people having knowledge.] a revelation, which Thou hast sent down, a sending down, upon Thy prophet Muhammad[Surely We have sent down the Qur'an on thee, a sending down.] (Thy blessings be upon him and his Household).

Thou appointed it a light through following which we may be guided from the shadows of error and ignorance, [A book We have sent down to thee that thou mayest bring forth mankind from the shadows to the light by the leave of their Lord;] a healing for him who turns ear toward hearing it with the understanding of attestation, [For the name 'healing'.] a just balance whose tongue does not incline away from truth, a light of guidance whose proof is not extinguished before the witnesses, [According to Sayyid ''Alikhan, by 'witnesses' the Imam means either those who bear witness to God's Unity and to the prophets, since the Qur'an is their greatest proof, or the Prophet and his Household, who are (according to the Shi'ite interpretation) the witnesses referred to in the verse Thus We appointed you a midmost nation that you might be witnesses to the people, and that the Messenger might be a witness to you.] and a guidepost of deliverance, so that he who repairs straightway to its prescription will not go astray and he who clings to its preservation's handhold will not be touched by the hands of disasters.

O God, since Thou hast given us help to recite it and made smooth the roughness of our tongues through the beauty of its expression, place us among those who observe it as it should be observed, serve Thee by adhering in submission to the firm text of its verses, and seek refuge in admitting both its ambiguous parts and the elucidations of its clear signs!

O God, Thou sent it down upon Thy prophet Muhammad (God bless him and his household) in summary form, Thou inspired him with the science of its wonders to complement it, Thou made us the heirs of its knowledge as interpreters, [Here the prayer's specific reference to the Imam's own situation leads the commentators to suggest altering the text when it is recited. Sayyid ''Alikhan suggests that one should make the following changes: warrathtana -> warrathta awsiya'ahu; faddaltana -> faddaltahum; qawwaytana -> qawwaytahum; tarfa'ana -> tarfa'ahum. The meaning would then be: 'Thou madest his executors the heirs of its knowledge as interpreters, Thou preferred them over him who is ignorant of its knowledge, and Thou gavest them strength to lift them above...'.] Thou made us to surpass him who is ignorant of its knowledge, and Thou gave us strength over it to raise us above those not able to carry it.

O God, just as Thou hast appointed our hearts as its carriers and made known to us through Thy mercy its nobility and excellence, so also bless Muhammad, its preacher, and his Household, its guardians, and place us among those who confess that it has come from Thee, lest doubt about attesting to it assail us, or deviation from its straightforward path shake us!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and make us one of those who hold fast to its cord, seek haven from its ambiguities in its fortified stronghold, rest in the shadow of its wing, find guidance in the brightness of its morning, follow the shining of its disclosure, acquire light from its lamp, and beg not guidance from any other!

O God, just as through it Thou hast set up Muhammad as a guidepost to point to Thee and through his Household Thou hast made clear Thy good pleasure's roads to Thee, so also bless Muhammad and his Household and make the Qur'an our mediation to the noblest stations of Thy honour, a ladder by which we may climb to the place of safety, a cause for our being repaid with deliverance at the Plain of Resurrection, and a means whereby we may reach the bliss of the House of Permanence!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, lessen for us through the Qur'an the weight of heavy sins, give to us the excellent qualities of the pious, and make us follow the tracks of those who stood before Thee in the watches of the night and the ends of the day, [Allusion Proclaim thy Lord's praise.... in the watches of the night, and at the ends of the day.] such that Thou purifiest us from every defilement through its purification and makest us to follow the tracks of those who have taken illumination from its light and whom expectation has not distracted from works, cutting them off through its delusions' deceptions!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and appoint the Qur'an for us an intimate in the shadows of nights and a guardian against the instigations of Satan and confusing thoughts, for our feet an obstruction from passing to acts of disobedience, for our tongues a silencer without blight preventing a plunge into falsehood, for our limbs a restrainer from committing sins, and for the scrutiny of heedfulness rolled up in heedlessness an unroller, such that Thou attachest to our hearts the understanding of the Qur'an's wonders and its restraining similitudes which immovable mountains in all their solidity were too weak to carry! [Allusion If We had sent down the Qur'an upon a mountain, thou wouldst have seen it humbled, split asunder out of the fear of God.]

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and through the Qur'an make permanent the rightness of our outward selves, veil the ideas of confusing thoughts from the soundness of our innermost minds, wash away the dirt of our hearts and the ties of our heavy sins, gather our scattered affairs, quench the thirst of our burning heat in the standing place of the presentation to Thee, and clothe us in the robes of security on the Day of the Greatest Terror at our uprising! [Allusion to two Qur'anic verses: They shall be secure from terror on that day and The Greatest Terror shall not grieve them .]

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and through the Qur'an redress our lack - our destitution in poverty - drive toward us the comforts of life and an abundance of plentiful provisions, turn aside blameworthy character traits and base moral qualities, and preserve us from the pit of unbelief and the motives for hypocrisy, such that the Qur'an may be for us at the resurrection a leader to Thy good pleasure and Thy gardens, for us in this world a protector against Thy displeasure and transgressing Thy bounds and for what is with Thee a witness by its declaring lawful the lawful and its declaring unlawful the unlawful!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and through the Qur'an make easy for our souls at death the distress of the driving, [Allusion to As though they were being driven into death with their eyes open And death's agony comes in truth.... And every soul will come, with it a driver and a witness.] the effort of the moaning, and the succession of the rattling, when souls reach the throats and it is said, 'Where is the enchanter?'; when the angel of death discloses himself to seize them from behind the veils of unseen things, letting loose at them from the bow of destinies the arrows of the terror of lonesome separation, and mixing for them from sudden death a cup poisoned to the taste; and when departure and release for the hereafter come close to us, works become collars around the necks, [every man - We have fastened to him the bird of omen upon his neck.] and the graves become the haven until the appointed time of the Day of Encounter!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make blessed for us the arrival at the house of decay and the drawn out residence between the layers of the earth, appoint the graves, after separation from this world, the best of our waystations, make roomy for us through Thy mercy the narrowness of our tombs, and disgrace us not among those present at the Resurrection through our ruinous sins!

Through the Qur'an have mercy upon the lowliness of our station at the standing place of presentation to Thee, make firm the slips of our feet during the shaking of the bridge across hell on the day of passage over it, illuminate the darkness of our graves before the Uprising, and deliver us from every distress on the Day of Resurrection and from the hardships of terrors on the Day of Disaster!

Whiten our faces on the day when the faces of wrongdoers are blackened  during the Day of Regret and Remorse, appoint love for us in the breasts of the faithful, and make not life for us troublesome!

O God, bless Muhammad, Thy servant and Thy messenger, just as He delivered Thy message, executed Thy command, and counselled Thy servants!

O God, on the Day of Resurrection make our Prophet (Thy blessings be upon him and his Household) the nearest of the prophets to Thee in seat, the ablest of them before Thee with intercession, the greatest of them with Thee in measure, and the most eminent of them with Thee in rank!

O God, bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, ennoble his edifice, magnify his proof, make weighty his balance, accept his intercession, bring near his mediation, [The 'mediation' is mentioned in you who have faith, fear God and seek the mediation to Him. 'Mediation' may mean simply the means of access to God, defined in terms of any work of obedience or pious act. But most commentators point out the verse's connection to a well-known saying of the Prophet concerning 'mediation' as the highest station of Paradise, and this in turn is normally defined as the permission God will give to the Prophet at the Resurrection to intercede for his community. The Prophet said: 'When you hear the muezzin, repeat what he says, then call down blessings upon me. If someone calls down a blessing upon me, God will call down ten upon him. Then ask that I be given the mediation, for it is a station in the Garden suited only for one of God's servants, and I hope to be that one. If anyone asks that I be given the mediation, my intercession for him will become lawful' (Muslim, Salat; Tirmidhi, Manaqib I; Abu ). Padwick discusses the connection between mediation and intercession in Muslim Devotions, 'The Prayer of Mediation' (the relationship between the two can be seen in the present work On the mediation of the Imams.] whiten his face, complete his light, and raise his degree!

Make us live according to his Sunna, make us die in his creed, take us on his road, make us travel his path, place us among the people who obey him, muster us in his band, lead us to up his pool, [Allusion to the 'Pool of Abundance' in Paradise, which, according to several hadith, is the meaning of the 'Abundance' which God gave to the Prophet.] and give us to drink of his cup!

And bless Muhammad and his Household, with a blessing through which Thou wilt take him to the most excellent of Thy good, Thy bounty, and Thy generosity for which he hopes! Thou art Possessor of boundless mercy and generous bounty.

O God, repay him for Thy messages which he delivered, Thy signs which he passed on, the good counsel he gave to Thy servants, and the struggle he undertook in Thy way, with the best Thou hast repaid any of Thy angels brought nigh and Thy prophets sent out and chosen! And upon him and his Household, the good, the pure, be peace, God's mercy, and His blessings!

When he Looked at the New Crescent Moon

Dua 43: When he Looked at the New Crescent Moon


O obedient creature, speedy and untiring, frequenter of the mansions of determination, [Allusion the moon - We have determined it by mansions, till it returns like an aged palm-bough.] moving about in the sphere of governance!

I have faith in Him who lights up darknesses through thee, illuminates jet-black shadows by thee, appointed thee one of the signs of His kingdom and one of the marks of His authority, and humbled thee through increase and decrease, rising and setting, illumination and eclipse. In all of this thou art obedient to Him, prompt toward His will.

Glory be to Him! How wonderful is what He has arranged in thy situation! How subtle what He has made for thy task! He has made thee the key to a new month for a new situation.

So I ask God, my Lord and thy Lord, my Creator and thy Creator, my Determiner and thy Determiner, my Form-giver and thy Form-giver, that He bless Muhammad and his Household and appoint thee a crescent of blessings not effaced by days and of purity not defiled by sins;

A crescent of security from blights and of safety from evil deeds; a crescent of auspiciousness containing no misfortune, of prosperity accompanied by no adversity, of ease not mixed with difficulty, of good unstained by evil; a crescent of security and faith, favour and good-doing, safety and submission!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, place us among the most satisfied of those over whom the crescent has risen, the purest of those who have looked upon it, the most fortunate of those who have worshipped Thee under it; give us the success during [the new month] to repent, preserve us within it from misdeeds, guard us therein from pursuing disobedience to Thee,

Allot to us within it thanksgiving for Thy favour, clothe us during it in the shields of well-being, and complete for us Thy kindness by perfecting therein obedience to Thee! Surely Thou art All-kind, Praiseworthy. And bless Muhammad and his Household, the good, the pure.

For the Coming of the Month of Ramadan

Dua 44: For the Coming of the Month of Ramadan


Praise belongs to God who guided us to His praise and placed us among the people of praise, that we might be among the thankful for His beneficence and that He might recompense us for that with the recompense of the good-doers!

And praise belongs to God who showed favour to us through His religion, singled us out for His creed, and directed us onto the roads of His beneficence, in order that through His kindness we might travel upon them to His good pleasure, a praise which He will accept from us and through which He will be pleased with us!

And praise belongs to God who appointed among those roads His month, the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, the month of submission, the month of purity, the month of putting to test, the month of standing in prayer, in which the Qur'an was sent down as guidance to the people, and as clear signs of the Guidance and the Separator!

He clarified its excellence over other months by the many sacred things and well-known excellencies which He placed therein, for He made unlawful in it what He declared lawful in others to magnify it, He prohibited foods and drinks in it to honour it, and He appointed for it a clear time which He (majestic and mighty is He) allows not to be set forward and accepts not to be placed behind.

Then He made one of its nights surpass the nights of a thousand months and named it the Night of Decree; in it the angels and the Spirit descend by the leave of their Lord upon every command, a peace constant in blessings until the rising of the dawn upon whomsoever He will of His servants according to the decision He has made firm.

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, inspire us with knowledge of its excellence, veneration of its inviolability, and caution against what Thou hast forbidden within it, and help us to fast in it by our restraining our limbs from acts of disobedience toward Thee and our employing them in that which pleases Thee, so that we lend not our ears to idle talk and hurry not with our eyes to diversion,

We stretch not our hands toward the forbidden and stride not with our feet toward the prohibited, our bellies hold only what Thou hast made lawful and our tongues speak only what Thou hast exemplified, we undertake nothing but what brings close to Thy reward and pursue nothing but what protects from Thy punishment! Then rid all of that from the false show of the false showers and the fame seeking of the fame seekers, lest we associate therein anything with Thee or seek therein any object of desire but Thee!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, in it make us attend to the appointed moments of the five prayers within the bounds Thou hast set, the obligations Thou hast decreed, the duties Thou hast assigned, and the times Thou hast specified;

And in the prayers make us alight in the station of the keepers of their stations, the guardians of their pillars, their performers in their times, as Thy servant and Thy messenger set down in his Sunna (Thy blessings be upon him and his Household) in their bowings, their prostrations, and all their excellent acts, with the most complete and ample ritual purity and the most evident and intense humility!

Give us success in this month to tighten our bonds of kin with devotion and gifts, attend to our neighbours with bestowal and giving, rid our possessions from claims, purify them through paying the alms, go back to him who has gone far from us, treat justly him who has wronged us, make peace with him who shows enmity toward us (except him who is regarded as an enemy in Thee and for Thee, for he is the enemy whom we will not befriend, the party whom we will not hold dear),

And seek nearness to Thee through blameless works which will purify us from sins and preserve us from renewing faults, so that none of Thy angels will bring for Thee the kinds of obedience and sorts of nearness-seeking unless they be less than what we bring! [Sayyid ''Alikhan offers four interpretations for this last clause, three given by earlier commentators and the fourth his own: (a) so that the acts of obedience and nearness-seeking of the angels will be less than ours; (b) so that none of the recording angels will bring the record of our sins except that they be less than the kinds of obedience and sorts of nearness seeking that we bring; (c) so that none of the angels will bring the works of the servants except that they be less than the kinds of obedience and sorts of nearness seeking that we bring; (d) so that none of the angels will bring our good works except that they be less than the good works that we ourselves bring. In support of the last reading he cites a hadith from one of the Imams: 'The angel only writes down what it hears, but God has said, Remember thy Lord in thyself, in pleading and fear. So none knows the reward of the remembrance in the person's self except God.' He concludes that the best interpretation is to say that the passage includes all four of these meanings.]

O God, I ask Thee by the right of this month and by the right of him who worships Thee within it from its beginning to the time of its passing, whether angel Thou hast brought nigh to Thee, prophet Thou hast sent, or righteous servant Thou hast singled out, that Thou bless Muhammad and his Household, make us worthy of the generosity Thou hast promised Thy friends, make incumbent for us what Thou hast made incumbent for those who go to great lengths in obeying Thee, and place us in the ranks of those who deserve through Thy mercy the highest elevation!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, turn us aside from deviation in professing Thy Unity, falling short in magnifying Thee, in Thy religion, blindness toward Thy path, heedlessness of Thy inviolability, and being deceived by Thy enemy, the accursed Satan!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, and when in every night of this month's nights Thou hast necks which Thy pardon will release and Thy forgiveness disregard, place our necks among those necks and place us among the best folk and companions of this our month!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, efface our sins along with the effacing of its crescent moon, and make us pass forth from the ill effects of our acts with the passing of its days, until it leaves us behind, while within it Thou hast purified us of offenses and rid us of evil deeds!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, and should we go off to one side in this month, set us aright; should we swerve, point us straight; and should Thy enemy Satan enwrap us, rescue us from him!

O God, fill this month with our worship of Thee, adorn its times with our obedience toward Thee, help us during its daytime with its fast, and in its night with prayer and pleading toward Thee, humility toward Thee, and lowliness before Thee, so that its daytime may not bear witness against our heedlessness, nor its night against our neglect!

O God, make us like this in the other months and days as long as Thou givest us life, and place us among Thy righteous servants, those who shall inherit Paradise, therein dwelling forever, those who give what they give, while their hearts quake, that they are returning to their Lord, those who vie in good works, outracing to them!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household in every time, in all moments, and in every state, to the number that Thou hast blessed whomsoever Thou hast blessed and to multiples of all that, through multiples which none can count but Thee! Surely Thou art Accomplisher of what Thou desirest.

Bidding Farewell to the Month of Ramadan

Dua 45: Bidding Farewell to the Month of Ramadan


O God, O He who desires no repayment!

O He who shows no remorse at bestowal!

O He who rewards not His servant tit for tat!

Thy kindness is a new beginning, Thy pardon gratuitous bounty, [In other words, Thou art kind without the servants having done anything to deserve it.] Thy punishment justice, Thy decree a choice for the best!

If Thou bestowest, Thou stainest not Thy bestowal with obligation, and if Thou withholdest, Thou withholdest not in transgression.

Thou showest gratitude to him who thanks Thee, while Thou hast inspired him to thank Thee.

Thou rewardest him who praises Thee, while though Thou hast taught him Thy praise.

Thou coverest him whom, if Thou willed, Thou wouldst expose, and Thou art generous toward him from whom, if Thou willed, Thou wouldst withhold. Both are worthy of Thy exposure and withholding, but Thou hast founded Thy acts upon gratuitous bounty, channelled Thy power into forbearance,

Received him who disobeyed Thee with clemency, and disregarded him who intended wrongdoing against himself. Thou awaitest their turning back without haste and refrainest from rushing them toward repentance, so that the perisher among them may not perish because of Thee and the wretched may not be wretched through Thy favour, but only after Thy prolonged excusing him and successive arguments against him, as an act of generosity through Thy pardon, O Generous, and an act of kindliness through Thy tenderness, O Clement!

It is Thou who hast opened for Thy servants a door to Thy pardon, which Thou hast named 'repentance'. Thou hast placed upon that door a pointer from Thy revelation, lest they stray from it: Thou hast said (blessed are Thy names), Repent toward God with unswerving repentance! It may be that Thy Lord will acquit of your evil deeds and will admit you into gardens beneath which rivers flow,

Upon the day when God will not degrade the Prophet and those who have faith along with him, their light running before them and on their right hands, and they say:'Our Lord, complete for us our light, and forgive us! Surely Thou art powerful over everything.' What is the excuse of him who remains heedless of entering that house after the opening of the door and the setting up of the pointer?

It is Thou who hast raised the price against Thyself to the advantage of Thy servants, desiring their profit in their trade with Thee, their triumph through reaching Thee, and their increase on account of Thee, for Thou hast said (blessed is Thy Name and high art Thou exalted), Whoso brings a good deed shall have ten the like of it, and whoso brings an evil deed shall only be recompensed the like of it.

Thou hast said, The likeness of those who expend their wealth in the way of God is as the likeness of a grain of corn that sprouts seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains; so God multiplies unto whom He wills. Thou hast said, Who is he that will lend to God a good loan, and He will multiply it for him manifold? And Thou hast sent down in the Qur'an similar verses on the multiplying of good deeds.

It is Thou who hast pointed them through Thy speech from Thy Unseen and Thy encouragement in which lies their good fortune toward that which- hadst Thou covered it from them - their eyes would not have perceived, their ears would not have heard, and their imaginations would not have grasped, for Thou hast said, Remember Me and I will remember you be thankful to Me, and be you not thankless towards Me!  thou hast said, If you are thankful, surely I will increase you, but if you are thankless, My chastisement is surely terrible;

And Thou hast said, Supplicate Me and I will respond to you, surely those who wax too proud to worship Me shall enter Gehenna utterly abject. Hence Thou hast named supplicating Thee 'worship' and refraining from it 'waxing proud', and Thou hast threatened that the refraining from it would yield entrance into Gehenna in utter abjection.

So they remember Thee for Thy kindness, they thank Thee for Thy bounty, they supplicate Thee by Thy command, and they donate for Thee in order to seek Thy increase; in all this lies their deliverance from Thy wrath and their triumph through Thy good pleasure.

Were any creature himself to direct another creature to the like of that to which Thou Thyself hast directed Thy servants, he would be described by beneficence, qualified by kindness, and praised by every tongue. So to Thee belongs praise as long as there is found a way to praise Thee and as long as there remains for praising words by which Thou may be praised and meanings which may be spent in praise!

O He who shows Himself praiseworthy to His servants through beneficence and bounty, flooding them with kindness and graciousness! How much Thy favour has been spread about among us, Thy kindness lavished upon us, and Thy goodness singled out for us!

Thou hast guided us to Thy religion which Thou hast chosen, Thy creed with which Thou art pleased, and Thy path which Thou hast made smooth, and Thou hast shown us proximity to Thee and arrival at Thy generosity!

O God, among the choicest of those duties and the most special of those obligations Thou hast appointed the month of Ramadan, which Thou hast singled out from other months, chosen from among all periods and eras, and preferred over all times of the year through the Qur'an and the Light which Thou sent down within it, the faith which Thou multiplied by means of it, the fasting which Thou obligated therein, the standing in prayer which Thou encouraged at its time, and the Night of Decree which Thou magnified therein, the night which is better than a thousand months.

Through it Thou hast preferred us over the other communities and through its excellence Thou hast chosen us to the exclusion of the people of the creeds. We fasted by Thy command in its daylight, we stood in prayer with Thy help in its night, presenting ourselves by its fasting and its standing to the mercy which Thou hast held up before us, and we found through it the means to Thy reward. And Thou art full of what is sought from Thee, munificent with what is asked of Thy bounty, and near to him who strives for Thy nearness.

This month stood among us in a standing place of praise, accompanied us with the companionship of one approved, and profited us with the most excellent profit of the world's creatures. Then it parted from us at the completion of its time, the end of its term, and the fulfilment of its number.

So we bid farewell to it with the farewell of one whose parting pains us, whose leaving fills us with gloom and loneliness, and to whom we have come to owe a safeguarded claim, an observed inviolability, and a discharged right. We say: Peace be upon thee, O greatest month of God! O festival of His friends!

Peace be upon thee, O most noble of accompanying times! O best of months in days and hours!

Peace be upon thee, month in which expectations come near and good works are scattered about!

Peace be upon thee, comrade who is great in worth when found and who torments through absence when lost, anticipated friend whose parting gives pain!

Peace be upon thee, familiar who brought comfort in coming, thus making happy, who left loneliness in going, thus giving anguish!

Peace be upon thee, neighbour in whom hearts became tender and sins became few!

Peace be upon thee, helper who aided against Satan, companion who made easy the paths of good-doing!

Peace be upon thee - How many became freedmen of God within thee! How happy those who observed the respect due to thee!

Peace be upon thee - How many the sins thou erased! How many the kinds of faults thou covered over!

Peace be upon thee - How drawn out wert thou for the sinners! How awesome wert thou in the hearts of the faithful!

Peace be upon thee, month with which no days compete!

Peace be upon thee, month which is peace in all affairs!

Peace be upon thee, thou whose companionship is not disliked, thou whose friendly mixing is not blamed!

Peace be upon thee, just as thou hast entered upon us with blessings and cleansed us of the defilement of offenses!

Peace be upon thee - Thou art not bid farewell in annoyance nor is thy fasting left in weariness!

Peace be upon thee, object of seeking before thy time, object of sorrow before thy passing!

Peace be upon thee - How much evil was turned away from us through thee! How much good flowed upon us because of thee!

Peace be upon thee and upon the Night of Decree which is better than a thousand months!

Peace be upon thee - How much we craved thee yesterday! How intensely we shall yearn for thee tomorrow!

Peace be upon thee and upon thy bounty which has now been made unlawful to us and upon thy blessings gone by which have now been stripped away from us!

O God, we are the people of this month. Through it Thou hast ennobled us and given us success because of Thy kindness, while the wretched are ignorant of its time. Made unlawful to them is its bounty because of their wretchedness.

Thou art the patron of the knowledge of it by which Thou hast preferred us, and its prescribed practices to which Thou hast guided us. We have undertaken, through Thy giving success, its fasting and its standing in prayer, but with shortcomings, and we have performed little of much.

O God, so to Thee belongs praise, in admission of evil doing and confession of negligence, and to Thee belongs remorse firmly knitted in our hearts and seeking of pardon sincerely uttered by our tongues. Reward us, in spite of the neglect that befell us in this month, with a reward through which we may reach the bounty desired from it and win the varieties of its craved stores!

Make incumbent upon us Thy pardon for our falling short of Thy right in this month and make our lives which lie before us reach the coming month of Ramadan! Once Thou hast made us reach it, help us perform the worship of which Thou art worthy, cause us to undertake the obedience which Thou deservest, and grant us righteous works that we may fulfil Thy right in these two months of the months of time. [That is, the Ramadan of the year that has just passed and that of the coming year.]

O God, as for the small and large sins which we have committed in this our month, the misdeeds into which we have fallen, and the offenses which we have earned purposefully or in forgetfulness, wronging ourselves thereby or violating the respect due to others, bless Muhammad and his Household, cover us over with Thy covering, pardon us through Thy pardoning, place us not before the eyes of the gloaters because of that, stretch not toward us the tongues of the defamers, and employ us in that which will alleviate and expiate whatever Thou disapprovest from us within it through Thy clemency which does not run out, and Thy bounty which does not diminish!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, redress our being afflicted by our month, [That is, we have been afflicted by the hardship of having to fast. This interpretation follows Sayyid ''Alikhan's reading; the Persian translators interpret the sentence to mean: 'our being afflicted by grief at the passing of our month', a reading which Sayyid ''Alikhan rejects.] bless us in this day of our festival and our fast-breaking, make it one of the best of days that have passed over us, the greatest in attracting Thy pardon, and the most effacing toward sins, and forgive us our sins, both the concealed and the public!

O God, with the passing of this month make us pass forth from our offenses, with its departure make us depart from our evil deeds, and appoint us thereby among its most felicitous people, the most plentiful of them in portion, and the fullest of them in share!

O God, when any person observes this month as it should be observed, safeguards its inviolability as it should be safeguarded, attends to its bounds as they should be attended to, fears its misdeeds as they should be feared, or seeks nearness to Thee with any act of nearness-seeking which makes incumbent upon him Thy good pleasure and bends toward him Thy mercy, give to us the like of that [i.e., that good pleasure and mercy.] from Thy wealth and bestow it upon us in multiples through Thy bounty, for Thy bounty does not diminish, Thy treasuries do not decrease but overflow, the mines of Thy beneficence are not exhausted, and Thy bestowal is the bestowal full of delight!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and write for us the like of the wages of him who fasted in it or worshipped Thee within it until the Day of Resurrection!

O God, we repent to Thee in our day of fast-breaking, which Thou hast appointed for the faithful a festival and a joy and for the people of Thy creed a time of assembly and gathering, from every misdeed we did, ill work we sent ahead, or evil thought we secretly conceived, the repentance of one who does not harbour a return to sin and who afterwards will not go back to offense, an unswerving repentance rid of doubt and wavering. So accept it from us, be pleased with us, and fix us within it!

O God, provide us with fear of the threatened punishment and yearning for the promised reward, so that we may find the pleasure of that for which we supplicate Thee and the sorrow of that from which we seek sanctuary in Thee!

And place us with Thee among the repenters, those upon whom Thou hast made Thy love obligatory and from whom Thou hast accepted the return to obeying Thee! [Allusion to Qur'anic verses such as Truly God loves the repenters and God is He who accepts repentance from His servants.] O Most Just of the just!

O God, show forbearance toward our fathers and our mothers and all the people of our religion, those who have gone and those who will pass by, until the Day of Resurrection!

O God, bless our prophet Muhammad and his Household, as Thou hast blessed Thy angels brought nigh, bless him and his Household, as Thou hast blessed Thy prophets sent out, bless him and his Household, as Thou hast blessed Thy righteous servants - and better than that, O Lord of the worlds! - a blessing whose benediction will reach us, whose benefit will attain to us, and through which our supplication may be granted! Thou art the most generous of those who are beseeched, the most sufficient of those in whom confidence is had, the most bestowing of those from whom bounty is asked, and Thou art powerful over everything!

The Day of Fast-Breaking and on Friday

Dua 46: The Day of Fast-Breaking and on Friday

When he finished his prayer, He would stand in place, face the qibla, and say:


O He who has mercy upon him toward whom the servants show no mercy!

O He who accepts him whom the cities will not accept!

O He who looks not down upon those who have need of Him!

O He who disappoints not those who implore Him!

O He who slaps not the brow of the people of boldness toward Him with rejection!

O He who collects the little that is given to Him and shows gratitude for the paltry that is done for Him!

O He who shows gratitude for the small and rewards with the great!

O He who comes close to him who comes close to Him!

O He who invites to Himself him who turns his back on Him!

O He who changes not favour [Allusion God would never change His favour that He conferred on a people until they changed what was within themselves.] and rushes not to vengeance!

O He who causes the good deed to bear fruit so that He may make it grow, and overlooks the evil deed so that He may efface it!

Hopes turn back with needs fulfilled short of the extent of Thy generosity, the cups of requests fill up with the overflow of Thy munificence, and attributes fall apart without reaching Thy description. For to Thee belongs the highest highness above everything high, and the most glorious majesty beyond every majesty!

Everything majestic before Thee is small, everything eminent beside Thy eminence vile!
Those who reach other than Thee are disappointed, those who present themselves to other than Thee have lost, those who stay with other than Thee have perished, and those who retreat - except those who retreat to Thy bounty - are desolate!

Thy door is open to the beseechers, Thy munificence free to the askers, Thy help near to the help-seekers!

The expectant are not disappointed by Thee, those who present themselves despair not of Thy bestowal, the forgiveness-seekers become not wretched through Thy vengeance!

Thy provision is spread among those who disobey Thee, Thy clemency presents itself to those hostile toward Thee, Thy habit is beneficence toward the evildoers, and Thy wont is to spare the transgressors, so much so that Thy lack of haste deludes them from returning, and Thy disregard bars them from desisting!

Thou actest without haste toward them so that they will come back to Thy command and Thou disregardest them confident in the permanence of Thy kingdom, so Thou sealest him who is worthy of it with felicity, and Thou abandonest him who is worthy of it to wretchedness!

All of them come home to Thy decree, their affairs revert to Thy command; Thy authority grows not feeble through their drawn out term, Thy proof is not refuted by the failure to hurry after them.

Thy argument is established, never refuted, Thy authority fixed, never removed.
Permanent woe belongs to him who inclines away from Thee, forsaking disappointment to him who is disappointed by Thee, and the most wretched wretchedness to him who is deluded about Thee!

How much he will move about in Thy chastisement! How long he will frequent Thy punishment! How far his utmost end from relief! How he will despair of an easy exit!
[All of this] as justice from Thy decree (Thou art not unjust in it!), and equity from Thy judgement (Thou dost not act wrongfully against him!).

Thou supported the arguments, tested the excuses, began with threats, showed gentleness with encouragement, struck similitudes, made long the respite, delayed, while Thou art able to hurry, and acted without haste, while Thou art full of quick accomplishment!

Not because of incapacity is Thy slowness, feebleness Thy giving respite, heedlessness Thy showing restraint, dissemblance Thy waiting! But that Thy argument be more conclusive, Thy generosity more perfect, Thy beneficence more exhaustive, Thy favour more complete! All of this has been and always was, is and ever will be.

Thy argument is greater than that its totality be described, Thy glory more elevated than that it be limited in its core, Thy favour more abundant than that its entirety be counted, Thy beneficence more abundant than that thanks be given for its least amount!

Speechlessness has made me fall short of praising Thee, restraint has made me powerless to glorify Thee, and the most I can do is admit to inability, not out of desire, my God, but out of incapacity.

So here I am: I repair to Thee by coming forward, and I ask from Thee good support So bless Muhammad and his Household, hear my whispered words, grant my supplication, seal not my day with disappointment, slap not my brow by rejecting my request, and make noble my coming from Thee and my going back to Thee! Surely Thou art not constrained by what Thou desirest, nor incapable of what Thou art asked! Thou art powerful over everything, and 'There is no force and no strength save in God, the All-high, the All-mighty!' [An oft-repeated formula found in many hadith.]

The Day of 'Arafa

Dua 47: The Day of 'Arafa [The ninth of Dhu l-Hijja, the last day of the hajj, when the pilgrims occupy themselves with prayer at Mount 'Arafa. Cf. Imam Husayn's long supplication for the day, translated in Chittick, A Shi'ite Anthology ]


Praise belongs to God, Lord of the worlds!

O God, to Thee belongs praise! Originator of the heavens and the earth! Possessor of majesty and munificence! Lord of lords! Object of worship of every worshiper! Creator of every creature! Inheritor of all things! [ Naught is there, but its treasuries are with Us, and We send it not down but in a known measure... It is We who give life, and make to die, and it is We who are the inheritors.] There is nothing like Him, knowledge of nothing escapes Him,[ Not so much as the weight of an ant in earth or heaven escapes from thy Lord... ] He encompasses everything, and He is watchful over everything.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the Unique, the Alone, the Single, the Isolated.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the Generous, the Generously Bestowing, the All-mighty, the Mightily Exalted, the Magnificent, the Magnificently Magnified.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the All-high, the Sublimely High, the Strong in prowess.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate, the All-knowing, the All-wise.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the All-hearing, the All-seeing, the Eternal, the All-aware.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the Generous, the Most Generous, the Everlasting, the Most Everlasting.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the First before every one, the Last after every number.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, the Close in His highness, the High in His closeness.

Thou art God, there is no god but Thou, Possessor of radiance and glory, magnificence and praise.

Thou art God,

there is no god but Thou. Thou hast brought forth the things without root, formed what Thou hast formed without exemplar, and originated the originated things without limitation.

It is Thou who hast ordained each thing with an ordination, [Refer He created everything, then He ordained it with an ordination.] eased each thing with an easing, [ He created him [man] and determined him then the way eased for him.] and governed everything below Thyself with a governing. [Perhaps an allusion He governs the affair from the heaven to the earth.]

It is Thou whom no associate helps with Thy creation and no vizier aids in Thy command. Thou hast no witness and no equal.

It is Thou who willed, and what Thou willed was unfailing, who decreed, and what Thou decreed was just, who decided, and what Thou decided was fair.

It is Thou whom place does not contain, before whose authority no authority stands up, and whom no proof or explication can thwart.

It is Thou who hast counted everything in numbers, He has counted everything in numbers.] appointed for everything a term, and ordained everything with an ordination.

It is Thou before whose selfness imaginations fall short, before whose howness understandings have no incapacity, and the place of whose whereness eyes perceive not. [The terms 'howness' and 'whereness' are found already in hadith attributed to the Prophet in Shi'ite sources, as well as to some of the Imams (cf. Chittick, A Shi'ite Anthology index under ayniyyah and kayfiyyah. The term 'selfness' (dhatiyya) is certainly more rare. Lane in his Lexicon points out that it is a post-classical term used in philosophy, but in the present context it has no such philosophical sense and seems to be a coinage built on the analogy of the other two terms.]

It is Thou who hast no bounds, lest Thou be bounded, who art not exemplified, lest Thou be found, who dost not beget, lest Thou be begotten.

It is Thou with whom there is no opposite, lest it contend with Thee, who hast no equal, lest it vie with Thee, who hast no rival, lest it resist Thee.

It is Thou who art He who began, devised, brought forth, originated, and made well all that He made.

Glory be to Thee! How majestic is Thy station! How high Thy place among the places! How cleanly Thy Separator cleaves with the truth! [The 'Separator' is the Qur'an. There is an allusion here Therefore cleave [0 Muhammad] by means of that which thou art commanded [i.e. the Qur'anic injunctions] and turn away from the idolaters.]

Glory be to Thee! The Gentle - how gentle Thou art! The Clement - how clement Thou art! The Wise - how knowing Thou art!

Glory be to Thee! The King - how invincible Thou art! The Munificent - how full of plenty Thou art! The Elevated - how elevated Thou art! Possessor of radiance and glory, magnificence and praise!

Glory be to Thee! Thou hast stretched forth Thy hand with good things, and from Thee guidance has come to be known, so he who begs from Thee religion or this world will find Thee.

Glory be to Thee! Whatever passes in Thy knowledge is subjected to Thee, all below Thy Throne are humbled before Thy mightiness, and every one of Thy creatures follows Thee in submission.

Glory be to Thee! Thou art not sensed, nor touched, nor felt, nor beguiled, nor held back, nor challenged, nor kept up with, nor resisted, nor deceived, nor circumvented.

Glory be to Thee! Thy path is smooth ground, Thy command right guidance, and Thou art a living, eternal refuge.

Glory be to Thee! Thy word is decisive, Thy decree unfailing, Thy will resolute.

Glory be to Thee! None can reject Thy wish, none can change Thy words.

Glory be to Thee, Outdazzling in signs, Creator of the heavens, Author of the spirits!

To Thee belongs praise, a praise that will be permanent with Thy permanence!

To Thee belongs praise, a praise everlasting through Thy favour!

To Thee belongs praise, a praise that will parallel Thy benefaction!

To Thee belongs praise, a praise that will increase Thy good pleasure!

To Thee belongs praise, a praise along with the praise of every praiser and a thanksgiving before which falls short the thanksgiving of every thanksgiver;

A praise which is suitable for none but Thee and through which nearness is sought to none but Thee;

A praise which will make permanent the first [bounty] and call forth the permanence of the last;

A praise which will multiply through recurrence of times and increase through successive doublings;

A praise which the guardians will not be able to number and which exceeds what the writers number in Thy Book; [The guardians or writers are the recording angels. Cf. Supplication 3.18. The 'book' mentioned here is referred to in such verses as: The Book shall be set in place; and thou wilt see the sinners fearful at what is in it and saying: 'Alas for us! How is it with this Book that it leaves nothing behind, small or great but it has numbered it?'.]

A praise which will counterbalance Thy glorious Throne and equal Thy elevated Footstool;

A praise whose reward with Thee will be complete and whose recompense will comprise every recompense;

A praise whose outward conforms to its inward, and whose inward conforms to correct intention;

A praise with whose like no creature has praised Thee and whose excellence none knows but Thou;

A praise in which he who strives to multiply Thy praise will be helped and he who draws the bow to the utmost in fulfilling it will be confirmed;

A praise which will gather all the praise which Thou hast created and tie together all which Thou wilt afterwards create;

A praise than which no praise is nearer to Thy word and than which none is greater from any who praise Thee;

A praise whose fullness will obligate increase through Thy generosity and to which Thou wilt join increase after increase as graciousness from Thee;

A praise that will befit the generosity of Thy face and meet the might of Thy majesty!

My Lord, bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, the distinguished, the chosen, the honoured, the brought nigh, with the most excellent of Thy blessings, benedict him with the most complete of Thy benedictions, and have mercy upon him with the most enjoyable of Thy mercies!

My Lord, bless Muhammad and his Household with a fruitful blessing, more fruitful than which there is no blessing! Bless him with a growing blessing, more growing than which there is no blessing! And bless him with a pleasing blessing, beyond which there is no blessing!

My Lord, bless Muhammad and his Household with a blessing which will please him and increase his good pleasure! Bless him with a blessing which will please Thee and increase Thy good pleasure toward him! And bless him with a blessing through other than which Thou wilt not be pleased for him, and for which Thou seest no one else worthy!

My Lord, bless Muhammad and his Household with a blessing which will pass beyond Thy good pleasure, be continuous in its continuity through Thy subsistence, and never be spent, just as Thy words will never be spent! [Allusion Say: 'If the sea were ink for the words of my Lord, the sea would be spent before the words of my Lord are spent.' ]

My Lord, bless Muhammad and his Household with a blessing which will tie together the blessings of Thy angels, Thy prophets, Thy messengers, and those who obey Thee, comprise the blessings of Thy servants, jinn or mankind, and those worthy of Thy response, and bring together the blessings of every one of the kinds of Thy creatures which Thou hast sown and authored!

My Lord, bless Muhammad and his Household with a blessing which will encompass every blessing, bygone and new! Bless him and his Household with a blessing which is pleasing to Thee and everyone below Thee and will bring forth with all that a blessing with which Thou wilt multiply those blessings and increase them through the recurrence of days with an increasing in multiples which none can count but Thou!

My Lord, bless the best of his Household, those whom Thou hast chosen for Thy command, appointed the treasurers of Thy knowledge, the guardians of Thy religion, Thy vicegerents in Thy earth, and Thy arguments against Thy servants, purified from uncleanness and defilement through a purification by Thy desire, [Reference Folk of the House God only desires to put away from you uncleanness and to purify you.] and made the mediation to Thee [Muslims hold that 'mediation' will be given to the Prophet, while Shi'ite tradition adds that it will also belong to the Imams. Cf. the chapter in Majlisi's Bihar al-Anwar 'The Mediation, and the station of the Prophet and the Folk of his House which will become manifest at the resurrection'. Among relevant sayings quoted in both Shi'ite and Sunni sources is that of 'Ali: 'In the Garden there are two pearls within the Throne, one of them white and the other yellow. In each there are 70,000 rooms whose gates and cups come from a single root. The white is the Mediation which belongs to Muhammad and his Household, while the yellow belongs to Abraham and his household' (commentary on al-Tabarsi, Majma' al-bayan; Maybudi, Kashf al-Asrar).] and the road to Thy Garden!

My Lord, bless Muhammad and his Household with a blessing which makes plentiful Thy gifts and generosity, perfects for them Thy bestowals and awards, and fills out their share of Thy kindly acts and benefits!

My Lord, bless him and his Household with a blessing whose first has no term, whose term has no limit, and whose last has no utmost end!

My Lord, bless them to the weight of Thy Throne and all below it, the amount that fills the heavens and all above them, the number of Thy earths and all below and between them, a blessing that will bring them near to Thee in proximity, please Thee and them, and be joined to its likes forever!

O God, surely Thou hast confirmed Thy religion in all times with an Imam whom Thou hast set up as a guidepost to Thy servants and a lighthouse in Thy lands, after his cord has been joined to Thy cord! Thou hast appointed him the means to Thy good pleasure, made obeying him obligatory, cautioned against disobeying him, and commanded following his commands, abandoning his prohibitions, and that no forward-goer go ahead of him or back-keeper keep back from him! So he is the preservation of the shelter-seekers, the cave of the faithful, the handhold of the adherents, and the radiance of the worlds!

O God, so inspire Thy guardian [The 'Friend' or wali is the Imam, who, in keeping with the various meanings of the root, is 'friend' of God, 'guardian' of the people under his care, and 'authority' in all matters of religious teaching. His function, known as wilaya (or walaya) and derived from the same Arabic root, is discussed in most books on Shi'ism; in the present text the word is mentioned, not always in the technical sense, in Supplications 5 (title).] to give thanks for that in which Thou hast favoured him, inspire us with the like concerning him, grant him an authority from Thee to help him, [Allusion say [0 Muhammad]: '... grant me authority from Thee to help me.'] open for him an easy opening, [Surely We have given thee a manifest opening.] aid him with Thy mightiest pillar, brace up his back, [Cf. Moses' supplication in Appoint for me of my folk a familiar, Aaron, my brother; by him brace up my back.] strengthen his arm, [Like the previous clause, this is an allusion to the story of Moses and Aaron in the Qur'an, and more specifically, to God's words to Moses: We shall strengthen thy arm by means of thy brother.] guard him with Thy eye, defend him with Thy safeguarding, help him with Thy angels, and assist him with Thy most victorious troops!

Through him establish Thy Book, Thy bounds, Thy laws, and the norms of Thy Messenger's Sunna (Thy blessings, O God, be upon him and his Household), bring to life the guideposts of Thy religion, deadened by the wrongdoers, burnish the rust of injustice from Thy way, sift the adversity from Thy road, eliminate those who deviate from Thy path, and erase those who seek crookedness in Thy straightness!

Make his side mild toward Thy friends, stretch forth his hand over Thy enemies, give us his clemency, his mercy, his tenderness, his sympathy, and make us his hearers and obeyers, strivers toward his good pleasure, assistants in helping him and defending him, and brought near through that to Thee and Thy Messenger (Thy blessings, O God, be upon him and his Household).

O God, and bless the friends [of the Imams], the confessors of their station, the keepers to their course, the pursuers of their tracks, the clingers to their handhold, the adherents to their guardianship, [Wilaya - which may be translated as friendship, authority, guardianship, rule - is the office or function of the 'Friend' or wali mentioned above in note.] the followers of their imamate, the submitters to their command, the strivers to obey them, the awaiters of their days, the directors of their eyes toward them, with blessings blessed, pure, growing, fresh, and fragrant!

Give them and their spirits peace, bring together their affair in reverential fear, set right their situations, turn toward them, Surely Thou art Ever-turning, All-compassionate and the Best of forgivers, and place us with them in the Abode of Peace, [God summons to the Abode of Peace.]through Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, this is the Day of 'Arafa, a day which Thou hast made noble, given honour, and magnified. Within it Thou hast spread Thy mercy, showed kindness through Thy pardon, and made plentiful Thy giving, and by it Thou hast been bounteous toward Thy servants.

I am Thy servant whom Thou favoured before creating him and after creating him. Thou madest him one of those whom Thou guided to Thy religion, gavest success in fulfilling Thy right, preserved through Thy cord, included within Thy party, and directed aright to befriend Thy friends and show enmity to Thine enemies.

Then Thou commanded him, but he did not follow Thy commands, Thou restricted Him, but he did not heed Thy restrictions, Thou prohibited him from disobedience toward Thee, but he broke Thy command by doing what Thou hadst prohibited, not in contention with Thee, nor to display pride toward Thee; on the contrary, his caprice [As indicated, 'caprice' denotes any desire opposed to the divine guidance.] called him to that which Thou hadst set apart and cautioned against, and he was helped in that by Thy enemy and his enemy. So he went ahead with it knowing Thy threat, hoping for Thy pardon, and relying upon Thy forbearance, though he was the most obligated of Thy servants - given Thy kindness toward him - not to do so.

Here I am, then, before Thee, despised, lowly, humble, abject, fearful, confessing the dreadful sins with which I am burdened and the great offenses that I have committed, seeking sanctuary in Thy forgiveness, asking shelter in Thy mercy, and certain that no sanctuary-giver will give me sanctuary from Thee and no withholder will hold me back from Thee.

So act kindly toward me, just as Thou actest kindly by Thy shielding him who commits sins, be munificent toward me, just as Thou art munificent by pardoning him who throws himself before Thee, and show kindness to me, just as it is nothing great for Thee to show kindness by forgiving him who expectantly hopes in Thee!

Appoint for me in this day an allotment through which I may attain a share of Thy good pleasure, and send me not back destitute of that with which Thy worshipers return from among Thy servants!

Though I have not forwarded the righteous deeds which they have forwarded, I have forwarded the profession of Thy Unity and the negation from Thee of opposites, rivals, and likenesses, I have come to Thee by the gateways by which Thou hast commanded that people come, and I have sought nearness to Thee through that without seeking nearness through which none gains nearness to Thee.

Then I followed all this with repeated turning toward Thee, lowliness and abasement before Thee, opinion of Thee, and trust in what is with Thee; and to that I coupled hope in Thee, since the one who hopes in Thee is seldom disappointed!

I asked Thee with the asking of one vile, lowly, pitiful, poor, fearful, seeking sanctuary; all that in fear and pleading seeking refuge and asking shelter, not presumptuous through the pride of the proud, nor exalting myself with the boldness of the obedient, nor presumptuous of the intercession of the interceders.

For I am still the least of the least and the lowliest of the lowly, like a dust mote or less! O He who does not hurry the evildoers nor restrain those living in ease! O He who shows kindness through releasing the stumblers and gratuitous bounty through respiting the offenders!

I am the evildoer, the confessor, the offender, the stumbler!

I am he who was audacious toward Thee as one insolent!

I am he who disobeyed Thee with forethought!

I am he who hid myself from Thy servants and blatantly showed myself to Thee! [Allusion They hide themselves from men but hide themselves not from God.]

I am he who was awed by Thy servants and felt secure from Thee!

I am he who dreaded not Thy penalty and feared not Thy severity!

I am the offender against himself!

I am the hostage to his own affliction!

I am short in shame!

I am long in suffering!

By the right of him whom Thou hast distinguished among Thy creation and by him whom Thou hast chosen for Thyself! By the right of him whom Thou hast selected from among Thy creatures and by him whom Thou hast picked for Thy task! By the right of him the obeying of whom Thou hast joined to obeying Thee, and by him the disobeying of whom Thou hast made like disobeying Thee! And by the right of him whose friendship Thou hast bound to Thy friendship and by him whose enmity Thou hast linked to Thine enmity! Shield me in this day of mine, by that through which Thou shieldest him who prays fervently to Thee while disavowing and him who seeks refuge in Thy forgiveness while repenting!

Attend to me with that through which Thou attendest to the people of obedience toward Thee, proximity to Thee, and rank with Thee!

Single me out, as Thou singlest him out who fulfils Thy covenant, fatigues himself for Thy sake alone, and exerts himself in Thy good pleasure!

Take me not to task for my neglect in respect to Thee, my transgressing the limit in Thy bounds, and stepping outside Thy ordinances!

Draw me not on little by little by granting me a respite, [Allusion We will draw them on little by little from whence they know not; and I grant them respite - surely My guile is firm. Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq says: 'When God desires good for a servant who commits a sin, He causes the sin to be followed by a punishment so that he remembers to ask forgiveness. But when He desires evil for a servant who commits a sin, He causes the sin to be followed by a favour so that he forgets to ask forgiveness and persists in the sin. This is indicated by God's words We draw them on little by little from whence they know not. (Sayyid ''Alikhan)] like the drawing on little by little of him who withholds from me the good he has by not sharing with Thee in letting favour down upon me!

Arouse me from the sleep of the heedless, the slumber of the prodigal, and the dozing of the forsaken!

Take my heart to that in which Thou hast employed the devout, enthralled the worshipers, and rescued the remiss!

Give me refuge from that which will keep me far from Thee, come between me and my share from Thee, and bar me from that which I strive for in Thee!

Make easy for me the road of good deeds toward Thee, racing to them from where Thou hast commanded, and coveting them as Thou desirest!

Efface me not along with those whom Thou effacest for thinking lightly of what Thou hast promised!

Destroy me not with those whom Thou destroyest for exposing themselves to Thy hate!

Annihilate me not among those whom Thou annihilatest for deviating from Thy roads!

Deliver me from the floods of trial, save me from the gullets of affliction, and grant me sanctuary from being seized by respite!
Come between me and the enemy who misguides me, the caprice which ruins me, and the failing which overcomes me!

Turn not away from me with the turning away in wrath from one with whom Thou art not pleased!

Let me not lose heart in expecting from Thee, lest I be overcome by despair of Thy mercy!

Grant me not that which I cannot endure, lest Thou weighest me down with the surplus of Thy love which Thou loadest upon me!

Send me not from Thy hand, the sending of him who possesses no good, toward whom Thou hast no need, and who turns not back [to Thee]!

Cast me not with the casting of him who has fallen from the eye of Thy regard and been wrapped in degradation from Thee! Rather take my hand [and save me] from the falling of the stumblers, the disquiet of the deviators, the slip of those deluded, and the plight of the perishers!

Release me from that with which Thou hast afflicted the ranks of Thy servants and handmaids
and make me reach the utmost degrees of him about whom Thou art concerned, towards whom Thou showest favour, and with whom Thou art pleased, so that Thou lettest him live as one praiseworthy and takest him to Thee as one felicitous!

Collar me with the collar of abstaining from that which makes good deeds fail and takes away blessings!

Impart to my heart restraint before ugly works of evil and disgraceful misdeeds!

Divert me not by that which I cannot reach except through Thee from doing that which alone makes Thee pleased with me! [In other words: Do not allow me to become diverted from the worship and obedience which please Thee by my seeking after the things of this world, which come only through Thee.]

Root out from my heart the love of this vile world, which keeps from everything which is with Thee, bars from seeking the mediation to Thee, [Allusion O you who have faith fear God and seek the mediation to Him.] and distracts from striving for nearness to Thee!

Embellish for me solitude in prayer whispered to Thee by night and by day!

Give me a preservation which will bring me close to dread of Thee, cut me off from committing things made unlawful by Thee, and spare me from captivation by dreadful sins!

Give me purification from the defilement of disobedience, take away from me the filth of offenses, dress me in the dress of Thy well-being, cloak me in the cloak of Thy release, wrap me in Thy ample favours, and clothe me in Thy bounty and Thy graciousness!

Strengthen me with Thy giving success and Thy pointing the right way, help me toward righteous intention, pleasing words, and approved works, and entrust me not to my force and my strength in place of Thy force and Thy strength!

Degrade me not on the day Thou raisest me up to meet Thee, disgrace me not before Thy friends, make me not forget remembering Thee, take not away from me thanking Thee, but enjoin it upon me in states of inattention when the ignorant are heedless of Thy boons,
and inspire me to laud what Thou hast done for me and confess to what Thou hast conferred upon me!

Place my beseeching Thee above the beseeching of the beseechers and my praise of Thee above the praise of the praisers!

Abandon me not with my neediness for Thee, destroy me not for what I have done for Thee, [The commentator suggests that this is an allusion to the principle enunciated Say: Shall I tell you who will be the greatest losers in their works? Those whose striving goes astray in the present life while they think that they are working good deeds .] and slap not my brow with that with which Thou slappest the brow of those who contend with Thee, for I am submitted to Thee. I know that the argument is Thine, that Thou art closest to bounty, most accustomed to beneficence] that Thou art closer to pardoning than to punishing, and that Thou art nearer to covering over than to making notorious!

Let me live an agreeable life that will tie together what I want and reach what I love while I not bring what Thou dislikest and not commit what Thou hast prohibited; and make me die the death of him whose light runs before him and on his right hand! [Refer Upon the day when God will not degrade the Prophet and those who believe with him their light running before them and on their right hands.]

Abase me before Thyself and exalt me before Thy creatures, lower me when I am alone with Thee and raise me among Thy servants, free me from need for him who has no need of me and increase me in neediness and poverty toward Thee!

Give me refuge from the gloating of enemies, the arrival of affliction, lowliness and suffering! Shield me in what Thou seest from me, the shielding of him who would have power over violence had he no clemency, and would seize for misdeeds had he no lack of haste!

When Thou desirest for a people a trial or an evil, deliver me from it, for I seek Thy shelter; and since Thou hast not stood me in the station of disgrace in this world of Thine, stand me not in such a station in the next world of Thine!

Couple for me the beginnings of Thy kindnesses with their ends and the ancient of Thy benefits with the freshly risen! Prolong not my term with a prolonging through which my heart will harden! [Allusion to Say: Whoever is in error, let the All-merciful prolong his term for him!.... ] Strike me not with a striking that will take away my radiance! [Cf. above, where mention is made of the 'radiance' of the Imam.] Visit me not with a meanness that will diminish my worth or a decency that will keep my rank unknown!

Frighten me not with a fright by which I will despair or a terror through which I will dread, but make me stand in awe of Thy threat, take precautions against Thy leaving no excuses [Cf. the following hadith: 'God has left no excuses for him who has reached sixty or seventy years of age. God has left him no excuses, no excuses!. See also Lane, Arabic-English Lexicon s.v. i'dhar.] and Thy warning, and tremble at the recitation of Thy verses!

Fill my night with life by keeping me awake therein for worshipping Thee, solitude with vigil for Thee, exclusive devotion to reliance upon Thee, setting my needs before Thee, and imploring that Thou wilt set my neck free from the Fire and grant me sanctuary from Thy chastisement, within which its inhabitants dwell!

Leave me not blindly wandering in my insolence [Reference to Whomsoever God leads astray no guide has he; He leaves them in their insolence blindly wandering.] or inattentive in my perplexity for a time, [Refer: So leave them in their perplexity for a time.] make me not an admonition to him who takes admonishment, a punishment exemplary for him who takes heed, a trial for him who observes, devise not against me along with those against whom Thou devisest, replace me not with another, change not my name, [The commentator offers three possible interpretations: remove not my name from the register of the felicitous, writing it in the register of the wretched; change my name not for the worse, after it had been an elevated name; change not the name by which Thou hadst named us before (alluding to the Qur'anic verse: He named you Muslims aforetime and in this. The meaning thus becomes: Name me not an unbeliever after Thou hast named me a Muslim. ] transform not my body, [The commentator explains this to mean: Transform it not through an affliction in this world or through making it ugly in the next. ] appoint me not a mockery for Thy creatures, a laughing-stock for Thyself, a follower of anything but Thy good pleasure, a menial servant for anything but avenging Thee!

Let me find the coolness of Thy pardon and the sweetness of Thy mercy, Thy repose, Thy ease, and the garden of Thy bliss! [Refer Then if he be of those brought nigh to the Throne, there shall be repose and ease, and a garden of bliss.] Let me taste, through some of Thy boundless plenty, the flavour of being free for what Thou lovest and striving in what brings about proximity with Thee and to Thee, and give me a gift from among Thy gifts!

Make my commerce profitable [Allusion to Those are they who have bought error at the price of guidance, and their commerce has not profited them.] and my return without loss, [Reference Upon the day when the first blast shivers,... They shall say, 'What, are we being restored as we were before?... That then is a return with loss!' ] fill me with fear of Thy station, make me yearn for the meeting with Thee, and allow me to repent with an unswerving repentance along with which Thou lettest no sins remain, small or large, and leavest no wrongs, open or secret!

Root out rancour toward the faithful from my breast, [Allusion We shall root out all rancour that is in their breasts. ] bend my heart toward the humble, be toward me as Thou art toward the righteous, adorn me with the adornment of the godfearing, appoint for me a goodly report [ part of a prayer of Abraham.] among those yet to come and a growing remembrance among the later folk, and take me to the plain of those who came first! [The commentator sees this as a reference to the first Muslims, as in And the foremost, the first, who are the Emigrants and the Helpers, and those who followed them in good-doing - God will be well-pleased with them...; He has prepared for them gardens... The 'plain' of the first is the place where they are brought together at the Resurrection.]

Complete the lavishness of Thy favour upon me, clothe me in its repeated generosities, fill my hand with Thy benefits, drive Thy generous gifts to me, make me the neighbour of the best of Thy friends in the Gardens which Thou hast adorned for Thy chosen, and wrap me in Thy noble presents in the stations prepared for Thy beloveds!

Appoint for me a resting place with Thee where I may seek haven in serenity, and a resort to which I may revert and rest my eyes, weigh not against me my dreadful misdeeds, destroy me not on the day the secrets are tried,eliminate from me every doubt and uncertainty, appoint for me a way in the truth from every mercy, make plentiful for me the portions of gifts from Thy granting of awards, and fill out for me the shares of beneficence from Thy bestowal of bounty!

Make my heart trust in what is with Thee and my concern free for what is Thine, employ me in that in which Thou employest Thy pure friends, drench my heart with Thy obedience when intellects are distracted, and combine within me independence, continence, ease, release, health, plenty, tranquillity, and well being!

Make not fail my good deeds through my disobedience that stains them or my private times of worship through the instigations of Thy trial! Safeguard my face from asking from anyone in the world, and drive me far from begging for that which is with the ungodly!

Make me not an aid to the wrongdoers, nor their hand and helper in erasing Thy Book! Defend me whence I know not with a defense through which Thou protectest me! Open toward me the gates of Thy repentance, Thy mercy, Thy clemency, and Thy boundless provision! Surely I am one of those who beseech Thee! And complete Thy favour toward me! Surely Thou art the best of those who show favour!

Place the rest of my life in the hajj and the 'umra seeking Thy face, O Lord of the worlds! And may God bless Muhammad and his Household, the good, the pure, and peace be upon him and them always and forever!

The Day of Sacrifice and on Friday

Dua 48: The Day of Sacrifice [That is, the tenth of Dhu l-Hijja, which marks the end of the hajj and is one of the two major festivals (along with the feast of fastbreaking) celebrated universally throughout the Islamic world.] and on Friday


O God, this is a blessed and fortunate day, within which the Muslims are gathered in the quarters of Thy earth. Among them are present the asker, the seeker, the beseecher, the fearful, while Thou art looking upon their needs. So I ask Thee by Thy munificence and generosity and easy upon Thee is what I ask Thee! - that Thou blessest Muhammad and his Household.

And I ask Thee, O God, our Lord - for Thine is the kingdom and Thine is the praise; there is no god but Thou, the Clement, the Generous, the All-loving, the All-kind, Possessor of majesty and munificence, Originator of the heavens and the earth - whenever Thou apportionest among Thy faithful servants good, well being, blessing, guidance, works in obedience to Thee, or good through which Thou art kind to them by guiding them to Thee, or raisest them up a degree with Thee, or givest them the good of this world or the next, that Thou givest me amply my share and allotment of it.

And I ask Thee, O God - for Thine is the kingdom and the praise; there is no god but Thou - that Thou blessest Muhammad, Thy servant and Thy messenger, Thy beloved and Thy selected friend, Thy chosen from among Thy creation, and the Household of Muhammad, the pious, the pure, the chosen, with a blessing no one has strength to count but Thou, that Thou associatest us with the most righteous of Thy faithful servants who supplicate Thee today - O Lord of the worlds!— and that Thou forgivest us and them! Surely Thou art powerful over everything.

O God, toward Thee I aim with my need and before Thee I set my poverty, my neediness, my misery, for I have more trust in Thy forgiveness and Thy mercy than in my own works. Thy forgiveness and Thy mercy are vaster than my sins. So bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, and attend to the accomplishment of every need of mine through Thy power over it, its easiness for Thee, my poverty toward Thee, and Thy freedom from need for me! I will come upon no good whatsoever unless through Thee, no one other than Thou will turn any evil away from me, and I have hope in none but Thee for my affair in the next world and in this world.

O God, if anyone has ever arranged, made ready, prepared, and drawn himself up to be received by a creature in hope of his support and awards, then today toward Thee, my Master, is my arrangement, my making ready, my preparation, and my drawing up, in hope of Thy pardon and support and in seeking to attain to Thee and Thy prize.

O God, so bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad and disappoint not my hope in that today! O He who is not troubled by those who ask and diminished by those who attain their desire! I come not before Thee trusting in a righteous work I have sent ahead, nor in the intercession of any creature in whom I have hope, except the intercession of Muhammad and the Folk of his House (upon him and upon them be Thy peace).

I come to Thee admitting sin and evildoing toward myself. I come to Thee hoping for Thy abounding pardon through which Thou hast pardoned the offenders, while their long persistence in dreadful sin did not prevent Thee from returning toward them with mercy and forgiveness!

O He whose mercy is wide and whose pardon is abounding! O All-mighty! O All-mighty! O All-generous! O All-generous! Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, return toward me through Thy mercy, be tender toward me through Thy bounty, and spread out Thy forgiveness upon me!

O God, this station belongs to Thy vicegerents, Thy chosen, while the places of Thy trusted ones in the elevated degree which Thou hast singled out for them have been forcibly stripped! [By 'this station' is meant the leading of the prayer of Friday and of the Day of Sacrifice. The latter of these prayers is obligatory according to the Shi'ites, in contrast to the Sunnis. Zayn al-Abidin alludes to the Shi'ite view that the Imams are the rightful leaders of these prayers for all Islam, not the Umayyad caliphs and their representatives. In explaining the meaning of this passage, Sayyid ''Alikhan quotes a hadith from Ja'far al-Sadiq: 'Both festivals of the Muslims, that of fastbreaking and that of sacrifice, renew the sorrow of the Household of Muhammad, for they see therein their right in the hands of others.' ]But Thou art the Ordainer of that - Thy command is not overcome, the inevitable in Thy governing is not overstepped! However Thou willest and whenever Thou willest! In that which Thou knowest best, Thou art not accused for Thy creation or Thy will! Then Thy selected friends, Thy vicegerents, were overcome, vanquished, forcibly stripped; they see Thy decree replaced, Thy Book discarded, Thy obligations distorted from the aims of Thy laws, and the Sunna of Thy Prophet abandoned!

O God, curse their enemies among those of old and the later folk, and all those pleased with their acts, and their adherents and followers!

O God, bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad (surely Thou art All-laudable, All-glorious) like Thy blessing, benedictions, and salutations upon Thy chosen Abraham and the people of Abraham! And hasten for them relief, ease, help, strengthening, and confirmation!

O God, and make me one of the people who profess Thy Unity, have faith in Thee, and attest to Thy Messenger and the Imams toward whom Thou hast enjoined obedience, and one of those through whom and at whose hands this takes place! [i.e., those who actually put the profession of Unity, faith, and attestation into practice.] Amen, Lord of the worlds!

O God, nothing repels Thy wrath but Thy clemency, nothing repels Thy displeasure but Thy pardon, nothing grants sanctuary from Thy punishment but Thy mercy, and nothing will deliver me from Thee except pleading to Thee before Thee, [Allusion to the Prophet's supplication quoted in the introduction: 'I seek refuge in Thy good pleasure from Thy displeasure and in Thy pardon from Thy punishment. I seek refuge in Thee from Thee.']so bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, and give us on Thy part, my God, relief by means of the power through which Thou bringest the dead servants to life and revivest the dead lands. [[We] sent down out of heaven water in measure; and We revived thereby a land that was dead; even so you shall be brought forth [on the Day of Resurrection].]

Destroy me not through gloom, my God, before Thou respondest to me and givest me the knowledge of Thy response to my supplication! Let me taste the flavour of well-being to the end of my term! And let not my enemy gloat over me, place not my neck in his power, and give him not authority over me!

My God, if Thou raisest me up, who is there to push me down? If Thou pushest me down, who is there to raise me up? If Thou honourest me, who is there to humiliate me? If Thou humiliatest me, who is there to honour me? If Thou chastisest me, who is there to have mercy upon me? If Thou destroyest me, who is there to stand up for Thy servant against Thee or ask Thee about his affair? But I know that there is no wrong in Thy decree and no hurry in Thy vengeance. He alone hurries who fears to miss, and only the weak needs to wrong. But Thou art exalted, my God, high indeed above all that!

O God, bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, make me not the target of affliction nor the object of Thy vengeance, respite me, comfort me, release me from my stumble, and afflict me not with an affliction in the wake of an affliction, for Thou hast seen my frailty, the paucity of my stratagems, and my pleading to Thee!

I seek refuge in Thee today, my God, from Thy wrath, so bless Muhammad and his Household and give me refuge!

I seek sanctuary in Thee today from Thy displeasure, so bless Muhammad and his Household, and give me sanctuary!

I ask Thee security from Thy chastisement, so bless Muhammad and his Household, and give me security!

I seek guidance from Thee, so bless Muhammad and his Household and guide me!

I seek help from Thee, so bless Muhammad and his Household and help me!

I ask Thee for mercy, so bless Muhammad and his Household and have mercy upon me!

I seek sufficiency from Thee, so bless Muhammad and his Household and suffice me!

I seek provision from Thee, so bless Muhammad and his Household and provide for me!

I seek assistance from Thee, so bless Muhammad and his Household and assist me!

I pray forgiveness for my past sins, so bless Muhammad and his Household and forgive me!

I ask Thee to preserve me from sin, so bless Muhammad and his Household and preserve me, for I will not return to anything Thou dislikest from me, if Thou willest that!

My Lord! My Lord! O All-loving! O All-kind! O Possessor of majesty and munificence! Bless Muhammad and his Household, and grant me everything that I ask from Thee, seek from Thee, and beseech from Thee! Will it, ordain it, decree it, and accomplish it! Give me good in that of it which Thou decreest! Bless me in that, be gratuitously bountiful toward me through it, make me happy in that of it which Thou givest to me, and increase me in Thy bounty and the plenty of what is with Thee, for Thou art Boundless, Generous! And link that to the good and the bliss of the next world, O Most Merciful of the merciful!


Repelling Enemies

Dua 49: Repelling Enemies

His Supplication in Repelling the Trickery of Enemies and Driving away their Severity



My God, Thou guided me but I diverted myself, Thou admonished me but my heart became hardened, Thou tried me graciously but I disobeyed. Then, when Thou caused me to know it, I came to know that from which Thou hadst turned [me] away, so I prayed forgiveness and Thou released, and I returned and Thou covered over. So Thine, my God, is the praise!

I plunged into the valleys of destruction and settled in the ravines of ruin, exposing myself to Thy chastisements and the descent of Thy punishments!

My mediation with Thee is the profession of Unity, my way of coming to Thee that I associate nothing with Thee, nor do I take along with Thee a god; I have fled to Thee with my soul - in Thee is the place of flight for the evildoer, the place of escape for him who has squandered the share of his soul and seeks asylum.

How many an enemy has unsheathed the sword of his enmity toward me, honed the cutting edge of his knife for me, sharpened the tip of his blade for me, mixed his killing potions for me, pointed toward me his straight-flying arrows, not allowed the eye of his watchfulness to sleep toward me, and secretly thought of visiting me with something hateful and making me gulp down the bitter water of his bile!

So Thou looked my God, at my weakness in bearing oppressive burdens, my inability to gain victory over him who aims to war against me, and my being alone before the great numbers of him who is hostile toward me and lies in wait for me with an affliction about which I have not thought.

Thou set out at once to help me and Thou braced up my back! Thou blunted for me his blade, made him, after a great multitude, solitary, raised up my heel over him, and turned back upon him what he had pointed straight. So Thou sent him back, his rage not calmed, his burning thirst not quenched! Biting his fingers, he turned his back in flight, his columns having been of no use.

How many an oppressor has oppressed me with his tricks, set up for me the net of his snares, appointed over me the inspection of his regard, and lay in ambush for me, the lying in ambush of a predator for its game, waiting to take advantage of its prey, while he showed me the smile of the flatterer and looked at me with the intensity of fury!

So when Thou saw, my God, (blessed art Thou and high exalted) the depravity of his secret thoughts and the ugliness of what he harboured, Thou threw him on his head into his own pitfall and dumped him into the hole of his own digging. So he was brought down low, after his overbearing, by the nooses of his own snare, wherein he had thought he would see me; and what came down upon his courtyard - had it not been for Thy mercy - was on the point of coming down upon me!

How many an evier has choked upon me in his agony, fumed over me in his rage, cut me with the edge of his tongue, showed malice toward me by accusing me of his own faults, made my good repute the target of his shots, collared me with his own constant defects, showed malice toward me with his trickery, and aimed at me with his tricks!

So I called upon Thee, my God, seeking aid from Thee, trusting in the speed of Thy response, knowing that he who seeks haven in the shadow of Thy wing will not be mistreated, and he who seeks asylum in the stronghold of Thy victory will not be frightened. So Thou fortified me against his severity through Thy power.

How many a cloud of detested things Thou hast dispelled from me, a cloud of favour Thou hast made rain down upon me, a stream of mercy Thou hast let flow, a well-being in which Thou hast clothed me, an eye of mishap Thou hast blinded, and a wrap of distress Thou hast removed!

How many a good opinion Thou hast verified, a destitution Thou hast redressed, an infirmity Thou hast restored to health, and a misery Thou hast transformed!

All of that was favour and graciousness from Thee, and in all of it I was occupied with acts of disobeying Thee. My evildoing did not hinder Thee from completing Thy beneficence, nor was I stopped from committing acts displeasing to Thee. Thou art not questioned as to what Thou dost! [ He is not questioned as to what He does, but they shall be questioned.]

Thou wert asked, and Thou bestowed. Thou wert not asked, and Thou began. Thy bounty was requested, and Thou didst not skimp. Thou refused, my Master, everything but beneficence, kindness, graciousness, and favour, and I refused everything but plunging into what Thou hast made unlawful, transgressing Thy bounds, and paying no heed to Thy threat! So Thine is the praise, my God, the All-powerful who is not overcome, and the Possessor of patient waiting who does not hurry!

This is the station of one who confesses to lavishness of favours, counters them with shortcomings, and bears witness to his own negligence.

O God, so I seek nearness to Thee through the elevated rank of Muhammad and the radiant degree of 'Ali, and I turn to Thee through them so that Thou wilt give me refuge from the evil of [so and so], [For 'so and so' the supplicant should supply words appropriate to his own situation.]for that will not constrain Thee in Thy wealth, nor trouble Thee in Thy power, and Thou art powerful over everything!

So give me, my God, by Thy mercy and Thy lasting bestowal of success, that which I may take as a ladder with which to climb to Thy good pleasure and be secure from Thy punishment, O Most merciful of the merciful!


Dua 50: Fear


O God, Thou created me without fault, nurtured me when small, and provided me with sufficiency.

O God, I found in the Book which Thou sent down and through which Thou gave good news to Thy servants, that Thou said, O My servants who hare been prodigal against yourselves, do not despair of God's mercy, surely God forgives all sins,  but there has gone ahead from me what Thou knowest (and of which Thou knowest more than I)! O the shame of what Thy Book has counted against me! [This is the Book of Records on the Day of Judgement, mentioned, for example, in And the Book shall be set in place; and thou wilt see the sinners fearful at what is in it, saying: 'Alas for us! How is it with this Book, that it leaves nothing behind, small or great, but it has counted it?'.]

Were it not for the places where I expectantly hope for Thy pardon, which enfolds all things, I would have thrown myself down [in despair]! Were anyone able to flee from his Lord, I would be the most obligated to flee from Thee! But not a secret in earth and heaven is concealed from Thee, except that Thou bringest it. [Allusion to such Qur'anic verses as: Not so much as the weight of an ant in heaven and earth escapes from Him, neither is aught smaller than that, or greater, but it is in a Manifest Book.]Thou sufficest as a recompenser! Thou sufficest as a reckoner!

O God, surely Thou wouldst seek me if I flee and catch me if I run. So here I am before Thee, abject, lowly, abased. If Thou chastisest me, I am worthy of that, and it would be, my Lord, an act of justice from Thee. But if Thou pardonest me, anciently has Thy pardon enfolded me and Thy well-being garmented me!

So I ask Thee, O God, by Thy names stored in Thy treasury [Cf. the following sentence from a supplication of the Prophet: 'I ask Thee by every one of Thy names by which Thou hast named Thyself, which Thou hast taught to one of Thy creatures, which Thou hast sent down in Thy Book, or which Thou hast kept to Thyself in the knowledge of the Unseen.A passage from the same hadith is quoted in Supplication.] and Thy splendour masked by the veils! If Thou hast no mercy upon this anxious soul and these uneasy, decaying bones - he cannot endure the heat of Thy sun, so how can he endure the heat of Thy Fire? He cannot endure the sound of Thy thunder, so how can he endure the sound of Thy wrath?

So have mercy upon me, O God, for I am a vile man and my worth is little. Chastising me will not add the weight of a dust mote to Thy kingdom. Were chastising me something that would add to Thy kingdom, I would ask Thee for patience to bear it and would love for it to belong to Thee; but Thy authority, my God, is mightier, and Thy kingdom more lasting, than that the obedience of the obeyers should increase it or the disobedience of the sinners diminish it!

So have mercy upon me, O Most Merciful of the merciful! Show me forbearance, O Possessor of majesty and munificence! And turn toward me, Surely Thou art Ever-turning, All-compassionate!

Pleading and Abasement

Dua 51: Pleading and Abasement


My God, I praise Thee, - and Thou art worthy of praise - for Thy benefaction toward me, the lavishness of Thy favours toward me, and Thy plentiful bestowal upon me, and for showing bounty toward me through Thy mercy and lavishing Thy favour upon me. Thou hast done well toward me and I am incapable of thanking Thee.
Were it not for Thy beneficence toward me and the lavishness of Thy favours upon me, I would not have reached the taking of my share nor would my soul have been set right, but Thou began with beneficence toward me, provided me sufficiency in all my affairs, turned away from me the toil of affliction, and held back from me the feared decree.
My God, how many a toilsome affliction which Thou hast turned away from me! How many a lavish favour with which Thou hast gladdened my eye! How many a generous benefaction of Thine which is present with me!

It is Thou who responded to my supplication at the time of distress, released me from my slip in stumbling, and took my enemies to task for doing wrong to me.
My God, I did not find Thee a miser when I asked of Thee nor a withholder when I desired from Thee. No, 1 found Thee a hearer of my supplication and a bestower of my requests; I found Thy favours toward me lavish in my every situation and in my every time. So Thou art praised by me and Thy benefaction honoured.
My soul, my tongue, and my intelligence praise Thee, a praise that reaches fulfilment and the reality of thanksgiving, a praise that attains to Thy good pleasure with me - so deliver me from Thy displeasure!
O my cave when the ways thwart me! O He who releases me from my stumble! Were it not for Thy covering my shameful defects, I would be one of the disgraced. O my confirmer through help! Were it not for Thy helping me, I would be one of the overcome! O He before whom kings place the yoke of lowliness around their necks, fearing His penalties! O worthy of reverent fear! O He to whom belong the names most beautiful! I ask Thee to pardon me and to forgive me, for I am not innocent that I should offer excuses, nor a possessor of strength that I should gain victory, nor have I any place of flight that I should flee!
I ask Thee to release me from my stumbles, and before Thee I disavow my sins, which have laid me waste, encompassed me, and destroyed me! I flee from them to Thee, my Lord, turning repentantly, so turn toward me, seeking refuge, so grant me refuge, asking sanctuary, so abandon me not, requesting, so deprive me not, holding fast, so leave me not, supplicating, so send me not back disappointed!
I have supplicated Thee, my Lord, as one miserable, abased, apprehensive, fearful, quaking, poor, driven to have recourse to Thee!
I complain to Thee, my God, of my soul - which is too weak to hurry to that which Thou hast promised Thy friends or to avoid that against which Thou hast cautioned Thy enemies - and of the multitude of my concerns, and of my soul's confusing thoughts.
My God, Thou hast not disgraced me through my secret thoughts or destroyed me because of my misdeeds! I call upon Thee, and Thou respondest, even if I am slow when Thou callest upon me. I ask Thee everything I want of my needs, and I deposit with Thee my secret wherever I may be. I supplicate no one besides Thee, and I hope for no one other than Thee.
At Thy service! At Thy service! Thou hearest him who complains to Thee! Thou receivest him who has confidence in Thee! Thou savest him who holds fast to Thee! Thou givest relief to him who seeks shelter in Thee!
My God, so deprive me not of the good of the last world and the first because of the paucity of my thanksgiving and forgive me the sins of mine which Thou knowest!
If Thou chastisest, I am the wrongdoer, the neglecter, the negligent, the sinner, the derelict, the sluggard, the heedless of the share of my soul! And if Thou forgivest - Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful!




Imploring God

Dua 52: Imploring God


O God, from whom nothing is concealed in earth or heaven! How should what Thou hast created, my God, be concealed from Thee? How shouldst Thou not number what Thou hast made? How should what Thou governest be absent from Thee? How should one who has no life except through Thy provision have the ability to flee from Thee? How should one who has no road except in Thy kingdom escape from Thee?

Glory be to Thee! He among Thy creatures who fears Thee most knows Thee best, [Allusion Only those of His servants fear God who have knowledge.] he among them most bent in humility is most active in obeying Thee, and he among them whom Thou providest while he worships another is most contemptible before Thee!

Glory be to Thee! He who associates others with Thee and denies Thy messengers diminishes not Thy authority. He who dislikes Thy decree cannot reject Thy command. He who denies Thy power keeps himself not away from Thee. He who worships other than Thee escapes Thee not. He who dislikes meeting Thee will not be given endless life in this world.

Glory be to Thee! How mighty is Thy station, overpowering Thy authority, intense Thy strength, penetrating Thy command!

Glory be to Thee! Thou hast decreed death for all Thy creatures, both him who professes Thy Unity and him who disbelieves in Thee; each one will taste death, [Refer: Every soul shall taste death, then unto Us you shall be returned.] each one will come home to Thee. Blessed art Thou and high exalted! There is no god but Thou, Thou alone, who hast no associate.

I have faith in Thee, I attest to Thy messengers, I accept Thy Book, I disbelieve in every object of worship other than Thee, I am quit of anyone who worships another!

O God, I rise in the morning and enter the evening making little of my good works, confessing my sins, admitting my offenses; I am abased because of my prodigality against myself. My works have destroyed me, my caprice has ruined me, my passions have deprived me.

So I ask Thee, my Master, the asking of him whose soul is diverted by his drawn out expectations, whose body is heedless because of the stillness of his veins, [The commentator suggests that the 'stillness of his veins' alludes to the health of his body, which in turn brings about comfort and ease, making him heedless of God and the next world.] whose heart is entranced by the multitude of favours done for him, whose reflection is little concerning that to which he is coming home;

the asking of him whom false expectation has overcome, caprice has entranced, and this world has mastered, and over whom death has cast its shadow; the asking of him who makes much of his sins and confesses his offense; the asking of him who has no Lord but Thou, no friend besides Thee, no one to deliver him from Thee, and no asylum from Thee except in Thee.

My God, I ask Thee by Thy right incumbent upon all Thy creatures, by Thy mighty name with which Thou commanded Thy messenger to glorify Thee, and by the majesty of Thy generous face, which ages not, nor changes, nor alters, nor passes away, that Thou blessest Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, that Thou freest me from need for all things through worshipping Thee, that Thou distractest my soul from this world through fear of Thee, and that Thou turnest me back toward Thy abundant generosity through Thy mercy!

To Thee I flee, Thee I fear, from Thee I seek aid, in Thee I hope, Thee I supplicate, in Thee I seek asylum, in Thee I trust, from Thee I ask help, in Thee I have faith, in Thee I have placed my confidence, and upon Thy munificence and Thy generosity I rely.

Abasing himself

Dua 53: Abasing himself

His Supplication in Abasing himself before God (Mighty and Majestic is He)


My Lord, my sins have silenced me, and my words have been cut off. I have no argument, for I am the prisoner of my own affliction, the hostage to my works, the frequenter of my own offense, the confused in my intended way, the thwarted.

I have brought myself to a halt in the halting place of the abased sinners, the halting place of the wretched and insolent, those who think lightly of Thy promise.

Glory be to Thee! What insolence I have insolently shown toward Thee! What delusion with which I have deluded myself!

My Master, have mercy on my falling flat on my face the slipping of my foot, grant me my ignorance through Thy clemency, and my evildoing through Thy beneficence, for I admit my sin and I confess my offense: Here are my hand and my forelock! I am resigned to retaliation against my soul! Have mercy on my white hair, the depletion of my days, the nearing of my term, my frailty, my misery, and the paucity of my stratagems!

My Master, and have mercy upon me when my trace is cut off from this world, my mention is effaced among the creatures, and I join the forgotten, like the forgotten ones!

My Master, and have mercy upon me at the change of my form and state when my body decays, my limbs are scattered, and my joints are dismembered! O my heedlessness toward what was wanted from me!

My Master, have mercy upon me at my mustering and uprising and on that day, appoint my standing place with Thy friends, my place of emergence with Thy beloveds, and my dwelling in Thy neighbourhood! O Lord of the worlds!

The Removal of Worries

Dua 54: The Removal of Worries


O Reliever of worry! O Remover of grief! O Merciful in this world and the next and Compassionate in both! Bless Muhammad and his Household, relieve my worry, and remove my grief!

O One, O Unique, O Eternal Refuge! O He Who has not begotten, nor has been begotten, and equal to Him is not any one!  Preserve me, purify me, and take away my affliction!


O God, I ask Thee with the asking of him whose neediness is intense, whose strength is frail, whose sins are many, the asking of one who finds no helper in his neediness, no strengthener in his frailty, no forgiver of his sin other than Thee, O Possessor of majesty and munificence! I ask of Thee a work through which Thou wilt love him who works it and a certainty by which Thou wilt profit him who is certain with the truth of certainty concerning the execution of Thy command!

O God, bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, take my soul while it is firm in sincerity, cut off my need for this world, make my desire for what is with Thee become a yearning to meet Thee, and give me true confidence in Thee!

I ask of Thee the good of the writ that has been made and I seek refuge with Thee from the evil of the writ that has been made. [Allusion to such verses as Had it not been for a prior writ from God, there had afflicted you, for what you took, a dreadful chastisement.] I ask of Thee the fear of The worshipers, the worship of those humbly fearful of Thee, the certainty of those who have confidence in Thee, and the confidence of those who have faith in Thee.

O God, make my desire in my asking like the desire of Thy friends in their asking, and my fear like the fear of Thy friends! Employ me in Thy good pleasure through works in which I will not leave aside anything of Thy religion fearing any of Thy creatures!

O God, this is my need, so make my desire for it great, within it make manifest my excuse, through it instil me with my argument, and by means of it make well my body!

O God, some rise in the morning having trust or hope in other than Thee. I rise in the morning, and Thou art my trust and my hope in all affairs, so decree for me those which are best in outcome and deliver me from misguiding trials, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

And God bless our chief, Muhammad the Messenger of God, the chosen, and his Household, the pure!

One of his Glorifications of Allah

Dua 55: One of his Glorifications of Allah


Glory be to Thee, O God, and I beg Thy loving care!

Glory be to Thee, O God, and high art Thou exalted!

Glory be to Thee, O God, and might is Thy loincloth! [This verse and the following allude to the well-known hadith qudsi: 'Might is My loincloth and mightiness My cloak. If anyone contends with Me in either of these, I will cast him into Gehenna.' Cf. W. Graham, Divine Word and Prophetic Word, pp.]

Glory be to Thee, O God, and mightiness is Thy cloak!

Glory be to Thee, O God, and magnificence is Thy authority!

Glory be to Thee, All-Mighty! How mighty Thou art!

Glory be to Thee! Thou art glorified in the highest! [This is probably an allusion to the Highest Assembly.] Thou hearest and seest what is under the soil.]
Glory be to Thee! Thou art witness over every whispered conversation! [ Know they not that God knows their secret and their whispered conversation, and that God knows the things unseen.]

Glory be to Thee, the place where every complaint is put down!

Glory be to Thee, present in every assembly!

Glory be to Thee, object of great hopes!

Glory be to Thee! Thou seest what is at the lowest depth of the water!

Glory be to Thee! Thou hearest the breaths of the fish in the lowest depths of the oceans!

Glory be to Thee! Thou knowest the weight of the heavens!

Glory be to Thee! Thou knowest the weight of the earths!

Glory be to Thee! Thou knowest the weight of the sun and the moon!

Glory be to Thee! Thou knowest the weight of the darkness and the light!

Glory be to Thee! Thou knowest the weight of the shadow and the air!

Glory be to Thee! Thou knowest the weight of the wind, how many times it is greater than the weight of a dust mote!

Glory be to Thee, All-holy, All-holy, All-holy!

Glory be to Thee! I wonder how any who knows Thee could fear Thee not!

Glory be to Thee, O God, and Thine is the praise!

Glory be to God, the All-high, the All-Mighty!


Al-Zuhri related from Sa'id ibn al-Musayyib. [Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri was a well known jurist and traditionist and, as mentioned in the introduction, is credited with being the first to call the Imam by the title 'Zayn al-'Abidin'. Sa'id ibn al-Musayyib, one of the 'seven jurists' of Medina, was known as the 'Chief of the Followers' (sayyid al-tabi'in), that is, those who followed the generation of the Prophet's Companions.] He said: The people were not going out of Mecca until Ali ibn al-Husayn, the chief of the worshippers (upon him be peace) went out.

So he went out, and they went out with him. He stopped in one of the waystations and prayed two rak'as. Then he glorified God - I mean with this glorification - during his prostration.

There was no tree and no clod of earth that did not glorify along with him, so we were frightened. He raised his head.

He said: O Sa'id, are you frightened? I said: Yes, O son of the Messenger of God!

He said: This is the greatest glorification. It was related to me by my father from his grandfather from the Messenger of God (God bless him and his Household). No sins remain with this glorification. When God (majestic is His majesty) created Gabriel, He inspired him with this glorification. It is God's greatest name.

A Supplication and Magnification by him (peace be upon them)

Dua 56: A Supplication and Magnification by him (peace be upon them)


Praise belongs to God, who disclosed Himself to hearts through mightiness, veiled Himself from eyes through might, and exercises power over the things through power!

Eyes are not firm enough to see Him and imaginations reach not the core of His mightiness.

He displays His overwhelming power in mightiness and magnificence, robes Himself in might, goodness, and majesty, is far removed from imperfection through comeliness and beauty, assumes His glory in pride and splendour, puts on His majesty through glory and boons, and has chosen for Himself light and radiance.

He is a Creator who has no equal, a Unique who has no rival, a One who has no opposite, an Eternal Refuge who has no match, a God who has no second, an Initiator who has no partner, a Provider who has no helper.

He is the First without disappearance, the Everlasting without annihilation, the Standing without difficulty, the Security-giver without end, the Originator without term, the Maker without anything, the Lord without partner, the Initiator without discomfort, the Accomplisher without incapacity.

He has no bound in space and no limit in time; He ever was, He ever is, He ever will be the same, endlessly. He is God, the Living, the Self-subsistent, the Everlasting, the Eternal, the All-powerful, the All-wise.

My God, Thy little slave is in Thy courtyard, Thy beggar is in Thy courtyard, Thy poor one is in Thy courtyard!


My God, before Thee tremble the pious tremblers, to Thee devote themselves the lamenters, in fear of Thee, in hope of Thee!

O God of Truth, have mercy upon the supplication of those who cry for help! Pardon the sins of the heedless! And increase beneficence toward those who keep turning [to Thee] on the Day they arrive before Thee, O Generous God!

Mentioning the Household of Muhammad (peace be upon them)

Dua 57: Mentioning the Household of Muhammad (peace be upon them)


O God, O He who singled out Muhammad and his Household for honour, showed favour toward them with messengerhood, specified them for the mediation, [On the 'mediation' given to the Imams.] appointed them the heirs to the prophets, sealed with them the executors and the Imams, taught them the knowledge of what has been and what remains to be, and made the hearts of the people incline toward them!

Bless Muhammad and his Household, the pure, and act toward us with that of which Thou art worthy in religion, in this world, and in the next world! Thou art powerful over everything.

Calling down Blessings upon Adam

Dua 58: Calling down Blessings upon Adam


O God, as for Adam, the marvel of Thy creation, the first made of clay to confess Thy Lordship, the beginning of Thy argument against Thy servants and creatures, the guide to seeking sanctuary in Thy pardon from Thy punishment, the opener of the paths of repentance toward Thee, the giver of the creatures access to knowledge of Thee,

the one concerning whom Thou hast conveyed Thy good pleasure through Thy kindness and Thy mercy toward him,

the one who turned back and did not persist in disobeying Thee, the forerunner among the self-abasers, who shaved his head in Thy sacred precinct, and among the seekers of access to Thy pardon, through obedience after disobedience, and the father of the prophets, who were made to suffer for Thy sake and who strove more than all the earth's inhabitants in obeying Thee -

bless him, Thou - O All-merciful - Thy angels and the inhabitants of Thy heavens and Thy earth, just as he magnified Thy inviolable commands and guided us upon the path of Thy good pleasure, O Most Merciful of the merciful!


Dua 59: Distress

His Supplication in Distress and Seeking Release


My God, let not my enemy gloat over me and torment not my dear kinsman or friend through me!

My God, of Thy glances, give me one glance, and thereby remove from me that by which Thou hast afflicted me and return me to the best of Thy customs with me! Respond to my supplication and the supplication of him who devotes his supplication sincerely to Thee, for my power has become frail, my stratagems few, my situation severe, and I despair of what is with Thy creatures, so nothing remains for me but hope in Thee!

My God, surely Thy power to remove that in which I dwell is like Thy power in that with which Thou hast afflicted me! And surely the remembrance of Thy acts of kindliness comforts me and hope in Thy showing favour and Thy bounty strengthens me, for I have not been without Thy favour ever since Thou created me.

And Thou, my God, art my place of flight, my asylum, my protector, my defender,

the loving toward me, the compassionate, and the guarantor of my provision. In Thy decree lay what has settled upon me and in Thy knowledge that to which I have come home.

So, my Patron and Master, place within that which Thou hast ordained, decreed, and made unavoidable for me, my well-being and that wherein lies my soundness and my deliverance from that in which I am!

I hope for none to repel this other than Thee, and I rely in it only upon Thee.

O Possessor of majesty and munificence, be with my best opinion of Thee! [Allusion to the hadith qudsi, 'I am with My servant's opinion of Me'; in some versions, there occurs the phrase, 'so let him think about Me what he will' (Graham, Divine).]

Have mercy upon my frailty and the paucity of my stratagems, remove my distress, grant my supplication, ease me from my stumble, and show kindness to me in that and to everyone who supplicates Thee! My Master, Thou hast commanded me to supplicate and undertaken to respond, [Again reference to  Supplicate Me and I will respond to you.] and Thy promise is the truth in which there is no failing, nor any change.

So bless Muhammad, Thy prophet and servant, and the pure, the Folk of his House, and help me, surely Thou art the help of him who has no help and the stronghold of him who has no stronghold, while I am the distressed the response to whom and the removal of evil from whom Thou hast made obligatory! So respond to me, remove my concern, relieve my gloom, return my state to the best it has been, and repay me not according to what I deserve, but according to Thy mercy which embracest all things, O Possessor of majesty and munificence! Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, hear, and respond, O All-mighty!

Fear and Dread

Dua 60: Fear

His Supplication against that which he Feared and Dreaded [This supplication seems to be another version.]


My God, nothing repels Thy wrath but Thy clemency, nothing delivers from Thy punishment but Thy pardon, nothing rescues from Thee but Thy mercy and pleading to Thee!

So give me, my God, relief by means of the power through which Thou bringest the dead lands to life and revivest the spirits of the servants!  Destroy me not, and give me the knowledge of Thy response, my Lord! Raise me up and push me not down, help me, provide for me, and release me from every blight!

My Lord, if Thou raisest me up, who will push me down? If Thou pushest me down, who will raise me up? But I know, my God, that there is no wrong in Thy decree, and no hurry in Thy vengeance. He alone hurries who fears to miss, and only the weak needs to wrong. But Thou art exalted, my Master, high indeed above all that!

My Lord, make me not the target of affliction nor the object of Thy vengeance, respite me, comfort me, release me from my stumble, and send not affliction after me, for Thou hast seen my frailty, and the paucity of my stratagems. So give me patience, for I, my Lord, am weak, and I plead to Thee, my Lord!

'I seek refuge in Thee from Thee', so give me refuge!

I seek sanctuary in Thee from every affliction, so grant me sanctuary!

I cover myself through Thee, so cover me, my Master, from what I fear and dread!

Thou art the All-mighty, mightier than every mighty thing!

Through Thee, through Thee, through Thee, I cover myself.

O God, O God, O God, O God, O God, O God, O God, O God, O God, O God! Bless Muhammad and his Household, the good, the pure!


Dua 61: Abasing himself


My Master, my Master! Thou art the Master and I the servant! Has anyone mercy upon the servant but the master?

My Master, my Master! Thou art the Exalted and I the abased! Has anyone mercy upon the abased but the exalted?

My Master, my Master! Thou art the Creator and I the creature! Has anyone mercy upon the creature but the creator?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Giver and I the asker! Has anyone mercy upon the asker but the giver?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Helper and I the seeker of help! Has anyone mercy upon the seeker of help but the helper?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Subsistent and I the perishing! Has anyone mercy upon the perishing but the subsistent?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Everlasting and I the vanishing! Has anyone mercy upon the vanishing but the everlasting?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Living and I the dead! Has anyone mercy upon the dead but the living?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Strong and I the weak! Has anyone mercy upon the weak but the strong?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Rich and I the poor! Has anyone mercy upon the poor but the rich?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Great and I the small! Has anyone mercy upon the small but the great?

My Master, My Master! Thou art the Owner and I the owned! Has anyone mercy upon the owned but the owner?

For Sunday

Dua 62: For Sunday


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

In the name of God, from whom I hope for nothing but bounty, and from whom I fear nothing but justice! I rely only upon His word, and I cling only to His cord!

In Thee I seek sanctuary - O Possessor of pardon and good pleasure - from wrong and enmity, from the changes of time and the recurrence of sorrows, from the striking of mishaps, and from the expiration of my term before preparation and readiness.

From Thee I seek guidance to that wherein is righteousness and being set right.

From Thee I seek help in that which is linked to success and favourable response.

Thee I beseech for the garment of well-being and its completion and for the covering of health and its permanence. I seek refuge in Thee, my Lord, from the goadings of the satans, and I seek protection in Thy sovereignty from the injustice of the sovereigns. So accept my past prayers and fasting and make my tomorrow and what is after better than my present hour and my today! Exalt me in my clan and my people and protect me in my waking and my sleeping! For Thou art God, the Best Guardian, and Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful.

O God, I am quit before Thee on this day of mine and on all Sundays that follow it of associating others with Thee and of heresy, and I devote my supplication sincerely to Thee, addressing myself to Thy response.

So bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, the best of Thy creation, the summoner to Thy truth, exalt me with Thy exaltation, which is never made to suffer loss, protect me with Thy eye, which never sleeps, and seal my affairs by cutting me off from everything but Thee and my life with forgiveness! Surely Thou art the All-forgiving, the All-compassionate!

For Monday

Dua 63: For Monday


In the Name of God, the All-Merciful,
the All-compassionate

Praise belongs to God, who allowed none to witness when He created the heavens and the earth, and who took no helper when He authored the spirits!

He has no associate in Divinity and no support in Unity.

Tongues fall silent before the limit of describing Him, intellects fail before the core of knowing Him, tyrants fall low in awe of Him, faces are humbled in fear of Him, [Allusion to 20:111: Faces shall be humbled unto the Living, the Subsistent.] and everything mighty yields to His mightiness!

So to Thee belongs praise, again and again, well-measured, continually, methodically!

And may His blessings be upon His Messenger endlessly, His salutation everlastingly, eternally!

O God, make the beginning of this day of mine righteousness, its middle prosperity, and its end success! I seek refuge in Thee from a day whose beginning is fright, whose middle is anxiety, and whose end is pain!

O God, I pray forgiveness from Thee for every vow I have vowed, every promise I have promised, and every pledge I have pledged and then failed to keep for Thee.

I ask Thee concerning the complaints of Thy servants against me: If there is a servant from among Thy servants or a handmaid from among Thy handmaids, who has against me a complaint because I have wronged him in respect to himself, his reputation, his property, his wife or his child, evil words I have spoken about him in his absence, an imposition upon him through inclination, caprice, scorn, zeal, false show, bigotry, whether he be absent or present, alive or dead, such that my hand has fallen short and my capacity has been too narrow to make restitution to him or to annul my obligation to him,

I ask Thee, O He who owns all objects of need - which are granted by His will and hasten to His desire - that Thou blessest Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, makest [the one I have wronged] satisfied with me in the manner that Thou willest, and givest me mercy from Thee! Forgiveness decreases Thee not and giving injures Thee not, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, give me on every Monday two favours from Thee: the felicity to obey Thee at its beginning and the favour of Thy forgiveness at its end! O He who is God and none other than whom grants forgiveness for sins!

For Tuesday

Dua 64: For Tuesday


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

Praise belongs to God - and praise is His right, since He deserves it - abundant praise!

I seek refuge in Him from the evil of my soul, for surely the soul commands to evil except as my Lord has mercy.

I seek refuge in Him from the evil of Satan who adds sins to my sin.

I seek protection with Him from every wicked tyrant, unjust sovereign, and conquering enemy.

O God, place me among Thy troops, for Thy troops - they are the victors,  place me in Thy party, for Thy party - they are the ones who prosper, and place me among Thy friends, for Thy.]

O God, set right for me my religion, for it is the preserving tie of my affair, set right for me my hereafter, for it is the abode of my permanent lodging and to it I flee from the neighbourhood of the vile! Make life an increase for me in every good and death an ease for me from every evil!

O God, bless Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets and the completion of the number of the envoys, his Household, the good, the pure, and his Companions, the distinguished, and give me on the Tuesday three things:

Leave no sin for me unless Thou forgivest it, no grief unless Thou takest it away, and no enemy unless Thou repellest him! By means of 'in the name of "God" ', the best of the Names, in the name of God, Lord of earth and heaven,

I seek to repulse every hateful thing, the first of which is His anger, and I seek to attract every loveable thing, the first of which is His good pleasure!

So seal me with forgiveness from Thee, O Patron of beneficence!

For Wednesday

Dua 65: For Wednesday


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

Praise belongs to God, who appointed the night to be a garment, and sleep for a rest, and day He appointed for a rising! ]

To Thee belongs praise, for Thou roused me from my sleep, - and hadst Thou willed, Thou wouldst have made it everlasting - an everlasting praise that will never be cut off and whose number the creatures will never count!

O God, to Thee belongs praise, for Thou created, then proportioned, ordained and decreed, gave death and bestowed life, made sick and healed, made well and afflicted, sat upon the Throne and encompassed the Kingdom! [There are a number of Qur'anic allusions in this passage, including: He created, then proportioned, and He sat upon the Throne.]

I supplicate Thee with the supplication of one whose mediation is weak, whose stratagems have been cut off, whose term has drawn near, whose expectation from this world has shrunk, whose neediness for Thy mercy has intensified, whose remorse for his neglect has become great, whose slips and stumbles have become many, and whose repentance is devoted sincerely to Thy face.

So bless Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, and his Household, the good, the pure, provide me with the intercession of Muhammad (God bless him and his Household) and deprive me not of his companionship! Surely Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, decree for me on Wednesday four things: Induce me to be strong in obedience to Thee, to be joyful in worshipping Thee, to be desirous of Thy reward, and to abstain from that which would make incumbent upon me Thy painful punishment! Thou art Gentle to whom Thou wilt!

For Thursday

Dua 66: For Thursday


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

Praise belongs to God, who has taken away the shadowy night by His power and brought the sight-giving day through His mercy. He has clothed me in its brightness and given me its favour.

O God, just as Thou hast spared me for this day, so also spare me for its likes, bless the prophet Muhammad and his Household, torment me not in it and in other nights and days by allowing me to commit unlawful acts and to clothe myself in sins; provide me with its good, the good of all within it, and the good of everything after it; and turn away from me its evil, the evil of all within it, and the evil of everything after it!

O God, by the protective compact of Islam, I seek mediation with Thee! By the inviolability of the Qur'an, I rely upon Thee! By Muhammad the chosen (God bless him and his Household) I seek intercession with Thee! So recognize my protective compact by which I hope my need will be granted, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

O God, decree for me on Thursday five things which none embraces but Thy generosity and none supports but Thy favours: health through which I may have the strength to obey Thee, worship by which I may deserve Thy plentiful reward, plenty in my state through lawful provision, and that Thou makest me secure in the places of fear through Thy security, and placest me in Thy fortress against the striking of worries and sorrows! Bless Muhammad and his Household, and make my seeking his mediation as an intercessor give profit on the Day of Resurrection! Surely Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful! [Ibid.]

For Friday

Dua 67: For Friday


In the Name of God, the All-Merciful,
the All-compassionate

All Praise belongs to God, the First before the bringing forth and the giving of life, and the Last after the annihilation of all things, the All-knowing who forgets not him who remembers Him, [Allusion to such verses as: They forgot God, so He forgot them; Today We forget you, just as you forgot the meeting on this your Day.] decreases not him who thanks Him, [Allusion If you are thankful, surely I will increase you, but if you are thankless, My chastisement is surely terrible.] disappoints not him who supplicates Him, and cuts not off the hope of him who hopes in Him!

O God, I call Thee to witness - and Thou art sufficient witness - and I call to witness all Thy angels, the inhabitants of Thy heavens, the bearers of Thy Throne, Thy prophets and Thy messengers whom Thou hast sent out, and the various kinds of creatures Thou hast brought forth, that I bear witness that Thou art God; there is no god but Thou, Thou alone, who hast no associate nor any equal, and Thy word has no failing, nor any change; and that Muhammad (God bless him and his Household) is Thy servant and Thy messenger; he delivered to the servants that with which Thou charged him, he struggled for God as is His due,he gave the good news of the truth of reward, and he warned of the veracity of punishment.

O God, make me firm in Thy religion as long as Thou keepest me alive, make not my heart to swerve after Thou hast guided me, and give me mercy from Thee, surely Thou art the Giver. Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, make me one of his followers and his partisans, muster me in his band, and give me the success of accomplishing the obligatory observance of Friday, performing the acts of obedience which Thou has made incumbent upon me within it, and [receiving] the bestowal which Thou hast apportioned for its people on the Day of Recompense! Surely Thou art Mighty, All-wise!

For Saturday

Dua 68: For Saturday


In the Name of God, the All-merciful
the All-compassionate

'In the name of God', the word of those who hold fast to Him, the speech of those who seek His protection! I seek refuge in God (high exalted is He) from the injustice of the unjust, the trickery of the enviers, and the oppression of the wrongdoers, and I praise Him beyond the praise of the praisers!

O God, Thou art the One without partner, and the King without having been made sovereign; no one opposes Thee in Thy decree and no one contests Thee in Thy kingdom!

I ask Thee to bless Muhammad and his Household, Thy servant and Thy messenger, inspire me with a thanksgiving for Thy favours which will take me to the utmost limit of Thy good pleasure, help me through the gentleness of Thy solitude to obey Thee, hold fast to worshipping Thee, and deserve Thy reward, have mercy upon me, bar me from acts of disobedience toward Thee as long as Thou keepest me alive, give me success in what profits me as long as Thou sparest me, expand my breast through Thy Book, lessen my burden through its recitation, bestow upon me health in my religion and my soul, estrange not my intimates from me, and complete Thy beneficence in what is left of my lifetime, just as Thou hast shown beneficence in that of it which has passed! O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Repenters

Dua 69: The Whispered Prayer of the Repenters


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate


My God, offenses have clothed me in the garment of my lowliness, separation from Thee has wrapped me in the clothing of my misery! My dreadful crimes have deadened my heart, so bring it to life by a repentance from Thee! O my hope and my aim! O my wish and my want! By Thy might, I find no one but Thee to forgive my sins and I see none but Thee to mend my brokenness! I have subjected myself to Thee in repeated turning, I have humbled myself to Thee in abasement. If Thou castest me out from Thy door, in whom shall I take shelter? If Thou repellest me from Thy side, in whom shall I seek refuge? O my grief at my ignominy and disgrace! O my sorrow at my evil works and what I have committed!

I ask Thee, O Forgiver of great sins, O Mender of broken bones, to overlook my ruinous misdeeds and cover my disgraceful secret thoughts! At the witnessing place of the Resurrection, empty me not of the coolness of Thy pardon and forgiveness, and strip me not of Thy beautiful forbearance and covering!

My God, let the cloud of Thy mercy cast its shadow upon my sins and send the billow of Thy clemency flowing over my faults!


Verse 4 translation missing in original book!


My God, if remorse for sins is a repentance, [Allusion to the saying of the Prophet: 'Remorse is a repentance.] I - by Thy might - am one of the remorseful! If praying forgiveness for offenses is an alleviation, I am one of those who pray forgiveness! To Thee I return that Thou may be well pleased!

My God, through Thy power over me, turn toward me, through Thy clemency toward me, pardon me, and through Thy knowledge of me, be gentle toward me!

My God, Thou art He who hast opened a door to Thy pardon and named it 'repentance', for Thou said, Repent to God with unswerving repentance. What is the excuse of him who remains heedless of entering the door after its opening?

My God, though the sins of Thy servant are ugly, Thy pardon is beautiful.

My God, I am not the first to have disobeyed Thee, and Thou turned toward him, or to have sought to attain Thy favour, and Thou wert munificent toward him. O Responder to the distressed! O Remover of injury! O Great in goodness! O Knower of everything secret! O Beautiful through covering over! I seek Thy munificence and Thy generosity to intercede with Thee, I seek Thy side and Thy showing mercy to mediate with Thee, so grant my supplication, disappoint not my hope in Thee, accept my repentance, and hide my offense, through Thy kindness and mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Complainers

Dua 70: The Whispered Prayer of the Complainers


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, to Thee I complain of a soul commanding to evil,rushing to offenses, eager to disobey Thee, and exposing itself to Thy anger. It takes me on the roads of disasters, it makes me the easiest of perishers before Thee; many its pretexts, drawn out its expectations; when evil touches it, it is anxious, when good touches it, grudging; [Allusion Surely man was created fretful, when evil touches him, anxious, when good visits him, grudging.] inclining to sport and diversion, full of heedlessness and inattention, it hurries me to misdeeds and makes me delay repentance.

My God, I complain to Thee of an enemy who misguides me and a satan who leads me astray. He has filled my breast with tempting thoughts, and his suggestions have encompassed my heart. He supports caprice against me, embellishes for me the love of this world, and separates me from obedience and proximity!

My God, to Thee I complain of a heart that is hard, turned this way and that by tempting thoughts, clothed in rust and the seal, [Allusion to the Qur'anic verse: No indeed, but what they were earning has rusted upon the hearts, as well as to the several instances where the Qur'an refers to the sealing of the unbelievers' hearts, e.g.: God has set a seal on their hearts.] and of an eye too indifferent to weep in fear of Thee and eagerly seeking that which gladdens it!

My God, there is no force and no strength except in Thy power, and no deliverance for me from the detested things of this world save through Thy preservation. So I ask Thee by Thy far-reaching wisdom and Thy penetrating will not to let me expose myself to other than Thy munificence and not to turn me into a target for trials! Be for me a helper against enemies, a coverer of shameful things and faults, a protector against afflictions, a preserver against acts of disobedience! By Thy clemency and mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Fearful

Dua 71: The Whispered Prayer of the Fearful


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, what thinkest Thou? Wilt Thou chastise me after my faith in Thee, drive me far away after my love for Thee, deprive me while I hope for Thy mercy and forgiveness, forsake me while I seek sanctuary in Thy pardon? How could Thy generous face disappoint me?! Would that I knew - Did my mother bear me for wretchedness? Did she nurture me for suffering? Would then that she had not borne me and had not nurtured me! Would that I had knowledge - Hast Thou appointed me one of the people of felicity? Hast Thou singled me out for Thy nearness and neighbourhood? Then would my eyes be gladdened, and in that my soul reach serenity.

My God, dost Thou blacken faces which fall down in prostration before Thy mightiness? Dost Thou strike dumb tongues which speak in laudation of Thy glory and majesty? Dost Thou seal hearts which harbour Thy love? Dost Thou deafen ears which take pleasure in hearing Thy remembrance according to Thy will? Dost Thou manacle hands which expectations have raised to Thee in hope of Thy clemency? Dost Thou punish bodies which worked to obey Thee until they grew thin in struggling for Thee? Dost Thou chastise legs which ran to worship Thee?

My God, lock not toward those who profess Thy Unity the doors of Thy mercy, and veil not those who yearn for Thee from looking upon the vision of Thy beauty!

My God, a soul which Thou hast exalted by its professing Thy Unity - how wilt Thou burn it in the heat of Thy fires?

My God, give me sanctuary from Thy painful wrath and Thy mighty anger! O All-loving, O All-kind! O Compassionate, O Merciful! O Compeller, O Subduer! O All-forgiver, O All-covering! Deliver me through Thy mercy from the chastisement of the Fire and the disgrace of shame when the good are set apart from the evil, forms are transformed, terrors terrify, the good-doers are brought near, the evildoers taken far, and every soul is paid in full what it has earned, and they shall not be wronged!

The Whispered Prayer of the Hopeful

Dua 72: The Whispered Prayer of the Hopeful


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

O He who gives to a servant who asks from Him, takes him to his wish when he expectantly hopes for what is with Him, brings him near and close when he approaches Him, covers over his sin and cloaks it when he shows it openly, and satisfies and suffices him when he has confidence in Him!

My God, who is the one who has come before Thee seeking hospitality, and whom Thou hast not received hospitably? Who is the one who has dismounted at Thy door hoping for magnanimity, and to whom Thou hast not shown it? Is it good that I come back from Thy door, turned away in disappointment, while I know of no patron qualified by beneficence but Thee? How should I have hope in other than Thee, when the good - all of it - is in Thy hand? [Allusion to a well known formula found in many hadith; in one version, the Prophet says in supplication: 'The good - all of it - is in Thy hands, and evil does not return to Thee' (Muslim, Musafirin; Nasa'i, Iftitah).] How should I expect from others, when Thine are the creation and the command? [Allusion Verily His are the creation and the command.] Should I cut off my hope for Thee, when Thou hast shown me of Thy bounty that for which I have not asked? Wouldst Thou make me have need for my like? But I hold fast to Thy cord! O He through whose mercy the strivers reach felicity and through whose vengeance the seekers of forgiveness are not made wretched! How should I forget Thee, while Thou never ceasest remembering me? How should I be diverted from Thee while Thou art my constant watcher?

My God, I have fastened my hand to the skirt of Thy generosity, I have stretched forth my expectation toward reaching Thy gifts, so render me pure through the purest profession of Thy Unity, and appoint me one of Thy choice servants! O He who is the asylum of every fleer, the hope of every seeker! O Best Object of hope! O Most Generous Object of supplication! O He who does not reject His asker or disappoint the expectant! O He whose door is open to His supplicators and whose veil is lifted for those who hope in Him! I ask Thee by Thy generosity to show kindness toward me through Thy gifts, with that which will gladden my eye, through hope in Thee, with that which will give serenity to my soul, and through certainty with that which will make easy for me the afflictions of this world and lift from my insight the veils of blindness! By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Beseechers

Dua 73: The Whispered Prayer of the Beseechers


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, though my stores for travelling to Thee are few, my confidence in Thee has given me a good opinion Though my sin has made me fear Thy punishment, my hope has let me feel secure from Thy vengeance. Though my misdeed has exposed me to Thy penalty, my excellent trust has apprised me of Thy reward. Though heedlessness has put to sleep my readiness to meet Thee, knowledge has awakened me to Thy generosity and boons. Though excessive disobedience and rebellion have estranged me from Thee, the glad tidings of forgiveness and good pleasure have made me feel intimate with Thee. I ask Thee by the splendours of Thy face and the lights of Thy holiness, and I implore Thee by the tenderness of Thy mercy and the gentleness of Thy goodness, to verify my opinion in expecting Thy great generosity and Thy beautiful favour, through nearness to Thee, proximity with Thee, and enjoyment of gazing upon Thee! Here am I, addressing myself to the breezes of Thy freshness and tenderness, having recourse to the rain of Thy generosity and gentleness, fleeing from Thy displeasure to Thy good pleasure and from Thee to Thee,hoping for the best of what is with Thee, relying upon Thy gifts, utterly poor toward Thy guarding!

My God, Thy bounty which Thou hast begun - complete it! Thy generosity which Thou hast given me - strip it not away! Thy cover over me through Thy clemency - tear it not away! My ugly acts which Thou hast come to know - forgive them!

My God, I seek intercession from Thee with Thee, and I seek sanctuary in Thee from Thee! I have come to Thee craving Thy beneficence, desiring Thy kindness, seeking water from the deluge of Thy graciousness, begging rain from the clouds of Thy bounty, requesting Thy good pleasure, going straight to Thy side, arriving at the watering-place of Thy support, seeking exalted good things from Thy quarter, reaching for the presence of Thy beauty, wanting Thy face, knocking at Thy door, abasing myself before Thy mightiness and majesty! So act toward me with the forgiveness and mercy of which Thou art worthy! Act not toward me with the chastisement and vengeance of which I am worthy! By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Thankful

Dua 74: The Whispered Prayer of the Thankful


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, the uninterrupted flow of Thy graciousness hast distracted me from thanking Thee! The flood of Thy bounty has rendered me incapable of counting Thy praises! The succession of Thy kind acts has diverted me from mentioning Thee in laudation! The continuous rush of Thy benefits has thwarted me from spreading the news of Thy gentle favours! This is the station of him who confesses to the lavishness of favours, meets them with shortcomings, and witnesses to his own disregard and negligence. Thou art the Clement, the Compassionate, the Good, the Generous, who does not disappoint those who aim for Him, nor cast out from His courtyard those who expect from Him! In Thy yard are put down the saddlebags of the hopeful and in Thy plain stand the hopes of the help-seekers! So meet not our hopes by disappointing and disheartening and clothe us not in the shirt of despair and despondency!

My God, my thanksgiving is small before Thy great boons, and my praise and news-spreading shrink beside Thy generosity toward me! Thy favours have wrapped me in the robes of the lights of faith, and the gentlenesses of Thy goodness have let down over me delicate curtains of might! Thy kindnesses have collared me with collars not to be moved and adorned me with neck-rings not to be broken! Thy boons are abundant - my tongue is too weak to count them! Thy favours are many - my understanding falls short of grasping them, not to speak of exhausting them! So how can I achieve thanksgiving? For my thanking Thee requires thanksgiving. Whenever I say, 'To Thee belongs praise!', it becomes thereby incumbent upon me to say, 'To Thee belongs praise'!

My God, as Thou hast fed us through Thy gentleness and nurtured us through Thy benefaction, so also complete for us lavish favours, repel from us detested acts of vengeance, and of the shares of the two abodes, give us their most elevated and their greatest, both the immediate and the deferred! To Thee belongs praise for Thy good trial and the lavishness of Thy favours, a praise conforming to Thy good pleasure and attracting Thy great goodness and magnanimity. O All-mighty, O All-generous! By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Obedient Toward God

Dua 75: The Whispered Prayer of the Obedient Toward God


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

O God, inspire us to obey Thee, turn us aside from disobeying Thee, make it easy for us to reach the seeking of Thy good pleasure which we wish, set us down in the midst of Thy Gardens, dispel from our insights the clouds of misgiving, uncover from our hearts the wrappings of doubt and the veil, make falsehood vanish from our innermost minds, and fix the truth in our secret thoughts, for doubts and opinions fertilize temptations and muddy the purity of gifts and kindnesses!

O God, carry us in the ships of Thy deliverance, give us to enjoy the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee, make us drink at the pools of Thy love, let us taste the sweetness of Thy affection and nearness, allow us to struggle in Thee, preoccupy us with obeying Thee, and purify our intentions in devoting works to Thee, for we exist through Thee and belong to Thee, and we have no one to mediate with Thee but Thee!

My God, place me among the chosen, the good, Join me to the righteous, the pious, the first to reach generous gifts, the swift to come upon good things, the workers of the abiding acts of righteousness, the strivers after elevated degrees! Thou art powerful over everything and disposed to respond! By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Devotees

Dua 76: The Whispered Prayer of the Devotees


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

Glory be to Thee! How narrow are the paths for him whom Thou hast not guided! How plain the truth for him whom Thou hast guided on his way!

My God, so make us travel on the roads that arrive at Thee and set us into motion on the paths nearest to reaching Thee! Make near for us the far, and make easy for us the hard and difficult! Join us to Thy servants, those who hurry to Thee swiftly, knock constantly at Thy door, and worship Thee by night and by day, while they remain apprehensive in awe of Thee! Thou hast purified their drinking places, taken them to the objects of their desire, granted their requests, accomplished their wishes through Thy bounty, filled their minds with Thy love, and quenched their thirst with Thy pure drink. Through Thee have they reached the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee, and in Thee have they achieved their furthest goals. O He who comes toward those who come toward Him and grants gifts and bestows bounty upon them through tenderness! He is compassionate and clement toward those heedless of His remembrance and loving and tender in drawing them to His door! I ask Thee to place me among those of them who have the fullest share from Thee, the highest station with Thee, the most plentiful portion of Thy love, and the most excellent allotment of Thy knowledge, for my aspiration has been cut off from everything but Thee and my desire has turned toward Thee alone.
Thou art my object, none other; to Thee alone belongs my waking and my sleeplessness.
Meeting Thee is the gladness of my eye, joining Thee the wish of my soul.
Toward Thee is my yearning, in love for Thee my passionate longing, in inclining toward Thee my fervent craving.
Thy good pleasure is the aim I seek, vision of Thee my need, Thy neighbourhood my request, nearness to Thee the utmost object of my asking.
In whispered prayer to Thee I find my repose and my ease.
With Thee lies the remedy of my illness, the cure for my burning thirst, the coolness of my ardour, the removal of my distress.
Be my intimate in my loneliness, the releaser of my stumble, the forgiver of my slip, the accepter of my repentance, the responder to my supplication, the patron of preserving me from sin, the one who frees me from my neediness!
Cut me not off from Thee and keep me not far from Thee!
O my bliss and my garden! O my this world and my hereafter! O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Lovers

Dua 77: The Whispered Prayer of the Lovers


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, who can have tasted the sweetness of Thy love, then wanted another in place of Thee? Who can have become intimate with Thy nearness, then sought removal from Thee?

My God, place us with him whom Thou hast chosen for Thy nearness and Thy friendship, purified through Thy affection and Thy love, given yearning for the meeting with Thee, made pleased with Thy decree, granted gazing upon Thy face, shown the favour of Thy good pleasure, given refuge from separation from Thee and Thy loathing, settled in a sure sitting place in Thy neighbourhood, singled out for true knowledge of Thee, made worthy for worship of Thee, whose heart Thou hast captivated with Thy will, whom Thou hast picked for contemplating Thee, whose look Thou hast made empty for Thee, whose breast Thou hast freed for Thy love, whom Thou hast made desirous of what is with Thee, inspired with Thy remembrance, allotted thanksgiving to Thee, occupied with obeying Thee, turned into one of Thy righteous creatures, chosen for whispered prayer to Thee, and from whom Thou hast cut off all things which cut him off from Thee!

O God, place us among those whose habit is rejoicing in Thee and yearning for Thee, whose time is spent in sighing and moaning! Their foreheads are bowed down before Thy mightiness, their eyes wakeful in Thy service, their tears flowing in dread of Thee, their hearts fixed upon Thy love, their cores shaken with awe of Thee. O He the lights of whose holiness induce wonder in the eyes of His lovers, the glories of whose face arouse the longing of the hearts of His knowers! O Furthest Wish of the hearts of the yearners! O Utmost Limit of the hopes of the lovers! I ask from Thee love for Thee, love for those who love Thee, love for every work which will join me to Thy nearness, and that Thou makest Thyself more beloved to me than anything other than Thee and makest my love for Thee lead to Thy good pleasure, and my yearning for Thee protect against disobeying Thee! Oblige me by allowing me to gaze upon Thee, gaze upon me with the eye of affection and tenderness, turn not Thy face away from me, and make me one of the people of happiness with Thee and favoured position! O Responder, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of those Asking for Mediation

Dua 78: The Whispered Prayer of those Asking for Mediation


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, I have no mediation with Thee but the tender acts of Thy clemency, nor any way to come to Thee but the gentle favours of Thy mercy and the intercession of Thy Prophet, the prophet of mercy, who rescued the community from confusion. Make these two my tie to attaining Thy forgiveness and let them take me to triumph through Thy good pleasure! My hope has dismounted in the sacred precinct of Thy generosity, my craving has alighted in the courtyard of Thy munificence. So actualize my expectation from Thee, seal my works with good, and place me among Thy selected friends, those whom Thou hast set down in the midst of Thy Garden, and settled in the abode of Thy honour, whose eyes Thou hast gladdened by gazing upon Thee on the day of meeting Thee, and whom Thou hast made heirs to the sure stations in Thy neighbourhood!

O He none more generous than whom is reached by the reachers and none more merciful than whom is found by the aimers! O Best of those with whom the lonely are alone, O Tenderest of those with whom outcasts seek haven! Toward the expanse of Thy pardon have I extended my hand, upon the skirt of Thy generosity have I fastened my grasp! Show me no deprivation and afflict me not with disappointment and loss! O Hearer of supplications! O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Utterly Poor

Dua 79: The Whispered Prayer of the Utterly Poor


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, nothing will mend my fracture but Thy gentleness and loving care, free me of my poverty but Thy affection and beneficence, still my fright but Thy security, exalt my abasement but Thy sovereignty, take me to my hope but Thy bounty, remedy my lack but Thy graciousness, accomplish my need other than Thou, relieve my distress other than Thy mercy, remove my injury other than Thy clemency, cool my burning thirst but reaching Thee, quench my ardour but meeting Thee, damp my yearning but gazing upon Thy face, settle my settling place without closeness to Thee, allay my worry but Thy repose, cure my illness but Thy medicine, eliminate my grief but Thy nearness, heal my wound but Thy forgiveness, remove the rust on my heart but Thy pardon, banish the confusing thoughts from my breast but Thy command!

O Utmost Hope of the hopers! O Ultimate Demand of the askers! O Furthest Request of the requesters! O Highest Desire of the desirers! O Patron of the righteous! O Security of the fearful! O Responder to the supplication of the distressed! O Storehouse of the destitute! O Treasure of the pitiful! O Help of the help-seekers! O Accomplisher of the needs of the poor and the miserable! O Most Generous of the most generous! O Most Merciful of the merciful! To Thee is my humble subjection and request, to Thee my pleading and imploring! I ask Thee to let me attain the repose of Thy good pleasure, and to make constant toward me the favours of Thy kindness! Here am I, standing before the gate of Thy generosity, opening myself up to the breezes of Thy goodness, holding fast to Thy strong cord, clinging to Thy firm handle!

My God, have mercy upon Thy lowly slave of silent tongue and few good works, obligate him through Thy plentiful graciousness, shelter him under Thy plenteous shade! O Generous, O Beautiful, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Knowers

Dua 80: The Whispered Prayer of the Knowers


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, tongues fall short of attaining praise of Thee proper to Thy majesty, intellects are incapable of grasping the core of Thy beauty, eyes fail before gazing upon the glories of Thy face, and Thou hast assigned to Thy creatures no way to know Thee save incapacity to know Thee!

My God, place us among those within the gardens of whose breasts the trees of yearning for Thee have taken firm root and the assemblies of whose hearts have been seized by the ardour of Thy love! They seek shelter in the nests of meditation, feed upon the gardens of nearness and disclosure, drink from the pools of love with the cup of gentle favour, and enter into the watering-places of warm affection. The covering has been lifted from their eyes, [Allusion to the clarity of vision that the soul experiences at death: Thou wast heedless of this; therefore We have now removed from thee thy covering, and so thy sight today is piercing.] the darkness of disquiet has been dispelled from their beliefs and their innermost minds, the contention of doubt has been negated from their hearts and their secret thoughts, their breasts have expanded through the verification of true knowledge, their aspirations have ascended through precedent good fortune in renunciation, their drinking is sweet from the spring of devotion to good works, their secret thoughts are delicious in the sitting-place of intimacy, their minds are secure in the place of terror, their souls are serene through the return to the Lord of lords, [Allusion soul serene, return to thy Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing!] their spirits have reached certitude through triumph and prosperity, their eyes have been gladdened through gazing upon their Beloved, their settling place has been settled through reaching the request and attaining the expectation, and their commerce has profited through the sale of this world for the next!

My God, how agreeable for hearts are the thoughts inspiring Thy remembrance, how sweet travelling to Thee through imagination upon the roads of the unseen worlds, how pleasant the taste of Thy love, how delightful the drink of Thy nearness! So give us refuge from Thy casting out and Thy sending far, and place us among the most elect of Thy knowers, the most righteous of Thy servants, the most truthful of Thy obeyers, the most sincere of Thy worshipers! O All-mighty, O Majestic, O Generous, O Endower! By Thy mercy and kindness, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Rememberers

Dua 81: The Whispered Prayer of the Rememberers


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, were it not incumbent to accept Thy command, I would declare Thee far too exalted for me to remember Thee, for I remember Thee in my measure, not in Thy measure, and my scope can hardly reach the point where I may be a locus for calling Thee holy! Among Thy greatest favours to us is the running of Thy remembrance across our tongues and Thy permission to us to supplicate Thee, declare Thee exalted, and call Thee holy!

My God, inspire us with Thy remembrance alone and in assemblies, by night and day, publicly and secretly, in prosperity and adversity! Make us intimate with silent remembrance, employ us in purified works and effort pleasing to Thee, and reward us with the full balance!

My God, love-mad hearts are enraptured by Thee, disparate intellects are brought together by knowing Thee, hearts find no serenity except in remembering Thee, [Allusion In remembering God find serenity the hearts of those who have faith and do righteous deeds.] souls find no rest except in seeing Thee. Thou art the glorified in every place, the worshipped at every time, the found at every moment, the called by every tongue, the magnified in every heart! I pray forgiveness from Thee for every pleasure but remembering Thee, every ease but intimacy with Thee, every happiness but nearness to Thee, every occupation but obeying Thee!

My God, Thou hast said - and Thy word is true - O you who have faith, remember God with much remembrance and glorify Him at dawn and in the evening! Thou hast said - and Thy word is true - Remember Me, and I will remember you! Thou hast commanded us to remember Thee, and promised us that Thou wilt remember us thereby, in order to ennoble, respect, and honour us. Here we are, remembering Thee as Thou hast commanded us! So accomplish what Thou hast promised, O Rememberer of the rememberers! O Most Merciful of the merciful

The Whispered Prayer of those who Hold Fast

Dua 82: The Whispered Prayer of those who Hold Fast


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

O God, O Shelter of the shelter-seekers! O Refuge of the refuge-seekers! O Deliverer of the perishing! O Preserver of the pitiful! O Merciful toward the miserable! O Responder to the distressed! O Treasure of the utterly poor! O Mender of the broken! O Haven of the cut off! O Helper of the abased! O Granter of sanctuary to the fearful! O Aider of the troubled! O Fortress of the refugees! If I seek not refuge in Thy might, in whom shall I seek refuge? If I seek not shelter in Thy power, in whom shall I seek shelter? Sins have made me seek asylum in laying hold on the skirts of Thy pardon, offenses have compelled me to beg the opening of the doors of Thy forgiveness, evildoing has summoned me to dismount in the courtyard of Thy might, fear of Thy vengeance has prompted me to cling to the handhold of Thy tenderness! It is not right for him who holds fast to Thy cord to be abandoned, nor proper for him who seeks the sanctuary of Thy might to be surrendered or disregarded. My God, empty us not of Thy defending, strip us not of Thy guarding, and protect us from the roads of destruction, for we are in Thy eye and under Thy wing! I ask Thee by those whom Thou hast singled out, Thy angels and the righteous among Thy creatures, to assign over us a protector through which Thou wilt deliver us from destructions, turn aside from us blights, and hide us from the striking of great afflictions, to send down upon us some of Thy tranquillity, to wrap our faces in the lights of love for Thee, to give us haven in Thy strong pillar, [Allusion to the words of Lot, Would that I had power against you, or might take shelter in a strong pillar!] and to gather us under the wings of Thy preservation! By Thy clemency and Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!

The Whispered Prayer of the Abstainers

Dua 83: The Whispered Prayer of the Abstainers


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate

My God, Thou hast settled us in an abode which has dug for us pits of deception, and Thou hast fastened us by the hands of death in the snares of that abode's treachery! In Thee we seek asylum from the tricks of its guile, and to Thee we hold fast, lest we be deluded by the glitter of its ornaments! It destroys its pursuers and ruins its settlers, it is stuffed with blights and loaded with calamities.

My God, induce us to renounce it and keep us safe from it by Thy giving success and Thy preservation from sin. Strip from us the robes of opposing Thee, attend to our affairs through Thy good sufficiency, amplify our increase from the boundless plenty of Thy mercy, be liberal in our gifts from the overflow of Thy grants, plant in our hearts the trees of Thy love, complete for us the lights of Thy knowledge, give us to taste the sweetness of Thy pardon and the pleasure of Thy forgiveness, gladden our eyes on the day of meeting Thee with the vision of Thee, dislodge the love of this world from our spirits, just as Thou hast done for the righteous, Thy selected friends, and for the pious, those whom Thou hast singled out! O Most Merciful of the merciful, O Most Generous of the most generous!

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