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Taudhihul Masae'l By Imam Khoei

  1. Following A Mujtahid
  2. Pure And Mixed Water
  3. Orders Regarding Water
  4. The Use Of Lavatory
  5. Istabra
  6. Recommended And Abominable Acts
  7. Impure Things
  8. Ways And Means To Prove Impurity
  9. How A Pure Thing Becomes Impure
  10. Orders Regarding Impurities
  11. Purifying Things
  12. Household Utensils
  13. Ablutions
  14. Ablutions Through Immersion (wuzu Irtimasi)
  15. Recommended Supplications
  16. Conditions For The Validity Of Ablutions
  17. Orders Regarding Ablutions
  18. Things For Which Ablutions Is Obligatory
  19. Things Which Nullify Ablutions
  20. Jabira Ablutions
  21. Obligatory Ceremonial Baths
  22. Orders Regarding Janabat
  23. Unlawful Acts For Ceremonially Unclean Person
  24. Things Which Are Abominable For Junub
  25. Bath For Ceremonial Uncleaness
  26. Sequence Bath (Ghusl Tartibi)
  27. Immersion Bath (Ghusl Irtimasi)
  28. Undue Menses (Istihaza)
  29. Orders Regarding Istihaza
  30. Orders For Menses
  31. Kinds Of Ha'iz
  32. The Women Having The Habit Of Time
  33. The Women Having The Habit Of Number
  34. Muztariba (The Disturbed One)
  35. Mubtadiya (The Beginner)
  36. Miscellaneous Problems Relating To Menses
  37. Ceremonial Bath For Touching A Dead Body
  38. Orders Regarding A Dying Person
  39. Orders Regarding Acts To Be Performed With Regard To A Dead Person
  40. The Method Of Bathing A Dead Body
  41. Orders Regarding Shrouding Of The Dead Body
  42. Orders Regarding Hunut (Embalment)
  43. Orders Regarding Prayers For The Dead Body
  44. Recommended Acts Regarding The Prayers Offered For A Dead Body
  45. Orders Regarding Burial Of The Dead Body
  46. Recommended Acts Of Burial
  47. Wahshat Prayers
  48. Ceremonial Recommended Baths
  49. Tayammum
  50. Things On Which Tayammum May Be Perfomed
  51. Method Of Performing Tayammum In Lieu Of Bath Or Ablutions
  52. Orders Regarding Tayammum
  53. Prayers
  54. Obligatory Prayers
  55. Obligatory Daily Prayers
  56. Prescribed Time For Midday And Afternoon Prayers
  57. Friday Prayers
  58. Time For Dusk And Prayers
  59. Time For Down Prayers
  60. Orders Regarding Time For Prayers
  61. The Prayers Which Should Be A Perfomed In Sequence
  62. Recommended Prayers
  63. The Timings Of Daily Nafila Prayers
  64. Ghufayla Prayers
  65. Orders Regarding Qibla
  66. Prayerers - Dress
  67. Conditions For Dress Worn During Prayers
  68. Recommended Things
  69. Abominable Things
  70. Recommended Places For Offering Prayers
  71. Abominable Places For Offering Prayers
  72. Orders Regarding A Masjid
  73. Azan And Iqamah
  74. Translation Of Azan And Iqamah
  75. Obligatory Acts Relating To Prayers
  76. Niyyat (Intention)
  77. Takbiratul Ahram
  78. Qiyam (To Stand)
  79. Qir'at
  80. Ruku (Bowing)
  81. Sajdatayn (Two Prostrations)
  82. Things On Which Prostration Is In Order
  83. The Recommended And Abominable Acts Of Prostration
  84. Obligatory Prostrations Of The Holy Quran
  85. Tashahhud
  86. Salam (Salutation) Of The Prayers
  87. Tartib (Sequence)
  88. Muwalat (Maintenance Of Continuity)
  89. Qunut
  90. Translation Of Prayers
  91. Taqeeb
  92. Salawat (Greeting) On The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.s)
  93. Orders Regarding Things Which Invalidate Prayers
  94. Things Which Are Abominable In Prayers
  95. Breaking The Obligatory Prayers
  96. Doubts In Connetion With Prayers
  97. Doubts Which Are Sound
  98. Method Of Offering Precautionary Prayers
  99. Sajdatayn Sahu
  100. The Method Of Offering Sajdatus Sahv
  101. Qaza Of The Forgotten Prostration And Tashahhud
  102. Addition And Omission Of The Acts And Conditions Of Prayers
  103. Prayers Of Traveller
  104. Miscellaneous Matters
  105. Lapsed Prayers
  106. Obligatory Lapesd Prayers Of A Father, Is Obligatory On The Eldest Son To Offer
  107. Pre-Requisites For An Imam Of Congregational Prayers
  108. Orders Regarding Congregational Prayers
  109. Recommended Things In Congregational Prayers
  110. Things Which Are Abominable In Congregational Prayers
  111. Method Of Offering Sings Prayers
  112. Eid-ul-Fitr And Eid-ul-Azha Prayers
  113. Engaging A Person To Offer Prayers
  114. Fasting
  115. Intention To Fast
  116. Things Which Make A Fast Void
  117. Things Wich Are Abominable For Person Observing Fast
  118. Obligatory Lapesd Fast And Atonement (Kaffara)
  119. Atonement For Fast
  120. Occasions On Which It Is Obligatory To Observe The Lapsed Fast Only
  121. Orders Regarding The Lapsed Fasts
  122. Fasting By A Traveller
  123. Person On Whom Fasting Is Not Obligatory
  124. Method Of Ascertaining The First Date Of A Month
  125. Unlawful And Abominable Fasts
  126. Recommended Fasts
  127. Recommended Precautions
  128. Khums
  129. If Lawful Property Mixes With Unawful Property
  130. Use Of Khums
  131. Taxable Limit Of Gold
  132. Taxable Limit Of Sliver
  133. Zakat Payable On Camel, Cow And Sheep (including Goat)
  134. Taxable Limit Of The Number Of Camels
  135. The Taxable Limit Of Cows
  136. Taxable Limit Of Sheep (including Goat)
  137. Utilization Of Zakat
  138. Qualifications Of Those Entitled To Receive Zakat
  139. Intention To Zakat
  140. Miscellaneous Matters Relating To Zakat
  141. Zakatul Fitr
  142. How To Utilize Zakatul Fitr
  143. Hajj
  144. Orders Regarding Purchase And Sale
  145. Recommended Acts
  146. Abominable Transactions
  147. Unlawful Transactions
  148. Conditions Of A Seller And A Buyer
  149. Conditions Regarding Commodity And Its Convertibility
  150. Formula Of Purchase And Sale
  151. Purchase And Sale Of Fruits
  152. Cash And Credit
  153. Conditions For Forward Contract (Time - Bargain)
  154. Orders Regarding Forward Contract
  155. Sale Of Gold And Silver Against Gold And Silver
  156. Circumstance In Which One May Cancel The Transaction
  157. Miscellaneous Problems
  158. Orders Regarding Partnership
  159. Orders Regarding Compromise
  160. Orders Regarding Lease Rent
  161. Conditions Regarding The Property Given On Lease
  162. Conditions For The Utilization Of The Property Given On Lease
  163. Miscellaneous Problems Relating To Lease Rent
  164. Orders Regarding Ju'ala (Agreement)
  165. Orders Regarding Muzari'ah (Tenancy Of Agricultural Land)
  166. Orders Regarding Musaqat And Mugharisa
  167. Person Who Are Not Permitted To Appropriate Their Own Property
  168. Debt Or Loan
  169. Orders Regarding Agency (Wakalat)
  170. Articles Of Islamic Acts
  171. Orders Regarding Debt Or Loan
  172. Orders Regarding Giving A Referance (Hawala)
  173. Orders Regarding Mortgage (Rahn)
  174. Orders Regarding Standing Suerty (Zamanat )
  175. Orders Regarding Personal Surety Or Trusteeship ( Kafalat )
  176. Orders Regarding Deposit Or Custody Or Trust ( Amanat )
  177. Orders Regarding Loan Or Lending ( 'Ariyat )
  178. Marriage
  179. Marriage Formula
  180. The Method Of Pronouncing The Marriage Formula
  181. Conditions Of Marriage
  182. Defects Which Nullify Marriage
  183. Women With Whom Matrimony Is Unlawful Or Unlawful Matrimony
  184. Orders Regarding Permanent Marriage
  185. Mut'ah ( Fixed Time Marriage )
  186. Miscellaneous Problems Concerning Marriage
  187. Orders Regarding Suckling A Child
  188. Conditions In Which To Suckle A Child Becomes The Cause Of Being Mehram
  189. Ways And Manners Of Nursing A Child
  190. Miscellaneous Problems Regarding Nursing A Child
  191. Divorce
  192. Iddah Of Divorce
  193. Iddah ( Waiting Period) Of A Widow
  194. Irrevocable And Revocable Divorce
  195. Orders Regarding Return ( Ruju )
  196. Khula' Divorce Or Talaqul Khula'
  197. Mubarat Divorce
  198. Miscellaneous Orders Regarding Divorce
  199. Method Of Slaughtering Animals
  200. Conditions Of Slaughtering Animals
  201. Method Of Slaughtering Camel
  202. Recommended Acts While Slaughtering Animals
  203. Abominable Acts
  204. Hunting With Weapons
  205. Hunting With A Retriever ( Hunting Dog )
  206. Hunting Of Fish And Locust
  207. Table Manners
  208. Manners Of Drinking Water
  209. Vow(Nazr)
  210. Orders Regarding Oath ( Qasam )
  211. Orders Regarding Endowment Or Trust
  212. Orders Regarding Will ( Wasiyat )
  213. Inheritance Of The Second Group
  214. Inheritance Of The Third Group
  215. Property Inherited By The Husband And Wife
  216. Miscellaneous Problems Relating To Inheritance
  217. Punishment Prescribed For Certain Sins
  218. Orders Regarding Key Money
  219. Banking And Exchange
  220. Safety Of Goods
  221. Bank Guarantee
  222. Sales Of Shares
  223. Internal And External Drafts
  224. Prize Given By The Banks
  225. Bill Of Exchange
  226. Transactions Of Foreing Currency
  227. Current Account
  228. Explanation Of Bill Of Exchange
  229. Banking Business
  230. Bill Of Exchange Or Pay Order
  231. Insurance
  232. Some Problems Concerning The Rule Of Ilzam
  233. Good Will
  234. Orders Regarding Postmortem
  235. Orders Regarding Operation
  236. Artificial Means Of Procreation
  237. Road Constructed By The Goverment
  238. Prayers And Fasting
  239. Lottery Tickets
  240. Vow
  241. Birth Control And Abortion
  242. Current Issues
  243. Imported Leather And Shoes
  244. Alcohol
  245. Installments
  246. Use Of Glod As Ornament
  247. Shaving One's Beard
  248. A Husband Who Does Not Give Subsistence To His Wife
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