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The Second Stage


The second stage on the path of attaining proximity to God is that of obedience (ta'ah)and servitude (`ubudiyyah)to Him, for God has commanded: O mankind, worship your' God! Moreover, the Prophet (S) has narrated from the Exalted Authority that He has said:

 Those who seek nearness to Me do not succeed in attaining their goal except in proportion to their fulfilment of all that I have made obligatory for them. My servant always seeks nearness to Me by means of thenawafil (supereroga tory acts of worship) until he attains to My love for him.

Hence, whoever really knows his Master (Mawla)must obey Him, and whoever has discovered his Lord must worship Him; otherwise he will remain in the darkness of sins at the levels of blasphemy, for sin is one of the stages of remoteness (bu`d)from God and obedience is a means to His nearness.

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