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The First Stage



The Sacred Lord (Hadrat al‑Quds)will not be revealed until and unless he tears away the veils of the self (hujubal‑nafs). So the first veil, which is the cause of separation from the Almighty Lord (Hadrat al‑`Izzah)is ignorance regarding Him, ascribing of partners to the One (shirk), and doubt in His attributes of Glory and Perfection. All this amounts to the negation (kufr)to God, the Exalted, which is the greatest and the darkest of all veils, as God has said:


Surely Allah does not forgive that partners should be ascribed to Him. (4: 48, 116)

Se it is essential for the seeker of God to change the darkness of ignorance of his heart into illumination by means of the light of knowl edge, to attain the light of certainty (yaqin)by removing the darkness of doubt, to reach Tawhid by coming out of the darkness of polytheism, and to attain the light of faith by freeing himself from the perplexity of negation. Otherwise his body and soul will remain in eternal darkness and damnation in the lowest levels of hell, which God has ordained for the unbelievers, infidels and the enemies of God.

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